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Team History[edit]

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The Peoria Chiefs, of the Midwest League and briefly in High-A Central, followed the lead of both their city and county - whose name honors a local tribe that was pushed out of its ancestral lands in the 1860s. The St. Louis Cardinals farmhands play their home games at Dozer Park in Peoria, IL.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization raised the Chiefs, and most of the MwL, one level.

The Danville Suns moved to Peoria in 1983, playing at Meinen Field and retaining their nickname for one season as the Peoria Suns. Peoria businessman Pete Vonachen then bought the Suns, rebranding them "Chiefs" for a team nickname first used in the 1950s in honor of the Peoria Tribe. However, in 2005 the club changed logos from tribal- to firefighter-based.

Albert Pujols, Greg Maddux, Rafael Palmeiro, and Mark Grace are among the biggest stars to have played for the Chiefs. Other alumni include Coco Crisp, Wally Joyner, Joe Girardi, and Jack Wilson.

They play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Peoria en el Rio (Peoria on the River, the river in question being the Illinois River).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Postseason Team MVP Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1953 63-65 5th Whitey Kurowski
1954 73-63 3rd Whitey Kurowski Lost League Finals
1955 63-63 3rd Whitey Kurowski Lost in 1st round
1956 58-58 4th George Kissell none
1957 80-49 2nd Vern Hoscheit none
1984 66-73 8th Joe Maddon Bill Merrifield Aurelio Monteagudo
1985 77-65 5th Pete Mackanin Lost League Finals Bruce Crabbe Jim Wright
1986 66-63 4th Pete Mackanin Lost League Finals Mark Grace Jim Wright
1987 71-69 6th (tie) Jim Tracy Jerome Walton Joe Housey
1988 70-70 7th Jim Tracy Will Arrington; Greg Kallevig Pookie Bernstine Rick Kranitz
1989 80-59 3rd Brad Mills Alex Arias; Marcos Lopez Pookie Bernstine Rick Kranitz
1990 55-82 13th Greg Mahlberg Pedro Castellano Mike Ramsey Lester Strode
1991 62-76 12th Bill Hayes Phil Dauphin Lester Strode
1992 62-74 9th Steve Roadcap Ed Larregui Bill McGuire Ray Sadecki
1993 59-79 12th Steve Roadcap Robin Jennings Bo McLaughlin
1994 68-70 9th Steve Roadcap Bobby Morris Joe Tanner Alan Dunn
1995 62-72 11th Roy Silver Anton French Keith Smith Ray Searage
1996 79-57 1st Roy Silver Lost in 1st round Shawn McNally Ray Searage
1997 70-69 8th Joe Cunningham Brent Butler Gary Buckels
1998 72-68 6th Jeff Shireman Pablo Ozuna Tony Diggs Gary Buckels
1999 63-76 11th Brian Rupp Troy Farnsworth Tony Diggs Mike Snyder
2000 63-74 11th Tom Lawless Albert Pujols Todd Steverson Sid Monge
2001 57-81 11th Joe Hall Chris Morris Jeff Shireman Mark Grater
2002 85-53 1st Danny Sheaffer League Champs John Nelson Tony Diggs Gary Buckels
2003 65-73 11th Joe Cunningham Travis Hanson Tony Diggs Derek Lilliquist
2004 75-64 4th (tie) Joe Cunningham Daric Barton Ron Warner Bryan Eversgerd
2005 68-72 8th (tie) Julio Garcia Eric Patterson Ricardo Medina Tom Pratt
2006 75-64 5th Jody Davis Lost in 1st round Barbaro Garbey Rich Bombard
2007 71-68 7th Ryne Sandberg Julio Garcia David Rosario
2008 60-78 12th Ryne Sandberg Desi Wilson Rich Bombard
2009 81-57 2nd Marty Pevey Lost in 1st round Barbaro Garbey Rich Bombard
2010 71-66 8th Casey Kopitzke Barbaro Garbey David Rosario
2011 60-79 15th Casey Kopitzke Ricardo Medina Jeff Fassero
2012 63-75 14th Casey Kopitzke Barbaro Garbey Tom Pratt / Ron Villone
2013 68-69 8th Dann Bilardello Erik Pappas Jason Simontacchi
2014 72-67 5th (t) Joe Kruzel Jobel Jimenez Jason Simontacchi Steve Moritz
2015 75-63 6th Joe Kruzel Lost in 2nd round Jobel Jimenez Dernier Orozco Brian Pruitt
2016 73-66 5th Joe Kruzel Jobel Jimenez Dernier Orozco Nathan Sopena
2017 69-70 8th (t) Chris Swauger Lost in 1st round Donnie Ecker Dernier Orozco Josh Lopez
2018 76-63 5th Chris Swauger Lost League Finals Russ Chambliss Cale Johnson
2019 54-85 15th Erick Almonte Russ Chambliss Cale Johnson
2020 Season cancelled
2021 45-75 12th Chris Swauger Joey Hawkins Rick Harig
2022 56-76 9th Patrick Anderson Willi Martin Edwin Moreno
2023 Patrick Anderson Casey Chenoweth Edwin Moreno Christina Whitlock

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