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Team History[edit]

The Eugene Emeralds, of the High-A Northwest League and briefly in High-A West, had the NwL's worst overall record in 2018 but made the playoffs due to having the second-best record in the South division in the second half - and won out for the crown! The San Francisco Giants farmhands play their home games at PK Park in Eugene, OR.

MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization raised the Ems, and most of the NwL, two levels and moved them from the Chicago Cubs to the Giants.

Early editions of the Ems played at Bethel Park, but the expansion of 1969 that begat the Seattle Pilots bumped the Pacific Coast League's Seattle Angels team to Eugene, where they moved into Civic Stadium. The NwL returned in 1974, again choosing Civic.

A better stadium situation presented itself in 2009, when the University of Oregon opened a new one to resume its varsity baseball program, and the Ems became its secondary tenant in the 2010 season. Such sharing is easy between collegiate and professional short-season teams, but that ended when MLB's reorganization elevated the Ems and most their league to High-A. As a result, the Ems are working on building a new stadium of their own.

Civic Stadium fell victim to arson in June 2015. On the very August night that the Emeralds commemorated it, four Ems pitchers hurled a combined no-hitter.

The Ems play Copa de la Diversión Hispanic engagement campaign games as Monarcas de Eugene (Eugene Monarchs, which can either refer to emperors or to monarch butterflies).

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Emeralds logo 2004-2009
Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1955 79-45 1st Cliff Dapper League Champs
1956 63-67 4th Cliff Dapper none
1957 77-58 1st Hugh Luby Lost League Finals
1958 66-69 4th Hugh Luby
1959 68-71 5th Roy Partee
1960 74-67 4th Richard Klaus none
1961 69-70 4th Richard Klaus
1962 63-78 6th Bud Byerly
1963 50-90 6th George Noga (23-53) / George Sobek (27-47)
1964 77-63 2nd Bob Wellman Lost League Finals
1965 71-65 3rd Bob Wellman
1966 44-40 2nd Hugh Luby none
1967 50-34 2nd Bobby Malkmus none
1968 41-32 2nd Nolan Campbell none
1969 88-58 1st Frank Lucchesi Lost League Finals
1970 66-80 6th Bob Wellman (15-28) / Lou Kahn (51-52)
1971 66-79 8th Andy Seminick
1972 79-69 4th Andy Seminick Lost League Finals
1973 64-79 7th Jim Bunning
1974 48-36 3rd Hugh Luby / Joe Verbanic League Champs
1975 54-25 1st Greg Riddoch League Champs
1976 37-34 4th Greg Riddoch
1977 31-37 4th John Underwood
1978 36-34 4th Greg Riddoch Lost League Finals
1979 30-41 7th Greg Riddoch
1980 37-33 3rd Greg Riddoch Co-Champs
1981 33-37 4th Greg Riddoch
1982 28-42 6th Jim Stewart
1983 33-34 3rd Sam Mejias
1984 19-55 8th Dave Roberts
1985 40-34 1st (t) Frank Funk Lost League Finals
1986 45-29 1st (t) Ed Napoleon Lost League Finals Guy Hansen
1987 45-30 3rd Rich Mathews Guy Hansen
1988 38-38 5th (t) Paul Kirsch Guy Hansen
1989 43-33 2nd Paul Kirsch Brian Peterson
1990 30-46 7th Paul Kirsch
1991 42-34 3rd Tom Poquette
1992 36-40 5th (t) Bobby Meacham Tom Burgmeier
1993 40-36 4th John Mizerock Sixto Lezcano
1994 35-41 6th Brian Poldberg Rafael Santana Theo Shaw
1995 37-39 4th (t) Paul Runge Wallace Johnson Jerry Nyman
1996 49-27 1st Jim Saul Lost League Finals Rick Albert Jerry Nyman
1997 31-45 6th Jim Saul Bobby Moore Jerry Nyman
1998 24-52 8th Jim Saul Dan Norman Jerry Nyman
1999 29-47 8th Bob Ralston Tom Pratt
2000 40-36 3rd Danny Sheaffer Lost League Finals Tom Beyers Mike Anderson
2001 32-44 7th Jeff Gardner Rob Deer Urbano Lugo
2002 41-35 3rd (t) Jeff Gardner Jake Molina Urbano Lugo
2003 39-37 4th Roy Howell Ben Oglivie Dave Rajsich
2004 26-50 8th Roy Howell Ben Oglivie Dave Rajsich
2005 34-42 6th (t) Roy Howell Ben Oglivie Wally Whitehurst
2006 43-33 3rd Doug Dascenzo Wally Whitehurst
2007 34-42 6th Greg Riddoch Tom Bradley
2008 40-36 3rd (t) Greg Riddoch Eric Peyton Dave Rajsich
2009 34-42 6th (t) Greg Riddoch Eric Peyton Bronswell Patrick
2010 32-44 6th Greg Riddoch Shawn Wooten Tom Bradley
2011 46-30 1st Pat Murphy Lost in 1st round Chris Prieto Dave Rajsich
2012 47-29 1st Pat Murphy Chris Prieto Nelson Cruz
2013 27-49 8th Jim Gabella Ivan Cruz Dave Rajsich
2014 30-46 7th Robbie Wine Homer Bush Nelson Cruz
2015 38-38 5th Gary Van Tol Ricardo Medina Anderson Tavares Terrmel Sledge, Dean Stiles
2016 54-22 1st Jesus Feliciano League Champs Ty Wright Brian Lawrence Gary Van Tol
2017 39-37 4th (t) Jesus Feliciano Lost League Finals Juan Cabreja, Chris Valaika David Rosario Gary Van Tol
2018 31-45 8th Steven Lerud League Champs Osmin Melendez Armando Gabino Jacob Rogers
2019 33-43 6th Lance Rymel Michael Carter Armando Gabino Carlos Rojas
2020 Season cancelled
2021 69-50 1st Dennis Pelfrey League Champs Cory Elasik Alain Quijano Lipso Nava
2022 71-48 1st Carlos Valderrama League Champs Cory Elasik Alain Quijano Eliezer Zambrano
2023 Carlos Valderrama Tommy Joseph Alain Quijano Eliezer Zambrano

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