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Team History[edit]

First pitch at Missions game in 2012

The San Antonio Missions, formerly of the Pacific Coast League, briefly in Double-A Central, and now in the Texas League, are in the largest U.S. city that does not have MLB. The San Diego Padres farmhands play their home games at Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium in San Antonio, TX.

After 118 Double-A campaigns between 1888 and 2018, mostly in the Texas League, the city landed Triple-A when three commonly owned teams moved in 2019. However, after the Coronavirus pandemic killed the 2020 season, MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization moved the Missions franchise back down to Double-A, and from the Milwaukee Brewers' farm system to that of the Padres.

A city that seems perfectly positioned for baseball - a charter member of the Texas League, which was founded in 1888 - lost Double-A teams to Amarillo in 1965 and Midland in 1971.

The Missions achieved a rare feat during the 2022 season when on May 15th, four pitchers threw a combined no-hitter and three games later, on May 18th, four other pitchers also combined to throw a no-hitter.

The Missions play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Flying Chanclas de San Antonio (San Antonio Flying Flip Flops[1]).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

1994-2014 logo
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1933 79-72 4th Hank Severeid League Champs
1934 89-65 2nd Hank Severeid Lost League Finals
1935 75-84 6th Hank Severeid
1936 73-77 6th Bob Coleman
1937 85-76 4th Zack Taylor Lost in 1st round
1938 93-67 2nd Zack Taylor Lost League Finals
1939 89-72 3rd Zack Taylor Lost in 1st round
1940 89-72 2nd Marty McManus Lost in 1st round
1941 58-96 8th Marty McManus
1942 80-68 4th Ralph Winegarner Lost in 1st round
1946 87-65 3rd Jimmy Adair Lost in 1st round
1947 60-94 7th (t) Jimmy Adair (20-27) / Marc Carrola (40-67)
1948 75-76 5th Gus Mancuso
1949 70-83 6th Gus Mancuso
1950 79-75 4th Don Heffner League Champs
1951 86-75 2nd Jo-Jo White Lost League Finals
1952 79-82 5th Jo-Jo White
1953 67-87 7th Jimmie Crandall (37-55) / Bill Norman (30-32)
1954 78-83 5th (t) Don Heffner
1955 93-68 2nd Don Heffner Lost in 1st round
1956 76-78 5th Joe Schultz
1957 76-78 3rd Joe Schultz Lost in 1st round
1958 74-79 6th Grady Hatton
1959 75-70 4th Grady Hatton Lost League Finals
1960 77-68 2nd Grady Hatton (50-42) / Lou Klein (27-24) Lost in 1st round
1961 74-65 3rd Ripper Collins (14-15) / Harry Craft (13-6) / Bobby Adams (15-17) / Verlon Walker (32-27) League Champs
1962 68-72 5th Walt Dixon
1968 53-86 8th Harry Bright
1969 51-81 8th Jim Marshall
1970 67-69 5th Jim Marshall
1971 63-77 7th Walt Dixon
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1988 73-60 2nd Kevin Kennedy Lost in 1st round Pat Zachry
1989 49-87 8th John Shoemaker Claude Osteen
1990 78-56 1st John Shoemaker Lost League Finals Jon Debus Burt Hooton
1991 61-75 6th John Shoemaker Ron Roenicke Burt Hooton
1992 62-74 6th Jerry Royster Darrell Evans Burt Hooton
1993 58-76 8th Glenn Hoffman Brett Magnusson Burt Hooton
1994 62-74 6th Tom Beyers Brett Magnusson Burt Hooton
1995 64-72 6th John Shelby
1996 69-70 6th John Shelby Dino Ebel Claude Osteen
1997 84-55 1st Ron Roenicke League Champs Lance Parrish Guy Conti
1998 67-73 6th Ron Roenicke (44-37) / Lance Parrish (23-36) Lost in 1st round Lance Parrish Gorman Heimueller
1999 67-73 6th Jimmy Johnson John Shoemaker Dean Treanor
2000 64-76 7th Rick Burleson Orlando Gomez
2001 70-67 3rd Dave Brundage Lost in 1st round
2002 68-72 6th Dave Brundage League Champs Terry Pollreisz Rafael Chaves
2003 88-51 1st Dave Brundage League Champs Terry Pollreisz Rafael Chaves
2004 66-72 6th Dave Brundage Gary Thurman Scott Budner
2005 76-64 2nd Dave Brundage Lost in 1st round Gary Thurman Dwight Bernard
2006 60-78 7th Daren Brown Henry Cotto Brad Holman
2007 73-66 3rd Randy Ready League Champs Tom Tornincasa Glenn Abbott
2008 75-65 3rd (t) Bill Masse Lost in 1st round Terry Kennedy Steve Webber
2009 70-70 6th Terry Kennedy Lost in 1st round Orv Franchuk Steve Webber
2010 68-72 6th Doug Dascenzo Max Venable Glenn Abbott
2011 94-46 1st Doug Dascenzo League Champs Tom Tornincasa Jimmy Jones
2012 60-80 7th John Gibbons Tom Tornincasa Jimmy Jones / Tim Worrell
2013 78-61 2nd Rich Dauer League Champs Jacque Jones Jimmy Jones
2014 68-72 5th (t) Rich Dauer Francisco Morales Jimmy Jones
2015 60-80 8th Jamie Quirk (28-35) / Rod Barajas (32-45) Morgan Burkhart Jimmy Jones
2016 58-82 8th Phillip Wellman Johnny Washington Jimmy Jones
2017 78-62 1st Phillip Wellman Lost in 1st round Lance Burkhart Jimmy Jones Jonathan Meyer
2018 71-67 3rd Phillip Wellman Lost League Finals Raul Padron Jimmy Jones Jonathan Meyer
2019 80-60 3rd (t) Rick Sweet Al LeBoeuf Fred Dabney Ned Yost IV
2020 Season cancelled
2021 57-63 8th Phillip Wellman Raul Padron Pete Zamora Freddy Flores
2022 Phillip Wellman Raul Padron Pete Zamora Shane Robinson

Further Reading[edit]

  • Rob Terranova: "Missions notch second no-no in less than a week",, May 19, 2022. [2]

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