How Life Imitates the World Series

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How Life Imitates the World Series is the first book of baseball essays published by Thomas Boswell, coming out in 1982. It consists of a collection of baseball articles published previously elsewhere, arranged around a notional season's calendar. It was followed two years later by Why Time Begins on Opening Day.

The following articles are contained in the book:

  • "This Ain't a Football Game. We Do This Every Day", about the pacing of baseball
  • "The Greatest Game Ever Played", about the 1978 one-game playoff between the Yankees and Red Sox



  • "How Baseball Helps the Harvest or What the Bay of Pigs Did to the Bigs", about baseball in Cuba
  • "All of Us Bear the Marks of the Lash", about the 1971 Washington Senators
  • "Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Baseball.", about playing baseball as a youth
  • "Rookies in God's Country", about the Appalachian League


  • "Growing Up with the Game", about Little League Baseball
  • "Glove's Labor Lost", about baseball gloves
  • "Welcome to the World of Total Average Where a Walk Is as Good as a Hit", about Total Average
  • "That First Slash of Grass", about ballparks
  • "The Best Manager There Is", about Earl Weaver
  • "The Game By Us", about sandlot baseball


  • "Magic Wands and Louisville", about bats
  • "Those Who Watch Batting Practice and Those Who Don't", about batting practice
  • "The Zen of Rod Carew", about Rod Carew
  • "Georgie Ballgame", about George Brett
  • "Sometimes I Think He's Too Good for the Game", about Frank Howard




  • "How Life Imitates the World Series", about pennant races
  • "How Can You Tell the Dancer From the Dance", about retirement


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