2022 Little League World Series

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The 2022 Little League World Series was the 75th Little League World Series. It marked a return to normalcy after the cancellation of the 2020 tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restriction of the 2021 tournament to teams from the United States only. The team from Honolulu, HI went undefeated in the tournament and won, 13-3, over the team from Willemstad, Curaçao to claim the title. It was a dominating performance for the Hawaiians, who won all six of their games by a combined score of 60-5.

The start of the tournament was marred by an off-field accident on August 15th when a player for the Santa Clara, UT team, 12-year-old Easton Oliverson suffered a serious head injury from falling from his bunk bed in the dormitory. Luckily, he was found by a teammate and could be rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. By the time games started, his life was no longer in danger. He fell a second time while in hospital, but did not aggravate his injuries.

August 17[edit]

Willemstad 2, Managua 0
Nolensville, TN 5, Middleborough, MA 3
Vancouver, BC 7, Brisbane, Queensland 0
Honolulu, HI 11, Bonney Lake, WA 1

August 18[edit]

Taipei City 2, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 0
Hagerstown, IN 8, Davenport, IA 7
Matamoros, Tamaulipas 6, Guaynabo 1
Pearland, TX 8, Hollidaysburg, PA 3

August 19[edit]

Aguadulce 9, Willemstad 3
Nolensville, TN 11, Santa Clara, UT 2
Vancouver, BC 6, Takarazuka, Hyogo 0
Honolulu, HI 12, Massapequa, NY 0

August 20[edit]

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 12, Brisbane, Queensland 7
Davenport, IA 6, Bonney Lake, WA 3
Managua 3, Guaynabo 1
Hollidaysburg, PA 7, Middleborough, MA 5

August 21[edit]

Willemstad 1, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 0
Hagerstown, IN 10, Santa Clara, UT 2
Managua 8, Takarazuka, Hyogo 7
Other games postponed by rain

August 22[edit]

Hollidaysburg, PA 7, Massapequa, NY 1
Taipei City 7, Aguadulce 0
Nolensville, TN 5, Hagerstown, IN 2
Matamoros, Tamaulipas 10, Vancouver, BC 0
Honolulu, HI 6, Pearland, TX 0

August 23[edit]

Managua 8, Aguadulce 1
Hollidaysburg, PA 10, Hagerstown, IN 0
Willemstad 4, Vancouver, BC 2
Pearland, TX 4, Davenport, IA 0

August 24[edit]

Taipei City 5, Matamoros, Tamaulipas 1
Honolulu, HI 13, Nolensville, TN 0
Willemstad 7, Managua 2
Pearland, TX 8, Hollidaysburg, PA 4

August 25[edit]

Willemstad 2, Matamoros, Tamaulipas 1
Nolensville, TN 7, Pearland, TX 1

August 26[edit]

No games scheduled

August 27[edit]

Willemstad 1, Taipei City 0 - International final
Honolulu, HI 5, Nolensville, TN 1 - U.S. final

August 28[edit]

Honolulu, HI 13, Willemstad 3 - Championship game
Taipei City 2, Nolensville, TN 0 - Consolation game

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