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The Hall of Fame has had two Special Committees on the Negro League. The first committee was founded in 1971. It was chaired by Monte Irvin and instituted by commissioner Bowie Kuhn. The committee was to elect one or two former Negro League players to the Hall of Fame until their mission was complete. The second was formed in 2001 by a grant to research African Americans in baseball from 1860 to 1960. Due to this new research, a committee was formed to elect players and executives that may have been previously overlooked.

1971 Committee[edit]

The original committee had ten voting members and two ad hoc members.

Voting members

Ad hoc members

The committee elected the following players:

In 1977, the committee voted to disband.

Interim Period[edit]

After the Special Committee disbanded, its powers were shifted to the Veterans Committee. The Vets Committee eventually elected Rube Foster (1981) and Ray Dandridge (1987).

From 1995 to 2001, the Veterans Committee was given a mandate to elect a Negro League player annually. They elected the following:

2006 Committee[edit]

For further information, see 2006 Special Committee on the Negro Leagues Election

In 2001 the Hall of Fame received a grant from Major League Baseball for an extensive study of black baseball before 1960. As a result a second Special Committee on the Negro Leagues was formed. After an intial pool of 94 candidates was reduced to 39, the twelve person committee met on February 27, 2006 to elect players and executives from this pool.

The members of the committee were:

The following 17 players and executives were elected by the committee:

Negro League Players

Pre-Negro League Players

Negro League Executives

Pre-Negro League Executive

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