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Career Leaders & Records for Strikeouts per 9 IP

Photo of Randy Johnson+ Photo of Kerry Wood Photo of <strong>Chris Sale</strong> Photo of Pedro Martinez+ Photo of <strong>Max Scherzer</strong> Photo of <strong>Clayton Kershaw</strong> Photo of Nolan Ryan+ Photo of <strong>Oliver Perez</strong> Photo of Trevor Hoffman Photo of <strong>Tim Lincecum</strong> Photo of Sandy Koufax+ Photo of <strong>Francisco Liriano</strong> Photo of <strong>Joaquin Benoit</strong> Photo of <strong>Madison Bumgarner</strong> Photo of Sam McDowell Photo of Johan Santana Photo of <strong>Gio Gonzalez</strong> Photo of Dan Plesac Photo of Hideo Nomo Photo of Lee Smith

+ - Indicates Hall of Famer. Bold indicates active player.

Statistic Description: 9 x SO / IP For recent years, leaders need 1 IP per team game played

Minimum of 1000 IP, 3000 PA, 500 games (fielding, 500 IP for Ps), 200 stolen base attempts (catchers) or 80 stolen base attempts (baserunners only since 1951) or 100 decisions for career and active leaderboards for rate statistics.

Note that seasons prior to 1876 are not included in single-season marks, but are included in career marks.