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Oakland Athletics Yearly Starters

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Players by Games Played at Position

Year C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF DH
Most Years Steinbach Davis Bishop Bando Campaneris Henderson Murphy Valo Kingman
Most Games Cochrane
  1149 gms
  1096 gms
  1048 gms
  959 gms
  684 gms
  1391 gms
  1251 gms
  1019 gms
  956 gms
  940 gms
  1159 gms
  1140 gms
  1021 gms
  996 gms
  811 gms
  1446 gms
  1233 gms
  1095 gms
  896 gms
  800 gms
  1701 gms
  970 gms
  935 gms
  907 gms
  890 gms
  1542 gms
  1216 gms
  1067 gms
  828 gms
  795 gms
  1138 gms
  1031 gms
  678 gms
  623 gms
  613 gms
  1045 gms
  890 gms
  870 gms
  862 gms
  834 gms
  428 gms
  356 gms
  303 gms
  292 gms
  271 gms
2016 (69-93) Vogt Alonso Lowrie Healy Semien Davis Burns Reddick Butler
2015 (68-94) Vogt Canha Sogard Lawrie Semien Fuld Burns Reddick Butler
2014 (88-74) Norris Moss Sogard Donaldson Lowrie Cespedes Crisp Reddick Callaspo
2013 (96-66) Norris Moss Sogard Donaldson Lowrie Cespedes Crisp Reddick Smith
2012 (94-68) Suzuki Carter Weeks Inge Pennington Smith Crisp Reddick Gomes
2011 (74-88) Suzuki Barton Weeks Sizemore Pennington Willingham Crisp DeJesus Matsui
2010 (81-81) Suzuki Barton Ellis Kouzmanoff Pennington Gross Davis Sweeney Cust
2009 (75-87) Suzuki Giambi Ellis Kennedy Cabrera Holliday Davis Sweeney Cust
2008 (75-86) Suzuki Barton Ellis Hannahan Crosby Cust Davis Sweeney Thomas
2007 (76-86) Kendall Johnson Ellis Chavez Crosby Stewart Swisher Buck Piazza
2006 (93-69) Kendall Swisher Ellis Chavez Crosby Payton Kotsay Bradley Thomas
2005 (88-74) Kendall Johnson Ellis Chavez Crosby Kielty Kotsay Swisher Hatteberg
2004 (91-71) Miller Hatteberg Scutaro Chavez Crosby Byrnes Kotsay Dye Durazo
2003 (96-66) Hernandez Hatteberg Ellis Chavez Tejada Long Singleton Dye Durazo
2002 (103-59) Hernandez Hatteberg Ellis Chavez Tejada Justice Long Dye Durham
2001 (102-60) Hernandez Giambi Menechino Chavez Tejada Long Damon Dye Giambi
2000 (91-70) Hernandez Giambi Velarde Chavez Tejada Grieve Long Stairs Jaha
1999 (87-75) Macfarlane Giambi Phillips Chavez Tejada Grieve Christenson Stairs Jaha
1998 (74-88) Hinch Giambi Spiezio Blowers Tejada Henderson Christenson Grieve Stairs
1997 (65-97) Mayne McGwire Spiezio Brosius Bournigal Giambi Mashore Stairs Canseco
1996 (78-84) Steinbach McGwire Bournigal Brosius Bordick Plantier Young Herrera Berroa
1995 (67-77) Steinbach McGwire Gates Paquette Bordick Henderson Javier Sierra Berroa
1994 (51-63) Steinbach Neel Gates Brosius Bordick Henderson Javier Sierra Berroa
1993 (68-94) Steinbach Aldrete Gates Paquette Bordick Henderson Henderson Sierra Neel
1992 (96-66) Steinbach McGwire Bordick Lansford Weiss Henderson Wilson Canseco Baines
1991 (84-78) Steinbach McGwire Gallego Riles Bordick Henderson Henderson Canseco Baines
1990 (103-59) Steinbach McGwire Randolph Lansford Weiss Henderson Henderson Canseco Baines
1989 (99-63) Steinbach McGwire Phillips Lansford Gallego Henderson Henderson Javier Parker
1988 (104-58) Hassey McGwire Hubbard Lansford Weiss Polonia Henderson Canseco Baylor
1987 (81-81) Steinbach McGwire Phillips Lansford Griffin Canseco Murphy Davis Jackson
1986 (76-86) Tettleton Bochte Phillips Lansford Griffin Canseco Murphy Davis Kingman
1985 (77-85) Heath Bochte Hill Lansford Griffin Collins Murphy Davis Kingman
1984 (77-85) Heath Bochte Morgan Lansford Phillips Henderson Murphy Davis Kingman
1983 (74-88) Kearney Gross Lopes Lansford Phillips Henderson Murphy Davis Burroughs
1982 (68-94) Heath Meyer Lopes Gross Stanley Henderson Murphy Armas Burroughs
1981 (64-45) Heath Spencer Babitt Gross Picciolo Henderson Murphy Armas Johnson
1980 (83-79) Essian Revering McKay Gross Guerrero Henderson Murphy Armas Page
1979 (54-108) Newman Revering Edwards Gross Picciolo Henderson Murphy Murray Page
1978 (69-93) Essian Revering Edwards Gross Guerrero Page Wallis Armas Alexander
1977 (63-98) Newman Allen Perez Gross Picciolo Page Armas Tyrone Sanguillen
1976 (87-74) Haney Tenace Garner Bando Campaneris Rudi North Washington Williams
1975 (98-64) Tenace Rudi Garner Bando Campaneris Washington North Jackson Williams
1974 (90-72) Haney Tenace Green Bando Campaneris Rudi North Jackson Alou
1973 (94-68) Fosse Tenace Green Bando Campaneris Rudi North Jackson Johnson
1972 (93-62) Duncan Epstein Cullen Bando Campaneris Rudi Jackson Mangual
1971 (101-60) Duncan Epstein Green Bando Campaneris Rudi Monday Jackson
1970 (89-73) Fernandez Mincher Green Bando Campaneris Alou Monday Jackson
1969 (88-74) Roof Cater Green Bando Campaneris Reynolds Monday Jackson
1968 (82-80) Duncan Cater Donaldson Bando Campaneris Hershberger Monday Jackson
1967 (62-99) Roof Webster Donaldson Green Campaneris Cater Monday Hershberger
1966 (74-86) Roof Harrelson Green Charles Campaneris Stahl Nossek Hershberger
1965 (59-103) Bryan Harrelson Green Charles Campaneris Reynolds Landis Hershberger
1964 (57-105) Edwards Gentile Green Charles Causey Jimenez Mathews Colavito
1963 (73-89) Edwards Siebern Lumpe Charles Causey Essegian Del Greco Cimoli
1962 (72-90) Sullivan Siebern Lumpe Charles Howser Jimenez Del Greco Cimoli
1961 (61-100) Sullivan Siebern Lumpe Causey Howser Posada Del Greco Rivera
1960 (58-96) Daley Throneberry Lumpe Carey Hamlin Siebern Tuttle Bauer
1959 (66-88) House Hadley Terwilliger Williams DeMaestri Cerv Tuttle Maris
1958 (73-81) Chiti Power Lopez Smith DeMaestri Cerv Tuttle Maris
1957 (59-94) Smith Power Hunter Lopez DeMaestri Zernial Held Skizas
1956 (52-102) Thompson Power Finigan Lopez DeMaestri Zernial Pilarcik Simpson
1955 (63-91) Astroth Power Finigan Lopez DeMaestri Zernial Simpson Slaughter
1954 (51-103) Astroth Limmer Jacobs Finigan DeMaestri Zernial Wilson Renna
1953 (59-95) Astroth Robinson Michaels Babe DeMaestri Zernial McGhee Philley
1952 (79-75) Astroth Fain Kell Hitchcock Joost Zernial Philley Valo
1951 (70-84) Tipton Fain Suder Majeski Joost Zernial Philley Valo
1950 (52-102) Guerra Fain Hitchcock Dillinger Joost Lehner Chapman Valo
1949 (81-73) Guerra Fain Suder Majeski Joost Valo Chapman Moses
1948 (84-70) Rosar Fain Suder Majeski Joost McCosky Chapman Valo
1947 (78-76) Rosar Fain Suder Majeski Joost McCosky Chapman Valo
1946 (49-105) Rosar McQuinn Handley Majeski Suder Chapman McCosky Valo
1945 (52-98) Rosar Siebert Hall Kell Busch Metro Estalella Peck
1944 (72-82) Hayes McGhee Hall Kell Busch Garrison Estalella White
1943 (49-105) Wagner Siebert Suder Mayo Hall Estalella White Valo
1942 (55-99) Wagner Siebert Knickerbocker Blair Suder Johnson Kreevich Valo
1941 (64-90) Hayes Siebert McCoy Suder Brancato Johnson Chapman Moses
1940 (54-100) Hayes Siebert McCoy Rubeling Brancato Johnson Chapman Moses
1939 (55-97) Hayes Siebert Gantenbein Lodigiani Newsome Johnson Chapman Moses
1938 (53-99) Hayes Finney Lodigiani Werber Ambler Chapman Johnson Moses
1937 (54-97) Brucker Dean Peters Werber Newsome Johnson Hill Moses
1936 (53-100) Hayes Finney Warstler Higgins Newsome Johnson Moses Puccinelli
1935 (58-91) Richards Foxx Warstler Higgins McNair Johnson Cramer Moses
1934 (68-82) Berry Foxx Warstler Higgins McNair Johnson Cramer Coleman
1933 (79-72) Cochrane Foxx Bishop Higgins Williams Johnson Cramer Coleman
1932 (94-60) Cochrane Foxx Bishop Dykes McNair Simmons Haas Miller
1931 (107-45) Cochrane Foxx Bishop Dykes Williams Simmons Haas Miller
1930 (102-52) Cochrane Foxx Bishop Dykes Boley Simmons Haas Miller
1929 (104-46) Cochrane Foxx Bishop Hale Boley Simmons Haas Miller
1928 (98-55) Cochrane Hauser Bishop Hale Boley Simmons Haas Cobb
1927 (91-63) Cochrane Dykes Bishop Hale Boley Lamar Simmons French
1926 (83-67) Cochrane Poole Bishop Dykes Galloway Lamar Simmons French
1925 (88-64) Cochrane Poole Bishop Hale Galloway Lamar Simmons Miller
1924 (71-81) Perkins Hauser Bishop Riconda Galloway Lamar Simmons Miller
1923 (69-83) Perkins Hauser Dykes Hale Galloway Miller Matthews Welch
1922 (65-89) Perkins Hauser Young Dykes Galloway Walker Miller Welch
1921 (53-100) Perkins Walker Dykes Dugan Galloway Walker Welch Witt
1920 (48-106) Perkins Griffin Dykes Thomas Galloway Walker Welch Witt
1919 (36-104) Perkins Burns Witt Thomas Dugan Kopp Walker Roth
1918 (52-76) McAvoy Burns Dykes Gardner Dugan Kopp Walker Jamieson
1917 (55-98) Schang McInnis Grover Bates Witt Bodie Strunk Jamieson
1916 (36-117) Meyer McInnis Lajoie Pick Witt Schang Strunk Walsh
1915 (43-109) Lapp McInnis Lajoie Schang Kopf Oldring Strunk Murphy
1914 (99-53) Schang McInnis Collins Baker Barry Oldring Strunk Murphy
1913 (96-57) Lapp McInnis Collins Baker Barry Oldring Strunk Murphy
1912 (90-62) Lapp McInnis Collins Baker Barry Strunk Oldring Lord
1911 (101-50) Thomas McInnis Collins Baker Barry Lord Oldring Murphy
1910 (102-48) Lapp Davis Collins Baker Barry Hartsel Oldring Murphy
1909 (95-58) Thomas Davis Collins Baker Barry Hartsel Ganley Murphy
1908 (68-85) Schrecongost Davis Collins Collins Nicholls Hartsel Oldring Murphy
1907 (88-57) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Collins Nicholls Hartsel Oldring Seybold
1906 (78-67) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Knight Cross Hartsel Lord Seybold
1905 (92-56) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Cross Knight Hartsel Hoffman Seybold
1904 (81-70) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Cross Cross Hartsel Pickering Seybold
1903 (75-60) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Cross Cross Hartsel Pickering Seybold
1902 (83-53) Schrecongost Davis Murphy Cross Cross Hartsel Fultz Seybold
1901 (74-62) Powers Davis Lajoie Cross Dolan McIntyre Fultz Seybold
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