Baseball Frivolities and Fun Stuff

I get lots of great ideas, both from readers (the best ones) and while I should be thinking about something else. This area lists many of those ideas. These are little features that make the site a little more fun to use.

Player Info

Players who played for multiple teams
Find all the players who played for some combination of teams. Can also request a list of players who played exclusively for those teams.

Players Born on this Day
Find players born on this day or any day of the year.

Players Who Died on this Day
Find players who died on this day or any day of the year.

Players Born Before/After a Birthdate
Find players who are older or younger than you in baseball.

Baseball Player Nicknames
Our unofficial list of major and minor league nicknames

2023 MLB Rules Changes Effect on Stats and Pace of Play
A rundown of stats related to the rule changes and how they've changed in 2023.

Baseball Player Twitter Accounts
Our unofficial list of twitter accounts for major and minor league players

Baseball Player Name Pronunciation Guide
Our unofficial guide to the pronunciation of major and minor league baseball player names

Baseball Players with Notes about their Names
Our unofficial list of major and minor league name changes, corrections and oddities

Uniform Number Search
Find all players to wear a particular number.

Milestone Watch
Quickly identify players nearing milestone statistical totals and player climbing up all-time leaderboards.

No-Hitters and Perfect Games
All pitchers and groups of pitchers that have pitched no-hitters and perfect games.

Pitchers with 20 or More Losses
Pitchers who have lost 20 games in a season.

Cups of Coffee
Players who played in only one major league game.

Non-pitchers who Pitched
Position players who appeared for a game or more as a pitcher. I used five times as many non-pitching games as pitching games for the cutoff.

Handedness Report
Find the percentage of players handedness over a period of years.

Place of Birth Report
Find the percentage of players from a country or state over a period of years.

Players by Place of Birth
Find all players born in a particular place.

Players by Schools Attended
Find all players that went to a school.


Random Pages
Search for the term 'Random' or save the link as a bookmark and be sent to a random page on this site.

Trade Partners
Find the last trades between any two franchises, and most common trade partners.

Retired Uniforms
Retired uniforms for each major league franchise.

Franchise Example Color Schemes and Uniforms
Simple colorful medallions for each major league franchise.

Transactions on This Date
Find all MLB transactions to occur on a particular date.

Player Linker
Add links to player pages when creating a blog or discussion board post or when selecting a block of text anywhere on the web.

Share Stats Anywhere
Learn how our Share tooltip works.

Player Linking Tool
Insert your text and every player name will be linked to their corresponding page.

English to Spanish and Spanish to English Baseball Dictionary
Dr. Ralph Insinga has graciously allowed us to provide his dictionary to our users.

Comeback Wins
See the most improbable comeback wins in major league history.