Baseball Player Name Notes

Henry Aaron - commonly referred to as Hank Aaron

Erisbel Arruebarrena - First was spelled Arruebarruena

Jairo Asencio - played under assumed name as Luis Valdez

Mike Balas - born as Mitchell Francis Balaski

William Barbeau - Name presented as Jap Barbeau in some sources

José Barrero - Also played under the name Jose Garcia

Charles Bender - Name presented as Chief Bender in some sources

Ping Bodie - born as Francesco Stephano Pezzolo

Otis Carter - Name presented as Blackie Carter in some sources

Santiago Casilla - Known as Jairo Garcia through 2005

Jay Clarke - Name presented as Nig Clarke in some sources

George Cuppy - Name presented as Nig Cuppy in some sources

Bill Deegan - Name presented as Dummy Deegan in some sources

John Foreman - Name presented as Brownie Foreman in some sources

Charles Fuller - Name presented as Nig Fuller in some sources

John Heileman - Name presented as Chink Heileman in some sources

Roberto Hernandez - Known as Fausto Carmona through 2011

Elon Hogsett - Name presented as Chief Hogsett in some sources

Billy Hoy - Name presented as Dummy Hoy in some sources

George Johnson - Name presented as Chief Johnson in some sources

George Leitner - Name presented as Dummy Leitner in some sources

Gerard Lipscomb - Name presented as Nig Lipscomb in some sources

Jack Meyers - Name presented as Chief Meyers in some sources

Herbert Murphy - Name presented as Dummy Murphy in some sources

John Ryan Murphy - Previously went by J.R.

Bill Outen - Name presented as Chink Outen in some sources

Juan Carlos Oviedo - Known as Leo Núñez through 2011

John Perrine - Name presented as Nig Perrine in some sources

Johnny Pesky - born as John Michael Paveskovich

Randy Poffo - Also known as "Macho Man"

Hudson Potts - Known as Hudson Sanchez until 2016

Eric Rasmussen - Known as Harry Rasmussen through 1976

Rick Renteria - Known as Rich during playing career

James Roseman - Name presented as Chief Roseman in some sources

Ralph Schwamb - Name presented as Blackie Schwamb in some sources

Yaisel Sierra - Alternate spelling: Yasiel

Giancarlo Stanton - Played 2010 and 2011 under the name Mike Stanton

Reuben Stephenson - Name presented as Dummy Stephenson in some sources

C. L. Taylor - Name presented as Chink Taylor in some sources

Luther Taylor - Name presented as Dummy Taylor in some sources

B.J. Upton - Known as Melvin Upton Jr. from 2015 to 2019

Felipe Vazquez - Known as Felipe Rivero through 2017

Al Ware - Actual last name was Warzycki, shortened during playing career to Ware

Devon White - Since 2003, he has used the original spelling of his name, Devon Whyte.

George Wilson - Name presented as Squanto Wilson in some sources

Owen Wilson - Name presented as Chief Wilson in some sources

Moses Yellow Horse - Name presented as Chief Yellow Horse in some sources

Albert Youngblood - Name presented as Chief Youngblood in some sources

Albert Zachary - Name presented as Chink Zachary in some sources

Henry Zeiher - 1886 season previously thought to be Ed Whiting, changed 2013-03

Charles Zimmer - Name presented as Chief Zimmer in some sources