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This category lists mostly players and coaches who played in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Also included are NFL players known for significant roles in baseball history (ex. Wally Yonamine) or prominent NFL players who appeared in pro baseball (ex. John Elway)

Two Heisman Trophy winners have gone on to play MLB: Vic Janowicz, who won in 1950, and Bo Jackson (1985). Eight former MLB players have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Red Badgro, Paddy Driscoll, George Halas, Greasy Neale, Ernie Nevers, Ace Parker, Deion Sanders and Jim Thorpe. Greasy Neale never played in the NFL, but was head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In contrast, no NFL player has been elected to the MLB Hall of Fame as a player, though Yonamine is in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. Cal Hubbard, who was an all-pro tackle in the NFL of the 1930s and was elected to both the professional and collegiate football halls of fame, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as an umpire. The Win Shares method suggests that Brian Jordan has had by far the most successful MLB career of any NFL player.

Aaron Pointer, although never an NFL player, was a major league ballplayer who later worked many years with the NFL, culminating in years as the head linesman.

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