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A meeting of seven Midwest university presidents on January 11, 1895 established the principles for which the Intercollegiate Conference of Faculty Representatives would be founded.

Those seven universities were: University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin.

Indiana University and the State University of Iowa were admitted in 1899. Ohio State joined in 1912. Chicago withdrew in 1946 and Michigan State College (now Michigan State University) was added three years later in 1949. In 1990, Pennsylvania State University was added into the Conference. Nebraska joined the conference in 2011. University of Maryland and Rutgers University will join the conference for the 2015 baseball season.

Big Ten logo 1990-2010

For baseball, the member schools are now:

Wisconsin is a member in other sports and previously was in baseball, but they dropped their baseball program in the early 1990s.


Year Champion Notes Player of the Year Pitcher of the Year
1896 UChicago Phoenix
1897 UChicago Phoenix
1898 UChicago Phoenix
1899 Michigan Wolverines
1900 Illinois Fighting Illini
1901 Michigan Wolverines
1902 Wisconsin Badgers
1903 Illinois Fighting Illini
1904 Illinois Fighting Illini
1905 Michigan Wolverines
1906 Illinois Fighting Illini
1907 Illinois Fighting Illini
1908 Illinois Fighting Illini
1909 Purdue Boilermakers
1910 Illinois Fighting Illini
1911 Illinois Fighting Illini
1912 Wisconsin Badgers
1913 UChicago Phoenix
1914 Illinois Fighting Illini
1915 Illinois Fighting Illini
1916 Illinois Fighting Illini
1917 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1918 Michigan Wolverines
1919 Michigan Wolverines
1920 Michigan Wolverines
1921 Illinois Fighting Illini
1922 Illinois Fighting Illini
1923 Michigan Wolverines
1924 Michigan Wolverines
1925 Indiana Hoosiers
1926 Michigan Wolverines
1927 Illinois Fighting Illini
1928 Michigan Wolverines
1929 Michigan Wolverines
1930 Wisconsin Badgers
1931 Illinois Fighting Illini
1932 Indiana Hoosiers
1933 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1934 Illinois Fighting Illini
1935 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1936 Michigan Wolverines
1937 Illinois Fighting Illini
1938 Indiana Hoosiers
1939 Iowa Hawkeyes
1940 Illinois Fighting Illini
1941 Michigan Wolverines
1942 Iowa Hawkeyes
1943 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1944 Michigan Wolverines
1945 Michigan Wolverines
1946 Wisconsin Badgers
1947 Illinois Fighting Illini
1948 Illinois Fighting Illini
1949 Indiana Hoosiers
1950 Michigan Wolverines
1951 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1952 Illinois Fighting Illini
1953 Illinois & Michigan co-champs Michigan wins College World Series
1954 Michigan St. Spartans
1955 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1956 Minnesota Golden Gophers Won College World Series
1957 Northwestern Wildcats
1958 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1959 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1960 Minnesota Golden Gophers Won College World Series
1961 Michigan Wolverines
1962 Illinois Fighting Illini
1963 Illinois Fighting Illini
1964 Minnesota Golden Gophers Won College World Series
1965 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1966 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1967 Ohio St. Buckeyes
1968 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1969 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1970 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1971 Michigan St. Spartans
1972 Iowa Hawkeyes
1973 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1974 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1975 Michigan Wolverines
1976 Michigan Wolverines
1977 Minnesota Golden Gophers
1978 Michigan Wolverines
1979 Michigan St. Spartans
1980 Michigan Wolverines
1981 Michigan Wolverines
1982 Minnesota Golden Gophers OF Jim Paciorek, Michigan
1983 Michigan Wolverines P Rich Stoll, Michigan & 3B Terry Steinbach, Minnesota
1984 Michigan Wolverines SS Barry Larkin, Michigan
1985 Minnesota Golden Gophers SS Barry Larkin, Michigan
1986 Michigan Wolverines RF Casey Close, Michigan
1987 Michigan Wolverines C Darrin Fletcher, Illinois
1988 Minnesota Golden Gophers P Jim Abbott, Michigan
1989 Illinois Fighting Illini 1B-P Bubba Smith, Illinois
1990 Illinois Fighting Illini IF-C Mark Dalesandro, Illinois
1991 Ohio St. Buckeyes SS Brent Gates, Minnesota
1992 Minnesota Golden Gophers SS Mike Smith, Indiana & P Brett Backlund, Iowa
1993 Ohio St. Buckeyes SS Mark Loretta, Northwestern
1994 Ohio St. Buckeyes 2B Mark Merila, Minnesota & C Jonathan Sweet, Ohio St. LHP Matt Beaumont, Ohio St.
1995 Ohio St. Buckeyes OF Scott Weaver, Michigan & C Shane Gunderson, Minnesota RHP Chad Schroeder, Northwestern
1996 Penn St. Nittany Lions SS Josh Klimek, Illinois RHP Nate Bump, Penn St.
1997 Michigan Wolverines 1B Dan Seimetz, Ohio St. RHP Justin Fry, Ohio St.
1998 Illinois Fighting Illini 2B D.J. Svihlik, Illinois RHP Brett Weber, Illinois
1999 Ohio St. Buckeyes 1B Robb Quinlan, Minnesota RHP Justin Fry, Ohio St.
2000 Minnesota Golden Gophers OF Mike Campo, Penn St. RHP Jason Anderson, Illinois
2001 Ohio St. Buckeyes 3B Jack Hannahan, Minnesota LHP Andy Dickinson, Illinois
2002 Minnesota Golden Gophers 2B Luke Appert, Minnesota, OF Kennard Jones, Indiana & OF Bobby Malek, Michigan St. RHP C.J. Woodrow, Minnesota
2003 Minnesota Golden Gophers 2B Luke Appert, Minnesota LHP Scott Lewis, Ohio St.
2004 Minnesota Golden Gophers OF Steve Caravati, Ohio St. LHP Glen Perkins, Minnesota
2005 Illinois Fighting Illini OF Drew Davidson, Illinois RHP Jim Brauer, Michigan
2006 Michigan Wolverines 3B Ronnie Bourquin, Ohio St. LHP Dan Brauer, Northwestern
2007 Michigan Wolverines C Lars Davis, Illinois LHP Cory Luebke, Ohio St.
2008 Michigan Wolverines 1B Nate Recknagel, Michigan RHP Zach Putnam, Michigan
2009 Ohio St. Buckeyes C Dan Burkhart, Ohio St. RHP Eric Arnett, Indiana & RHP Alex Wimmers, Ohio St.
2010 Minnesota Golden Gophers OF Alex Dickerson, Indiana RHP Alex Wimmers, Ohio St.
2011 Illinois Fighting Illini 1B Jeff Holm, Michigan St. RHP Kurt Wunderlich, Michigan St.
2012 Purdue Boilermakers C Kevin Plawecki, Purdue RHP Joe Haase, Purdue
2013 Indiana Hoosiers OF Justin Parr, Illinois RHP Aaron Slegers, Indiana
2014 Indiana Hoosiers 1B Sam Travis, Indiana LHP Joey DeNato, Indiana
2015 Michigan Wolverines
2016 Ohio St. Buckeyes

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