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The World Series Trophy

The World Series is currently a best-of-seven series between the champion of the American League and National League. The winning team is dubbed the World Champions, even though this is a misnomer given the number of other professional baseball leagues that exist in the world. The first modern World Series was a best-of-nine series played in 1903 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans.

There had been other post-season series in the 19th Century, most notably the games played between the champions of the National League and those of the American Association, and the later Temple Cup series between the top two finishers in the National League that were played from 1894 to 1898, but these were more akin to exhibition games than to the hard-fought post-season games that have come to characterize the World Series.

World Series have been played every year since 1903, except for 1904, when the NL pennant winners, the New York Giants refused to play the champions of what they considered an up-start league, and in 1994 when the entire post-season was wiped out by a labor conflict. Since 1969, when the leagues were split into two divisions each, the two leagues' representatives in the World Series have been determined by another round of post-season games, the League Championship Series, pitting the winner of the Eastern Division against that of the Western Division in each league. In 1981, because of the strike that cut out a third of the season, a third round of play-offs was added between the winners of the first and second halves of the season (see 1981 Split Season Schedule for details), called the Division Series. The Division Series reappeared in 1995, with the re-organization of the two leagues into three divisions; the three division winners were joined by a Wild Card team, which was the second-place team from any of the divisions that has compiled the best record over the regular season. In 2012, a second wild card team was added in each league, with the two teams playing each other in a one-game showdown to determine which of the two will get a chance to play in the Division Series. As a result of these changes, modern World Series do not necessarily feature the teams with the best records in each league. In another relatively recent twist, home field advantage, which used to alternate between the two leagues, was awarded to the representative of the league which has prevailed in that season's All-Star Game from 2003 to 2016. Since 2017 it has been awarded to the team with the better regular season record.

The World Series were an immediate success, notwithstanding their boycott by the Giants in 1904, and within a few years were riveting the entire United States. With the development of other professional sports and the broadening of the entertainment industry, the World Series no longer have such a hold on American popular culture, but they remain the defining moment of the baseball season.

The World Series MVP Award was first given out in 1955.

The New York Yankees are the team which has won the most World Series titles with 27.

World Series Results[edit]

Italics indicate wild card team (since 1995)
Year Winner (League) Results Loser (League)
1903 Boston Americans (AL) 5-3 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)
1904 The National League champion New York Giants boycotted the series.
1905 New York Giants (NL) 4-1 Philadelphia Athletics (AL)
1906 Chicago White Sox (AL) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1907 Chicago Cubs (NL) 4-0-1 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1908 Chicago Cubs (NL) 4-1 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1912 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-3-1 New York Giants (NL)
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-1 New York Giants (NL)
1914 Boston Braves (NL) 4-0 Philadelphia Athletics (AL)
1915 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-1 Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
1916 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-1 Brooklyn Robins (NL)
1917 Chicago White Sox (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1918 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1919 Cincinnati Reds (NL) 5-3 Chicago White Sox (AL)
1920 Cleveland Indians (AL) 5-2 Brooklyn Robins (NL)
1921 New York Giants (NL) 5-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1922 New York Giants (NL) 4-0-1 New York Yankees (AL)
1923 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1924 Washington Senators (AL) 4-3 New York Giants (NL)
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 Washington Senators (AL)
1926 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1927 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)
1928 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1929 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1930 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1931 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Philadelphia Athletics (AL)
1932 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1933 New York Giants (NL) 4-1 Washington Senators (AL)
1934 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1935 Detroit Tigers (AL) 4-2 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1936 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1937 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 New York Giants (NL)
1938 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1939 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Cincinnati Reds (NL)
1940 Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1941 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1942 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-1 New York Yankees (AL)
1943 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1944 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-2 St. Louis Browns (AL)
1945 Detroit Tigers (AL) 4-3 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1946 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (AL)
1947 New York Yankees (AL) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1948 Cleveland Indians (AL) 4-2 Boston Braves (NL)
1949 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1950 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
1951 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1952 New York Yankees (AL) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1953 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1954 New York Giants (NL) 4-0 Cleveland Indians (AL)
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1956 New York Yankees (AL) 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers (NL)
1957 Milwaukee Braves (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1958 New York Yankees (AL) 4-3 Milwaukee Braves (NL)
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-2 Chicago White Sox (AL)
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1961 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 Cincinnati Reds (NL)
1962 New York Yankees (AL) 4-3 San Francisco Giants (NL)
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-0 New York Yankees (AL)
1964 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-3 Minnesota Twins (AL)
1966 Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4-0 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
1967 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (AL)
1968 Detroit Tigers (AL) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1969 New York Mets (NL) 4-1 Baltimore Orioles (AL)
1970 Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4-1 Cincinnati Reds (NL)
1971 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 Baltimore Orioles (AL)
1972 Oakland Athletics (AL) 4-3 Cincinnati Reds (NL)
1973 Oakland Athletics (AL) 4-3 New York Mets (NL)
1974 Oakland Athletics (AL) 4-1 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
1975 Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (AL)
1976 Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4-0 New York Yankees (AL)
1977 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
1978 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 Baltimore Orioles (AL)
1980 Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4-2 Kansas City Royals (AL)
1981 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-2 New York Yankees (AL)
1982 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Milwaukee Brewers (AL)
1983 Baltimore Orioles (AL) 4-1 Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
1984 Detroit Tigers (AL) 4-1 San Diego Padres (NL)
1985 Kansas City Royals (AL) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1986 New York Mets (NL) 4-3 Boston Red Sox (AL)
1987 Minnesota Twins (AL) 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-1 Oakland Athletics (AL)
1989 Oakland Athletics (AL) 4-0 San Francisco Giants (NL)
1990 Cincinnati Reds (NL) 4-0 Oakland Athletics (AL)
1991 Minnesota Twins (AL) 4-3 Atlanta Braves (NL)
1992 Toronto Blue Jays (AL) 4-2 Atlanta Braves (NL)
1993 Toronto Blue Jays (AL) 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
1994 No series was played due to the Strike.
1995 Atlanta Braves (NL) 4-2 Cleveland Indians (AL)
1996 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 Atlanta Braves (NL)
1997 Florida Marlins (NL) 4-3 Cleveland Indians (AL)
1998 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 San Diego Padres (NL)
1999 New York Yankees (AL) 4-0 Atlanta Braves (NL)
2000 New York Yankees (AL) 4-1 New York Mets (NL)
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks (NL) 4-3 New York Yankees (AL)
2002 Anaheim Angels (AL) 4-3 San Francisco Giants (NL)
2003 Florida Marlins (NL) 4-2 New York Yankees (AL)
2004 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-0 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
2005 Chicago White Sox (AL) 4-0 Houston Astros (NL)
2006 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-1 Detroit Tigers (AL)
2007 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-0 Colorado Rockies (NL)
2008 Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 4-1 Tampa Bay Rays (AL)
2009 New York Yankees (AL) 4-2 Philadelphia Phillies (NL)
2010 San Francisco Giants (NL) 4-1 Texas Rangers (AL)
2011 St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 4-3 Texas Rangers (AL)
2012 San Francisco Giants (NL) 4-0 Detroit Tigers (AL)
2013 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-2 St. Louis Cardinals (NL)
2014 San Francisco Giants (NL) 4-3 Kansas City Royals (AL)
2015 Kansas City Royals (AL) 4-1 New York Mets (NL)
2016 Chicago Cubs (NL) 4-3 Cleveland Indians (AL)
2017 Houston Astros (AL) 4-3 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
2018 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-1 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
2019 Washington Nationals (NL) 4-3 Houston Astros (AL)
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) 4-2 Tampa Bay Rays (AL)
2021 Atlanta Braves (NL) 4-2 Houston Astros (AL)

World Series Appearances[edit]

Number Franchise Wins Losses WPCT Notes
40 New York Yankees 27 13 0.675
21 Los Angeles Dodgers 7 14 0.333 1-8 as Brooklyn Dodgers
20 San Francisco Giants 8 12 0.400 5-9 as New York Giants
19 St. Louis Cardinals 11 8 0.579
14 Oakland Athletics 9 5 0.642 5-3 as Philadelphia Athletics
13 Boston Red Sox 9 4 0.692
11 Detroit Tigers 4 7 0.364
11 Chicago Cubs 3 8 0.273
10 Atlanta Braves 4 6 0.400 1-1 as Boston Braves; 1-1 as Milwaukee Braves
9 Cincinnati Reds 5 4 0.555
7 Pittsburgh Pirates 5 2 0.714
7 Baltimore Orioles 3 4 0.428 0-1 as St. Louis Browns
7 Philadelphia Phillies 2 5 0.286
6 Minnesota Twins 3 3 0.500 1-2 as Washington Senators
6 Cleveland Indians 2 4 0.333
5 Chicago White Sox 3 2 0.600
5 New York Mets 2 3 0.400
4 Kansas City Royals 2 2 0.500
4 Houston Astros 1 3 0.250
2 Florida Marlins 2 0 1.000
2 Toronto Blue Jays 2 0 1.000
2 San Diego Padres 0 2 0.000
2 Tampa Bay Rays 0 2 0.000
2 Texas Rangers 0 2 0.000
1 Arizona Diamondbacks 1 0 1.000
1 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1 0 1.000 1-0 as Anaheim Angels
1 Washington Nationals 1 0 1.000
1 Milwaukee Brewers 0 1 0.000
1 Colorado Rockies 0 1 0.000

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