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Team History[edit]

The Binghamton Mets were members of the Eastern League from 1992 to 2016, after which the team was re-branded the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, following a trend of re-naming minor league teams to create a more recognizable identity for marketing purposes.

During the 1990-1991 off-season, the Mets bought the Williamsport Bills. Bills' owner Marvin Goldklang, who was then a minority owner of the New York Yankees, said the sale was forced by the 1990 Professional Baseball Agreement. The Bills played another season in Williamsport while Binghamton built a ballpark that the Mets partially funded.

The big Mets soon sold the club to local owners. The majority owner who called the affiliation "our most treasured asset" in 2010 made three deals to sell the team in the next five years. The first two would have caused the B-Mets to move - but neither closed. The 2015-2016 off-season sale to John Hughes kept the club in town and with the Mets, but he changed the nickname to Rumble Ponies before the 2017 season.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1992 79-59 2nd Steve Swisher League Champs Ron Gideon Randy Niemann
1993 68-72 5th Steve Swisher Randy Niemann
1994 82-59 3rd John Tamargo League Champs Tom Allison Randy Niemann
1995 67-75 7th (t) John Tamargo Joe Delli Carri Bill Latham
1996 76-66 3rd John Tamargo Lost in 1st round Tim Leiper Bill Latham
1997 66-76 8th Rick Sweet Howie Freiling Bill Champion
1998 82-60 2nd John Gibbons Lost in 1st round Ken Berry Rick Waits
1999 54-88 12th Doug Davis Roger LaFrancois Bob Stanley
2000 82-58 2nd Doug Davis Lost in 1st round Luis Natera Guy Conti
2001 73-68 6th Howie Freiling Roger LaFrancois Bob Stanley
2002 73-68 6th Howie Freiling Roger LaFrancois Bob Stanley
2003 63-78 9th John Stearns Edgar Alfonzo Bob Ojeda
2004 76-66 4th Ken Oberkfell Lost in 1st round Howard Johnson Jerry Reuss
2005 63-79 11th (t) Jack Lind Dave Hollins Blaine Beatty
2006 70-70 6th Juan Samuel John Valentin Mark Brewer
2007 61-81 11th Mako Oliveras Ryan Ellis Ricky Bones
2008 73-69 5th (t) Mako Oliveras Luis Natera Ricky Bones
2009 54-86 12th Mako Oliveras Billy Masse / Luis Natera Hector Berrios Donovan Mitchell
2010 66-76 11th (t) Tim Teufel Luis Natera Mark Brewer
2011 65-76 10th Wally Backman Luis Natera Marc Valdes
2012 68-74 9th Pedro Lopez Luis Natera Glenn Abbott
2013 86-55 1st Pedro Lopez Lost in 1st round Luis Natera Glenn Abbott
2014 83-59 2nd Pedro Lopez League Champs Luis Rivera Glenn Abbott
2015 77-64 3rd Pedro Lopez Lost in 1st round Luis Natera Glenn Abbott
2016 63-77 8th Pedro Lopez Lost in 1st round Luis Natera Glenn Abbott

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