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Team History[edit]

Suns logo 1991-2009

The Jacksonville Suns are a AA minor league baseball team in the Southern League. They have been in the league since 1970 and since 2009, they have been an affiliate of the Miami Marlins (known as the Florida Marlins until 2012). They were known as the "Jacksonville Expos" between 1985 and 1990, when they were an affiliate of the Montreal Expos. The Suns were Southern League champions in 1996 and 2005 and co-champions in 2001. The club currently calls the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville their home park.

Another team called the Jacksonville Suns played in the AAA International League from 1962 to 1968. That club won titles in 1962 and 1964, with a 10th-place finish in between. The 10th-place squad had a pitching staff that at times included Tommy John, Ted Abernathy and Mike Cuellar. In 1964 Hector Espino got his only playing time in the US-based minor leagues while with Jacksonville. Bobby Tolan (in 1965), Tom Seaver and Tug McGraw (in 1966), McGraw and Nolan Ryan (in 1967) and McGraw and Amos Otis (in 1968). Many key players on the Miracle Mets appeared for the club during its 7-year run in the IL.

In a surprise move, the Suns were renamed the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp in 2017 [1].

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1962 94-60 1st Ben Geraghty Lost League Finals
1963 56-91 10th Ben Geraghty (26-39) / Casey Wise (30-52)
1964 89-62 1st Harry Walker Lost in 1st round
1965 71-76 6th Grover Resinger
1966 68-79 7th Solly Hemus
1967 66-73 5th Bill Virdon
1968 75-71 4th Clyde McCullough League Champs
1970 67-70 5th Gus Niarhos none
1971 63-77 4th Ray Hathaway
1972 64-75 6th Billy Gardner
1973 76-60 2nd Billy Gardner Lost League Finals
1974 78-60 1st Billy Gardner Lost League Finals
1975 59-79 8th Billy Scripture
1976 66-72 6th Billy Scripture
1977 72-66 4th Gordon Mackenzie Lost League Finals
1978 73-69 3rd Gordon Mackenzie
1979 69-72 6th Joe Jones
1980 63-81 8th Gene Lamont
1981 65-77 8th Gene Lamont
1982 83-61 1st Gene Lamont Lost League Finals
1983 77-68 4th Gene Lamont Lost League Finals
1984 76-69 3rd Rick Renick
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1991 74-69 4th Jim Nettles Lem Pilkinton Bobby Cuellar
1992 68-75 7th Bob Hartsfield Mike Goff Jeff Andrews
1993 59-81 10th Marc Hill Jeff Andrews
1994 60-77 9th Marc Hill Jerry Royster Jeff Andrews
1995 75-69 5th Bill Plummer
1996 75-63 3rd Bill Plummer (39-30) / Larry Parrish (36-33) League Champs Mark Meleski Jeff Jones
1997 66-73 8th Dave Anderson Tim Torricelli Rich Bombard
1998 86-54 1st (t) Dave Anderson Lost League Finals Matt Martin Rich Bombard
1999 75-66 3rd Dave Anderson Matt Martin Steve McCatty
2000 69-71 5th Gene Roof Lost League Finals Matt Martin Steve McCatty
2001 83-56 1st John Shoemaker Co-Champs* Gene Richards Shawn Barton
2002 77-62 2nd Dino Ebel Lost League Finals Gene Richards Marty Reed
2003 66-73 6th (t) Dino Ebel Pat Harrison Marty Reed
2004 66-71 7th Dino Ebel Mariano Duncan Marty Reed
2005 79-61 3rd John Shoemaker League Champs Steve Yeager Ken Howell
2006 86-54 1st John Shoemaker Lost in 1st round Mike Easler Danny Darwin
2007 80-60 2nd John Shoemaker Luis Salazar Danny Darwin
2008 68-72 7th John Shoemaker Luis Salazar Glenn Dishman
2009 82-58 2nd Brandon Hyde League Champs Theron Todd Reid Cornelius
2010 81-59 2nd Tim Leiper League Champs Corey Hart John Duffy
2011 70-70 5th Andy Barkett Corey Hart John Duffy
2012 70-70 5th Andy Barkett Kevin Randel John Duffy
2013 73-63 5th Andy Barkett Kevin Randel John Duffy Rich Arena
2014 81-59 2nd Andy Barkett League Champs Kevin Randel John Duffy Rich Arena
2015 57-81 9th Dave Berg Rich Arena Derek Botelho John Pachot
2016 63-76 8th Dave Berg Rich Arena John Duffy John Pachot

* Series canceled, Huntsville and Jacksonville declared co-champions

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