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Team History[edit]

The Beloit Snappers were a Midwest League team that barely survived MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization, then played one season in High-A Central before re-branding as the Beloit Sky Carp. They also spent many years in antiquated Pohlman Field before playing their last season as Snappers in brand-new ABC Supply Stadium, and seven years as an Oakland Athletics franchise before joining the Miami Marlins in the reshuffle.

The community-owned club, little concerned with profit, long risked being dropped from affiliated baseball over Pohlman's condition. After Minor League Baseball issued a March 2019 ultimatum and with Beloit reportedly on the downsize list, a 13th-hour deal - the deadline had actually passed - saved it.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos owner Quint Studer, who launched his career in nearby Janesville, WI, brokered the deal: A local real estate development firm financed and built the ballpark, a sister company named it, and Studer is the new team owner. The Snappers front office moved into a new stadium in downtown Beloit in July 2021, but the team was on the road. The first game in the new playpen was August 3rd.

"Snappers" saluted a turtle-shaped mound tribal people built on the nearby campus of Beloit College. Studer was in the process of changing it during the 2020-2021 off-season, planning to tie a new brand to the new playpen's debut, but he stepped back shortly before the season. He said MLB's 2021 Minor League Reorganization made it advantageous to re-do the rebranding with MLB input.

The downsizing raised the Snappers, and most of the MwL, one level and shifted them to the Marlins - an unlikely pairing given that the reshuffle was intended to lessen geographic distances between parent and farm teams. The odd outcome resulted from a guessing game that played out among the Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Lansing Lugnuts and Vancouver Canadians: The restructuring had left the Jays with two High-A teams; the A's, reasoning the Jays would drop the C's in favor of the much-closer Lugnuts, dropped Beloit so they could take Vancouver; but, because of the Jays' strong fan base on Canada's west coast, they kept the C's and the A's grabbed Lansing.

This franchise put Beloit into the MwL in 1982 and continued ever since, except the lost 2020 campaign. They played in the Milwaukee Brewers system as the Beloit Brewers through 1994, then took the Snappers name while remaining with the Brewers. In 2005, the team became an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1995 88-51 1st Dub Kilgo League Champs Jon Pont Mike Caldwell
1996 69-67 6th (t) Luis Salazar Lost in 1st round John Mallee Bill Campbell
1997 60-73 11th Luis Salazar John Mallee Jaime Garcia
1998 64-75 12th Don Money Floyd Rayford Randy Kramer
1999 59-80 14th Don Money John Mallee Todd Frohwirth
2000 71-64 5th Don Money Lost League Finals Rich Morales R.C. Lichtenstein
2001 67-71 7th Don Money Lost in 1st round Rich Morales R.C. Lichtenstein
2002 57-82 12th Don Money Rich Morales & Jason Bates R.C. Lichtenstein
2003 75-61 2nd Don Money Lost League Finals Mike Guerrero Rich Sauveur
2004 72-68 7th (t) Don Money Tony Diggs Rich Sauveur
2005 69-71 8th Kevin Boles Lost in 1st round Rudy Hernandez Gary Lucas
2006 74-64 6th Jeff Smith Lost in 2nd round Rudy Hernandez Steve Mintz
2007 79-61 2nd Jeff Smith Lost League Finals Rudy Hernandez Steve Mintz
2008 71-67 8th Nelson Prada Rudy Hernandez Gary Lucas
2009 57-83 13th Nelson Prada Rich Miller & Chris Heintz Gary Lucas
2010 71-65 7th Nelson Prada Tommy Watkins Gary Lucas
2011 69-69 8th Nelson Prada Tommy Watkins Gary Lucas
2012 77-63 4th Nelson Prada Lost in 1st round Tommy Watkins Gary Lucas
2013 77-62 5th Ryan Christenson Lost in 2nd round Casey Myers John Wasdin
2014 55-84 16th Rick Magnante Lloyd Turner Craig Lefferts
2015 55-84 14th Fran Riordan Lloyd Turner Steve Connelly
2016 59-80 15th Fran Riordan Juan Dilone Don Schulze Craig Conklin
2017 65-73 11th Scott Steinmann Juan Dilone Carlos Chavez
2018 69-69 7th Webster Garrison Lost in 1st round Juan Dilone Don Schulze
2019 54-84 14th Lloyd Turner Juan Dilone Don Schulze Anthony Phillips
2020 Season cancelled
2021 55-65 9th Mike Jacobs Matt Snyder Bruce Walton Chris Briones

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