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Baseball Frivolities and Fun Stuff

I get lots of great ideas, both from readers (the best ones) and while I should be thinking about something else. This area lists many of those ideas. These are little features that make the site a little more fun to use.

Baseball Player Nicknames - Our unofficial list of major and minor league nicknames

Baseball Player Twitter Accounts - Our unofficial list of twitter accounts for major and minor league players

Baseball Player Name Pronunciation Guide - Our unofficial guide to the pronunciation of major and minor league baseball player names.

Baseball Players with Notes about their Names - Our unofficial list of major and minor league name changes, corrections and oddities.

Elo Rater - Vote for who you think are the best players in MLB history.

Trade Partners - Find the last trades between any two franchises, and most common trade partners.

Uniform Number Search - Find all players to wear a particular number.

MLB Retired Uniforms - Retired uniforms for each major league franchise.

MLB Franchise Example Color Schemes and Uniforms - Simple colorful medallions for each major league franchise.

Milestone Watch - Quickly identify players nearing milestone statistical totals and player climbing up all-time leaderboards.

Oracle of Baseball - find a chain of teammates between any two players in MLB history.

Transactions on this Date - find all MLB transactions to occur on a particular date.

English to Spanish and Spanish to English Baseball Dictionary
Dr. Ralph Insinga has graciously allowed us to provide his dictionary to our users.

Players Born on this Day or any day for that matter.

Players who Died on this Day or any day.

Players Born Before/After a Birthdate.

Player Linker
Add links to player pages when creating a blog or discussion board post or when selecting a block of text anywhere on the web.

Share Stats Anywhere
Learn how our Share tooltip works.

Add our search box to your site
Copy and paste the text below to add our search to your site.


Team Game Log Reports
A series of tools that slice and dice game-by-game results from 1901 to the present in a wide variety of ways.

Multi-franchise or Multi-team Players
Find all the players who played for some combination of teams and franchises. Can also request a list of players who played exclusively for those teams or franchises.

Pitchers with 20 or More Losses
Pitchers who have lost 20 games in a season.

Mitchell Report Players
Players who were mentioned in Baseball's Mitchell Report.

Cups of Coffee
Players who played in only one major league game.

Non-pitchers who Pitched
Position players who appeared for a game or more as a pitcher. I used five times as many non-pitching games as pitching games for the cutoff.

Handedness Report
Find the percentage of players handedness over a period of years.

Place of Birth Report
Find the percentage of players from a country or state over a period of years.

Players by Place of Birth

Random Page, be randomly sent to a player, team or league page.

Player Linking Tool -- Insert your text and every player name will be linked to their corresponding page.

  • Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin
  • This adds to your list of search engines in the firefox and mozilla browsers.

    Just a little sidebar with various links BR links
    If you use a browser with sidebars there should be a way to add this one.
    Click here to add to your Netscape and Mozilla tabs

    Just a google gadget with various links BR links
    If you use google homepage this can be added to your google homepage.

    Search Bookmarklet

    Bookmarklets are a really nice little feature in JavaScript. Below is a link with javascript inside. This link will allow you to select a name and then immediately look up their page.

    For Internet Explorer users

    I'm not an IE user, but I've gotten this to work on IE. To add this to your browser you should just be able to drag this to the list of links on your toolbar.

    BR Search

    For Netscape Users

    In Netscape, you can right-click and select "add bookmark for link". This will then create a bookmark in your bookmark list. It is on my personal toolbar (in Netscape), so it is always visible. Search (does not open new window)

    This link will work similarly, but it will open a new browser window when clicked on. (No toolbar appears for the new browser window.) Search (opens new window)

    For Safari Users Search (opens in same window) Search (opens new window)

    All users

    To test, select (highlight) one of the player names below:

    Ted Williams
    Mike Cameron
    Raul Mondesi
    Mark McGuire (sic)

    Now click on your bookmarklet you created the step before.

    If you and I did things right, you should be sent through's search engine and to that player's stat page. If nothing is selected, you are sent to the player search page where you can type in your own search.

    Note that if you have a google (or another) pop-up blocker installed you will need to use CTRL-click to get it to work.

    Got an idea?