University of Wisconsin-Madison

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  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Nickname: Badgers
  • Conference: Dropped Baseball

College World Series Apperances: 1 1950

Players who went here

The University of Wisconsin - Madison has had quite a few players come to the majors. The one with the most major league at-bats is Harvey Kuenn, while the one with the most victories is Hall of Famer Addie Joss. Rick Reichardt has the most home runs.

Wisconsin was one of the four members that started playing Big Ten Conference baseball in 1896. The school competed from 1896-1897, 1899-1905, 1907-1991.


Further Reading[edit]

  • Steven D. Schmitt: A History of Badger Baseball: The Rise and Fall of America's Pastime at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 2017. ISBN 978-0-2993-1270-1