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Team History[edit]

With the advent of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the major league Expansion of 1998, the Phoenix Firebirds moved to Fresno, CA for the 1998 season, becoming the Fresno Grizzlies.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1998 81-62 2nd (t) Jim Davenport Lost in 1st round Joe Lefebvre Joel Horlen
1999 73-69 7th Ron Roenicke Mike Hart Joel Horlen
2000 57-84 15th Shane Turner Mike Hart Pete Richert
2001 68-71 9th Shane Turner Mike Hart Pete Richert
2002 57-87 16th Lenn Sakata Mike Hart Bert Bradley
2003 55-88 16th Fred Stanley Steve Decker Bert Bradley
2004 62-82 15th Fred Stanley Steve Decker Ross Grimsley
2005 68-76 11th (t) Shane Turner Jim Bowie Tom Brown
2006 61-83 14th Shane Turner Jim Bowie Trevor Wilson
2007 77-67 4th Dan Rohn Jim Bowie Mike Caldwell
2008 67-76 11th Dan Rohn Jim Bowie Mike Caldwell
2009 71-73 10th (t) Dan Rohn Hensley Meulens Pat Rice
2010 75-69 6th Steve Decker Ken Joyce Pat Rice
2011 65-79 13th (t) Steve Decker Russ Morman Pat Rice
2012 74-70 9th Bob Mariano Russ Morman Pat Rice
2013 68-75 12th Bob Mariano Russ Morman Pat Rice
2014 68-76 13th Bob Mariano Andy Skeels Dwight Bernard
2015 84-59 2nd Tony DeFrancesco League Champs Leon Roberts Ace Adams Jeff Murphy
2016 73-70 5th (t) Tony DeFrancesco Ralph Dickenson Dyar Miller
2017 77-65 4th Tony DeFrancesco Darryl Robinson Dyar Miller Aaron DelGiudice

Further Reading[edit]

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