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The Richmond Virginians moved to Toledo leaving Richmond with no team in 1965. But with the Milwaukee Braves moving to Atlanta, they moved the Atlanta Crackers to Virginia to become the Richmond Braves in 1966.

Following disagreements about management of The Diamond between the Atlanta Braves and the city of Richmond, VA, it was announced on January 15, 2008 that the team would be moving to a newly built $40 million stadium in Gwinnett County, Georgia for the 2009 season to become the Gwinnett Braves.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Team MVP Most Outstanding Pitcher
1966 75-72 4th Bill Adair Lost League Finals
1967 81-60 1st Lum Harris Lost in 1st round
1968 59-87 8th Eddie Haas
1969 56-83 8th Mickey Vernon
1970 73-67 5th Mickey Vernon
1971 69-71 6th Clyde King
1972 65-78 6th Clyde King
1973 53-93 8th Bobby Hofman (18-43) / Clint Courtney (35-50)
1974 75-65 3rd Clint Courtney Lost in 1st round
1975 62-75 6th Clint Courtney (29-30) / Bob Lemon (33-45) Larry Jaster
1976 69-71 4th Jack McKeon Lost League Finals
1977 71-69 4th Tommie Aaron Lost in 1st round Dale Murphy, Mickey Mahler
1978 71-68 4th Tommie Aaron League Champs Johnny Sain Hank Small
1979 76-64 3rd Tom Burgess Lost in 1st round Johnny Sain Jerry Keller
1980 69-71 4th Fred Hatfield Lost in 1st round Johnny Sain Terry Harper
1981 83-56 2nd Eddie Haas Lost League Finals Craig Robinson Johnny Sain Brett Butler
1982 82-57 1st Eddie Haas Lost in 1st round Craig Robinson Johnny Sain Gerald Perry
1983 80-59 2nd Eddie Haas Lost League Finals Craig Robinson Johnny Sain Brad Komminsk
1984 66-73 6th Eddie Haas / Bobby Dews Johnny Sain Paul Zuvella
1985 75-65 5th Roy Majtyka Sonny Jackson Bruce Dal Canton Doc Estes
1986 80-60 1st Roy Majtyka League Champs Bruce Dal Canton Gerald Perry
1987 56-83 8th Roy Majtyka Rick Albert Nardi Contreras Mike Fischlin Marty Clary
1988 66-75 4th Jim Beauchamp Clarence Jones Leo Mazzone Dave Griffin John Smoltz
1989 81-65 2nd Jim Beauchamp League Champs Sonny Jackson & Johnny Grubb Leo Mazzone Greg Tubbs Gary Eave
1990 71-74 4th Jim Beauchamp Sonny Jackson & Johnny Grubb Leo Mazzone/ Geronimo Berroa Paul Marak
1991 65-79 8th Phil Niekro Sonny Jackson Bruce Dal Canton Tracy Woodson Armando Reynoso
1992 73-71 3rd Chris Chambliss Lost in 1st round Sonny Jackson Bruce Dal Canton Jeff Manto David Nied
1993 80-62 2nd Grady Little Lost in 1st round Glenn Hubbard & Jim Snyder Bruce Dal Canton Chipper Jones Mike Birkbeck
1994 80-61 1st Grady Little League Champs Bruce Kimm & Tack Wilson Bill Fischer Luis Lopez Brad Woodall
1995 75-66 2nd Grady Little Lost in 1st round Glenn Hubbard Jose Munoz Matt Murray
1996 62-79 8th (t) Bill Dancy Glenn Hubbard Bill Fischer Tony Graffanino Rod Nichols
1997 70-72 6th Bill Dancy Max Venable Bill Fischer Randall Simon Scott Brow
1998 64-80 13th Jeff Cox Max Venable Bill Fischer Wes Helms Jon Ratliff
1999 64-78 10th Randy Ingle Mel Roberts Bill Fischer Steve Sisco David Cortes
2000 51-92 14th Randy Ingle Mel Roberts Bill Fischer, Mike Alvarez Wes Helms Damian Moss, Chris Seelbach
2001 68-76 7th (t) Carlos Tosca Mark Meleski Guy Hansen Howard Battle Trey Moore
2002 75-67 7th Fredi Gonzalez Rick Albert Guy Hansen Mike Hessman Trey Hodges
2003 64-79 13th Pat Kelly Rick Albert Guy Hansen Johnny Estrada Joe Dawley
2004 79-62 2nd Pat Kelly Lost League Finals Rick Albert Guy Hansen Ryan Langerhans Matt Whiteside
2005 56-88 14th Pat Kelly Rick Albert Mike Alvarez Andy Marte Kyle Davies
2006 57-86 14th Brian Snitker Rick Albert Derek Botelho Scott Thorman Manny Acosta
2007 77-64 4th Dave Brundage League Champs Leon Roberts Guy Hansen Doug Clark Buddy Hernandez, Jeff Bennett
2008 63-78 12th (t) Dave Brundage
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