Seton Hall University

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College World Series Appearances: 4 1964, 1971, 1974, 1975

MLB players who are school alumni

Seton Hall University, in New Jersey not far from New York City, has had several famous major league ballplayers come out of it. The most famous are Craig Biggio, Mo Vaughn, and the NBA-player-turned-baseball-player-turned-actor Chuck Connors.

Rick Cerone and Charlie Puleo were at Seton Hall in 1974-75 when the team went to the College World Series those years.

In 1987, Biggio, Vaughn, John Valentin and Kevin Morton were all at Seton Hall but the team's top player was 1B Marteese Robinson, co-Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year. The book The Hit Men and the Kid Who Batted Ninth (appeared 2002) is the about Hit Men from Seton Hall.