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Iowa Cubs

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The Iowa Cubs were known as the Iowa Oaks from 1969 to 1981 and previously played in the American Association, where they won the league title in 1993.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1982 73-62 2nd (t) Jim Napier Scott Breeden
1983 71-65 3rd Jim Napier Lost in 1st round Scott Breeden
1984 80-74 2nd Jim Napier Lost in 1st round Jim Colborn
1985 66-75 6th Larry Cox Jim Colborn
1986 74-68 3rd Larry Cox Jim Colborn
1987 64-74 6th Larry Cox Dick Pole
1988 78-64 3rd Pete Mackanin Jim Wright
1989 62-82 7th Pete Mackanin Jim Wright
1990 72-74 5th Jim Essian
1991 78-66 3rd Jim Essian (22-15) / Mick Kelleher (56-51) Grant Jackson
1992 51-92 8th Brad Mills Rick Kranitz
1993 85-59 1st Marv Foley League Champs Stan Kyles Bill Earley
1994 69-74 5th Rick Patterson Mark Johnston Bill Earley
1995 69-74 5th Ron Clark Glenn Adams Bill Earley
1996 64-78 6th Ron Clark Glenn Adams Bill Earley
1997 74-69 3rd (t) Tim Johnson Lost League Finals Glenn Adams Marty DeMerritt
1998 85-59 1st Terry Kennedy Lost in 1st round Glenn Adams Marty DeMerritt
1999 65-76 14th Terry Kennedy Glenn Adams Rick Kranitz
2000 57-87 16th Dave Trembley Glenn Adams Rick Tronerud
2001 83-60 3rd Bruce Kimm Lost in 1st round Pat Listach Jerry Reuss
2002 71-73 11th Bruce Kimm (44-45) / Pat Listach (27-28) Pat Listach Jerry Reuss
2003 70-72 9th (t) Mike Quade Pat Listach Jerry Reuss
2004 79-64 4th Mike Quade Lost League Finals Pat Listach Rick Kranitz
2005 64-75 13th Mike Quade Pat Listach Rick Kranitz
2006 76-68 5th (t) Mike Quade (48-47) / Bobby Dickerson (6-5) / Mike Quade (22-13) Von Joshua
2007 79-65 3rd Buddy Bailey Von Joshua Mike Harkey
2008 83-59 1st Pat Listach Lost in 1st round Von Joshua Mike Mason
2009 72-72 9th Bobby Dickerson Von Joshua / Desi Wilson Mike Mason
2010 82-62 1st (t) Ryne Sandberg Von Joshua Mike Mason
2011 66-77 12th Bill Dancy Von Joshua Mike Mason
2012 53-87 16th Dave Bialas Dave Keller Mike Mason
2013 66-78 14th Marty Pevey Brian Harper Mike Mason
2014 74-70 7th (t) Marty Pevey Brian Harper Bruce Walton Manny Ramirez
2015 80-64 3rd(t) Marty Pevey Brian Harper Mike Cather Leonel Perez
2016 67-76 13th Marty Pevey Brian Harper Rod Nichols Leonel Perez
2017 67-72 10th Marty Pevey Mariano Duncan & Desi Wilson Rod Nichols
2018 Marty Pevey Desi Wilson Rod Nichols Chris Valaika

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