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Team History[edit]

The Lake Elsinore Storm, of the California League and briefly in Low-A West, have one of the best-known logos in baseball: a pair of narrowed, glowing eyes under a furrowed brow that is a youth-team favorite. The San Diego Padres farmhands play their home games at Lake Elsinore Diamond in Lake Elsinore, CA.

The Palm Springs Angels moved to Lake Elsinore when the Diamond opened in 1994. Then still a California Angels' farm club, it joined the Padres in 2001. Why eyes for a Storm? The original logo was a storm cloud with lightning splitting the letters L and E. Overlooking eyes were added later. When that happened and why are murky, but the eyes were pulled forth in 2000 to became the whole logo.

The Storm won a 2019 game in the 10th inning from this obviously hopeless position: trailing by 10 runs in the top of the 9th with two out and only one on.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization lowered the Storm, and most of the California League, one level.

The Storm play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Cadejos de Lake Elsinor (a "cadejo" is a mythic wolf).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1994 65-71 6th (t) Mitch Seoane Bruce Hines Howie Gershberg
1995 81-57 2nd Mitch Seoane Lost in 2nd round Howie Gershberg
1996 75-65 5th Mitch Seoane League Champs Leon Durham Howie Gershberg
1997 61-79 9th Don Long Tyrone Boykin Jim Bennett
1998 66-74 7th (t) Mario Mendoza Lost in 2nd round Joe Urso Kernan Ronan
1999 63-77 8th Mario Mendoza John Orton Kernan Ronan
2000 70-70 6th Mario Mendoza Lost in 1st round John Orton Kernan Ronan
2001 91-49 1st Craig Colbert League Co-Champs * Brian Giles Darren Balsley
2002 75-65 4th George Hendrick Lost League Finals Rob Deer Mike Harkey
2003 75-65 4th Jeff Gardner Lost in 1st round Rick Renteria Gary Lance / Charlie Hough
2004 68-72 7th Rick Renteria Mike Davis Mike Harkey
2005 70-68 6th Rick Renteria Lost League Finals Tom Tornincasa Dave Rajsich
2006 74-66 3rd Rick Renteria Lost in 2nd round Tom Tornincasa Steve Webber
2007 74-65 4th Carlos Lezcano Lost League Finals Max Venable Steve Webber
2008 71-69 4th Carlos Lezcano Lost in 1st round Shane Spencer Wally Whitehurst
2009 73-67 5th Carlos Lezcano Lost in 1st round Shane Spencer Dave Rajsich
2010 81-59 1st Carlos Lezcano Lost in 2nd round Bob Skube Dave Rajsich
2011 69-71 5th (t) Carlos Lezcano (23-31) / Phil Plantier (46-40) League Champs Phil Plantier / David Newhan Bronswell Patrick
2012 69-71 6th Shawn Wooten Lost in 1st round David Newhan Bronswell Patrick
2013 61-79 9th Shawn Wooten David Newhan Brian Lawrence
2014 75-65 4th(t) Jamie Quirk Lost in 1st round Jody Davis / Rod Barajas Bronswell Patrick
2015 50-90 10th Michael Collins Rod Barajas / Xavier Nady Glendon Rusch Hyun gon Lee
2016 69-71 6th Francisco Morales / Tony Tarasco / Lance Burkhart (50-46) Xavier Nady Glendon Rusch Mike McCoy
2017 64-76 7th Edwin Rodriguez Raul Padron Glendon Rusch Freddy Flores
2018 68-72 5th Edwin Rodriguez Doug Banks Pete Zamora Freddy Flores
2019 73-65 3rd Tony Tarasco Lost League Finals Doug Banks Pete Zamora Felipe Blanco
2020 Season cancelled
2021 55-65 6th Mike McCoy Pat O'Sullivan Leo Rosales Jonathan Meyer
2022 77-55 2nd Eric Junge League Champs Pat O'Sullivan Leo Rosales Felipe Blanco
2023 Pete Zamora Jed Morris Thomas Eshelman Jhonaldo Pozo
  • * Series canceled, Lake Elsinore and San Jose declared co-champions

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