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1918 Boston Red Sox / Franchise: Boston Red Sox / BR Team Page[edit]

Record: 75-51, Finished 1st in American League (1918 AL)

Clinched Pennant: August 31, 1918, vs. Philadelphia Athletics

World Series Champs

Managed by Ed Barrow

Ballpark: Fenway Park

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

A plaque commemorating Boston's 1918 World Series victory stands outside Fenway Park

The 1918 Boston Red Sox won the World Series in six games over the Chicago Cubs at the end of a season cut short by the United States' entry in World War I. The season ended on September 1st and the series was wrapped up on September 11th. It was famously the Red Sox's last World Series win in the 20th Century, their next triumph only coming in 2004.

Following the World Series, a team dubbing itself as the Red Sox played a stories of barnstorming games against teams on the East Coast. Only three members of the World Series-winning squad were members of that outfit, P Joe Bush, OF Amos Strunk and C Wally Schang; the rest of the team consisted of other current or former major leaguers, so while it was not the World Championship squad, it was still a good team. This was in direct contradiction of a rule edicted preventing World Series teams from barnstorming, and the three Red Sox players identified were duly punished by the league office. However, this was not before the "Red Sox" played the Hilldale Club, a prominent Negro team based in Darby, PA, on September 14th. It was the only time the Red Sox ever played a colored team in their long history. They lost the game by forfeit, as they refused to play the bottom of the 9th while holding a 4-3 lead over their opponents.


American League W L Pct. GB
Boston Red Sox 75 51 .595 --
Cleveland Indians 73 54 .575
Washington Senators 72 56 .563 4
New York Yankees 60 63 .488 13½
St. Louis Browns 58 64 .475 15
Chicago White Sox 57 67 .460 17
Detroit Tigers 55 71 .437 20
Philadelphia Athletics 52 76 .406 24

World Series[edit]

Main article: 1918 World Series
Game Score Date Location Attendance
1 Red Sox – 1, Cubs – 0 September 5 Comiskey Park 19,274
2 Red Sox – 1, Cubs – 3 September 6 Comiskey Park 20,040
3 Red Sox – 2, Cubs – 1 September 7 Comiskey Park 27,054
4 Cubs – 2, Red Sox – 3 September 9 Fenway Park 22,183
5 Cubs – 3, Red Sox – 0 September 10 Fenway Park 24,694
6 Cubs – 1, Red Sox – 2 September 11 Fenway Park 15,238

Further Reading[edit]

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