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Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame

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The Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame, in Spanish Salón de la Fama del Beisbol Cubano, is a hall of fame dedicated to Cuban baseball.

The Hall was created in 1936 by the National Director of Sports. The first ten players were elected on July 26, 1939. A commemorative bronze plaque was placed in the lobby of the Parque La Tropical. Elections were held annually until 1961 when professional baseball was outlawed following the Cuban Revolution. The Federacion de Peloteros Profesionales Cubanos en el Exilio (Federation of Cuban Professional Players in Exile) was organized in Miami, FL and continued to elect players from 1962 to 1986 after which elections were suspended.

The elections resumed in 1997 with the addition of 60 members. 20 more members were elected in 1998, but the elections were again suspended in the following year. In 2003 the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame in Florida decided to continue the Hall of Fame. It absorbed all members of the Hall that had been elected from 1939 to 1998 and began electing more members annually but were much less selective.

Cuba does not recognize the members of the Salón de la Fama who were elected after 1961. On June 13, 2005 it was announced that a building to house the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame (1939-1961) would be built in Havana in Palmar del Junco. This was the site of the first game in Cuba took place in 1874.

Cuba reopened the Hall with new inductees starting in 2014, with five players from the period 1874-1961 and five from 1962 onward.

Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame Memebers[edit]

Salón de la Fama del Beisbol Cubano (1939 - Present)[edit]

Year Person Category
1939 Cristóbal Torriente Player
Armando Marsans Player
Adolfo Luján Player
Carlos (Bebe) Royer Player
José de la Caridad Méndez Player
Antonio María Garcia Player
Luis Bustamante Player
Valentín (Sirique) Gonzaléz Player
Rafael Almeida Player
Gervasio (Strike) González Player
1940 José Muñoz Player
Alfredo Arcaño Player
1941 Emilio Sabourín Player
Regino García Player
1942 Alfredo Cabrera Player
Agustín Molina Player
1943 Luis Padrón Player
Julián Castillo Player
Heliodoro Hidalgo Player
1944 Alejandro Oms Player
Carlos Macía Player
1945 Valentín Dreke Player
Carlos Morán Player
Bernardo Baró Player
Juan Manuel Pastoriza Player
Ramón Calzadilla Player
1946 Franciso Poyo Player
Arturo Valdés Player
Ricardo Caballero Player
Rogelio Valdés Player
Wenceslao Gálvez Player
1948 Rafael Hernández Player
Antonio Mesa Player
Tomás Romanach Player
Juan Antiga Player
Nemesio Guilló Player
Jacinto Calvo Player
1949 Eduardo Machado Player
Gonzalo Sánchez Player
Pelayo Chacón Player
Manuel Villa Player
Julio López Player
1950 Eustaquio Gutiérrez Player
Eugenio Jiménez Player
Manuel Cueto Player
Ricardo Martínez Player
Rafael Figarola Player
1951 Bienvenido Jiménez Player
Jose Rodríguez Player
Alfredo Arango Player
J.M. Teuma Player
Martín Dihigo Player
1953 Carlos Zaldo Player
Moisés Quintero Player
Juan Violá Player
1954 Pablo Ronquillo Player
Emilio Palmero Player
1955 Baldomero Acosta Player
1956 Miguel Angel González Player
1957 Emilio Palomino Player
Isidro Fabré Player
1958 Dolf Luque Player
1959 Lázaro Salazar Player
José Acosta Player
1960 Armando Cabanas Player
Ramon Bragana Player
1961 Oscar Rodríguez Player
Tomás de la Cruz Player
2014 Esteban Bellán Player
Luis Casanova Player
Orestes Kindelán Player
Omar Linares Player
Amado Maestri Umpire
Connie Marrero Player
Minnie Miñoso Player
Antonio Muñoz Player
Camilo Pascual Player
Braudilio Vinent Player

Federacion de Peloteros Profesionales Cubanos en el Exilio (1962 - 1998)[edit]

Year Person Category
1962 Eustaquio (Bombín) Pedroso Player
Rogelio Crespo Player
Agustín Parpeti Player
1963 Rámon (Paíto) Herrera Player
Pedro Dibut Player
1964 Pablo (Champion) Mesa Player
Heliodoro (Yoyo) Díaz Player
Montalvo Mayari Player
1965 Luis Tiant Sr. Player
José María Fernández Player
1966 Rodolfo Fernández Player
1967 Antonio (Tony) Castaño Player
Santos Amaro Player
1968 Roberto Estalella Player
1969 Fermín Guerra Player
Manuel (Cocaína) García Player
1970 Agapito Mayor Player
1971 Regino Otero Player
Andrés Fleitas Player
1972 Pedro Formental Player
1973 Napoleón Reyes Player
Alejandro Crespo Player
1974 Hector Rodríguez Player
1975 Roberto Ortiz Player
Silvio García Player
1976 Julio Moreno Player
1977 Conrado Marrero Player
Sandalio Consuegra Player
1978 Edmundo Amorós Player
1979 Willie Miranda Player
Leo Cardenas Player
1980 Zoilo Versalles Player
1981 Tony Taylor Player
Pedro Ramos Player
1982 Cookie Rojas Player
Tony Oliva Player
1983 Emilio de Armas Official
Alfredo Súarez Executive
Camilo Pascual Player
Minnie Miñoso Player
1984 Dr. Leopoldo de Sola League President
Ing. Mario G. Mendoza Team Executive
Dr. José A. López del Valle League President
Amado Maestri Umpire
Víctor Muñoz Sports Journalist
Joe Massaguer Sports Journalist
Rafael Conte Sports Journalist
Julio Rojo Player
Miguel Cuellar Player
Adrián Zabala Player
Justo (Cando) López Player
Pedro (Preston) Gómez Player
Esteban Bellán Player
1985 Antonio (Haitiano) González Player
Miguel Fornieles Player
Lorenzo (Chiquitín) Cabrera Player
Pedro Galiana Sports Journalist
Dr. Julio Sanguily Team Executive
Bobby Maduro Executive
Miguel Súarez de Cárdenas Executive
Rafael Noble Player
José (Cheo) Olivares Player
Basilio Rosell Player
Bartolo Portundo Player
1986 Abel Linares Executive
Bernardo (Llillo) Jiménez Sports Journalist
Dr. Rafael Inclán League President
Julio Blanco Herrera Executive
Antonio (Tony) Pacheco Executive
Marcelino Guerra Player
René Monteagudo Player
Orlando Peña Player
Pedro Arango Player
Jorge Comellas Player
José (Cheo) Ramos Player
Francisco (Cuco) Correa Player
1997 Julio Franquiz Scorer
Hilario Franquiz Scorer
René Molina Commentator
Rafael (Felo) Ramirez Writer
Joaquín (Joe) Azcue Player
Luis (Witto) Aloma Player
Luis Gonzalez (Conde) More Announcer
Antonio Conejo Scorer
Manuel de la Reguera Writer
Rai Garcia Journalist
Eloy (Buck) Canel Writer
René Cañizares Writer
Orlando Sanchez Diago Writer
Raul Atan Umpire
Jose M. (Kiko) Magriñat Umpire
Bernardino Rodriguez Umpire
Fausto Miranda Journalist
Eladio Secades Journalist
Sergio Varona Journalist
Oscar Charleston Exalted Foreigner
Monte Irvin Exalted Foreigner
Max Lanier Exalted Foreigner
Julio de Arcos Executive
Arturo Bengochea Executive
Alejandro Pompez Executive
Manuel (Manolo) Fernandez Trainer
Felix Massud Trainer
Luis Navarro Trainer
Rocky Nelson Exalted Foreigner
Robert (Bobby) Bragan Manager
Heleno (Chino) Casanova Trainer
Rigoberto (Tito) Fuentes Player
Octavio Rupert Player
Raul Sánchez Player
Antonio (El Pollo) Rodriguez Player
Ramon Roger Player
Angel Scull Player
Luis Tiant, Jr. Player
Heberto Blanco Player
Diego Segui Player
Jose Tartabull Player
Isora del Castillo Player
Francisco (Panchón) Herrera Player
Ramon (Napoleon) Heredia Player
Salvador Hernandez Player
Manuel (Chino) Hidalgo Player
Pedro Pages Player
Atanasio (Tony) Pérez Player
Vincente Lopez Player
Román Mejias Player
Dagoberto (Bert) Campaneris Player
Jose Cardenal Player
Julio Becquer Player
Agustin Bejerano Player
Claro Duany Player
Humberto (Chico) Fernandez Player
Santiago Ullrich Player
Carlos Blanco Player
Ramón Couto Player
Avelino Cañizares Player
1998 Rafael Rubí Writer
Pedro Martinez Bauzá Journalist
Fausto La Villa Journalist
Armando Rodriguez Umpire
Alfredo Pequeno Executive
Wilfredo Caviño Manager
Sungo Carrera Manager
Belico Pichardo Trainer
Jose Roque Player
Carlos Pascual Player
Lou Klein Player
Tetelo Vargas Player
Jose Vargas Player
Gilberto (Chino) Valdivia Player
Raymond (Jaboa) Brown Player
Rogelio Alvarez Player
Vicente Amor Player
Thomas Fine Player
Paul Casanova Player
Mike de la Hoz Player

Cuban Sports Hall of Fame (2003 - Present)[edit]

Year Person Category
2003 Andrés Fleitas Amateur Baseball
Antonio "Lindo" Suárez Amateur Baseball
Antonio "Quilla" Valdés Amateur Baseball
Antonio Estrella Amateur Baseball
Armando "Jo Jo" Báez Amateur Baseball
Armando Rodríguez Umpire
Charles Pérez Amateur Baseball
Conrado Marrero Amateur Baseball
Daniel Parra Amateur Baseball
David "El Caballero" Pérez Amateur Baseball
Ernesto "El Galleguito" Estévez Amateur Baseball
Félix del Cristo Amateur Baseball
Francisco Quicutis Amateur Baseball
Isidro León Amateur Baseball
Juan Izaguirre Amateur Baseball
Julio "Jiquí" Moreno Amateur Baseball
Julio Rojo, Jr. Amateur Baseball
Lázaro Ruiz Trainer
Leandro Pazos Amateur Baseball
León Rojas Amateur Manager
Manolo Hurtado Amateur Baseball
Mario Fajo Amateur Baseball
Mario González Amateur Baseball
Napoleón Reyes Amateur Baseball
Narciso Picaso Amateur Baseball
Pedro "Natilla" Jiménez Amateur Baseball
Pedro Echevarría Amateur Baseball
Rafael Avila Executive
Ramón Carneado Amateur Manager
René Arocha Amateur Baseball
Rigoberto Betancourt Amateur Baseball
Rogelio "Limonar" Martínez Amateur Baseball
Sandalio "Porterillo" Consuegra Amateur Baseball
Virgilio Arteaga Amateur Baseball
2004 "Catayo" González Amateur Baseball
Angel Fleitas Amateur Baseball
Alex Fernández Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Angel Fleitas Amateur Baseball
Antonio "El Loco" Ruiz Amateur Baseball
Armando Llano Amateur Baseball
Carlos Córdova Amateur Baseball
Enrique Del Sol Amateur Baseball
Feliciano Foyo Amateur Baseball
Felino Sánchez Amateur Baseball
Iván Davis Umpire
Jorge "El Profesor" Consuegra Amateur Baseball
José "Tatica" Hernández Amateur Baseball
José Antonio Reguera Amateur Baseball
José Luis "Jorocón" Garcia Amateur Baseball
Julio Carrillo Amateur Baseball
Luis Barreiro Amateur Baseball
Luis Suárez Amateur Baseball
Mario Díaz Amateur Baseball
Miguel Aguilera Amateur Baseball
Pedro Flores Amateur Baseball
Pedro Ullrich Amateur Baseball
Reinaldo Cordeiro Manager
René "Tata" Solis Amateur Baseball
Santiago Ullrich Amateur Baseball
Vicente López Amateur Baseball
2005 Alfonso Suarez Amateur Baseball
Alfredo Pedraga Amateur Baseball
Alfredo Quintero Amateur Baseball
Angel Scull Amateur Baseball
Armando Puentes Amateur Baseball
Armenio Torres Amateur Baseball
Carlos Arboleya Manager (Special Award)
Carlos Manuel Fleitas Amateur Baseball
Eddy Marcos Amateur Baseball
Enrique Izquierdo Amateur Baseball
Evelio Hernandez Amateur Baseball
Evelio Miranda Amateur Manager
Gustavo Alfonso Amateur Baseball
Joaquin Viego Amateur Manager
Jorge Torre Amateur Baseball
Jose Fernandez Amateur Baseball
José Mir Amateur Baseball
Jose Montiel Executive
Jose Ramon Villar Amateur Baseball
Luis Olivares Amateur Baseball
Manolo Garcia Amateur Baseball
Manuel G. Paula Amateur Baseball
Mario Morera Amateur Baseball
Miguelito de la Hoz Amateur Baseball
Mike Brito Executive
Octavio Rupert Amateur Baseball
Orlando Valdes Amateur Baseball
Pipo de la Noval Amateur Manager
Rigoberto Villarnovo Amateur Baseball
Rogelio Valdes Amateur Baseball
Rolando Pastor Amateur Baseball
Rouget Avalos Amateur Baseball
Segundo Rodriguez Amateur Baseball
Sungo Carrera Executive
Viticio Muñoz Amateur Manager
2006 Andrés Fleitas Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Merito Acosta Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Camilo Pascual Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Carlos Pascual Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Jackie Hernández Professional Baseball (Special Award)
José "Joe" Pineda Trainer
Julio Gómez Amateur Baseball
Lorenzo Fernández Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Mike de la Hoz Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Cookie Rojas Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Orlando Peña Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Paul Casanova Professional Baseball (Special Award)
René "Látigo" Gutiérrez Professional Baseball (Special Award)
René Janero Trainer
Sergio "Acho" Varona Amateur Manager
Tony "Haitano" González Professional Baseball (Special Award)
Tony Taylor Professional Baseball (Special Award)
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