2014 Hall of Fame Election

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BBWAA Voting[edit]

The results of the 2014 Hall of Fame Election were announced on January 8, 2014. 571 votes were cast and 429 votes were needed to be elected. Three players were elected, all on their first try: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. A fourth, Craig Biggio, fell only two votes short in what was one of the strongest ballots ever, following the previous year's failure to elect anyone on the so-called "steroid ballot".

It was the first time three players were elected since the 1999 Hall of Fame Election, and the third time that three players were elected on their first try since the original Hall of Fame class, back in 1936. The fallout from the 2000s PED scandal continued, with Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa finishing well back, and Rafael Palmeiro dropping off the ballot altogether. Also falling off the ballot was P Jack Morris, whose 15-year window of eligibility ended with his total slightly above 60%.

The strong first-year class, coupled with an already strong group of holdover candidates, also meant that almost all of the holdover candidates saw their vote total decrease, except for Biggio and Mike Piazza. This was most apparent for Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell, strong candidates who had been making steady progress until then, but was felt all the way down the ballot, with Lee Smith, Curt Schilling and Edgar Martinez all losing significant support. Other first-timers such as Jeff Kent and Mike Mussina also found it tough, scoring well below what would have been expected with a less-loaded ballot.

Player Votes Percentage Year on the Ballot Result
Greg Maddux 555 97.2 1st ELECTED
Tom Glavine 525 91.9 1st ELECTED
Frank Thomas 478 83.7 1st ELECTED
Craig Biggio 427 74.8 2nd
Mike Piazza 355 62.2 2nd
Jack Morris 351 61.5 15th Dropped
Jeff Bagwell 310 54.3 4th
Tim Raines 263 46.1 7th
Roger Clemens 202 35.4 2nd
Barry Bonds 198 34.7 2nd
Lee Smith 171 29.9 12th
Curt Schilling 167 29.2 2nd
Edgar Martinez 144 25.2 5th
Alan Trammell 119 20.8 13th
Mike Mussina 116 20.3 1st
Jeff Kent 87 15.2 1st
Fred McGriff 67 11.7 5th
Mark McGwire 63 11.0 8th
Larry Walker 58 10.2 4th
Don Mattingly 47 8.2 14th
Sammy Sosa 41 7.2 2nd
Rafael Palmeiro 25 4.4 4th Dropped
Moises Alou 6 1.1 1st Dropped
Hideo Nomo 6 1.1 1st Dropped
Luis Gonzalez 5 0.9 1st Dropped
Eric Gagne 2 0.4 1st Dropped
J.T. Snow 2 0.4 1st Dropped
Armando Benitez 1 0.2 1st Dropped
Jacque Jones 1 0.2 1st Dropped
Kenny Rogers 1 0.2 1st Dropped
Sean Casey 0 0 1st Dropped
Ray Durham 0 0 1st Dropped
Todd Jones 0 0 1st Dropped
Paul Lo Duca 0 0 1st Dropped
Richie Sexson 0 0 1st Dropped
Mike Timlin 0 0 1st Dropped

Veterans Committee[edit]

The Veterans Committee examined candidates from the expansion era (post-1973). This was the fourth year of the new rotating eras format. The results of the vote were announced at the annual winter meetings in Lake Buena Vista, FL on December 9, 2013. 16 ballots were cast with 12 being needed for election. If a candidate received fewer than 6 votes, his true total was not disclosed. The committee elected three candidates, all three unanimously and all of them largely because of their contributions as managers: Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa and Joe Torre. Although Cox and LaRussa had only brief playing careers, Torre was a borderline candidate as a player, but it was his success as manager of the New York Yankees in the 1990s and 2000s that got him over the line. Because of that strong group of managers being on the ballot for the first time, MLBPA executive Marvin Miller, who had been on the verge of election in previous rounds, fell back in the voting as no other candidate obtained the required 6 votes to have his total made public.

The voting committee is made up of 16 members: 8 Hall of Famers (Rod Carew, Carlton Fisk, Whitey Herzog, Tommy Lasorda, Paul Molitor, Joe Morgan, Phil Niekro and Frank Robinson), 4 executives (Paul Beeston, Andy MacPhail, Dave Montgomery and Jerry Reinsdorf) and 4 media members (Steve Hirdt, Bruce Jenkins, Jack O'Connell and Jim Reeves).

Player Votes Percentage Result
Bobby Cox 16 100.0 ELECTED
Tony LaRussa 16 100.0 ELECTED
Joe Torre 16 100.0 ELECTED
Dave Concepcion <6 <37.5
Steve Garvey <6 <37.5
Tommy John <6 <37.5
Billy Martin <6 <37.5
Marvin Miller <6 <37.5
Dave Parker <6 <37.5
Dan Quisenberry <6 <37.5
Ted Simmons <6 <37.5
George Steinbrenner <6 <37.5


The 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on July 27th in Cooperstown, NY. In addition to the six elected, the winner of the Ford Frick Award for broadcasting excellence, Eric Nadel, and the winner of the J.G. Taylor Spink Award for baseball writing, Roger Angell, were also honored.

Given the large number and the prestige of this year's class, the ceremony was particularly well attended, with an estimated 48,000 fans present on the village green, making it one of the largest crowds ever at the annual event.

Further Reading[edit]

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