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Career Leaders & Records for Caught Stealing as C

Photo of Deacon McGuire Photo of Chief Zimmer Photo of Malachi Kittridge Photo of Duke Farrell Photo of Johnny Kling Photo of Red Dooin Photo of Jack Warner Photo of Bill Bergen Photo of Ray Schalk+ Photo of George Gibson Photo of Billy Sullivan Photo of Lou Criger Photo of Steve O'Neill Photo of Oscar Stanage Photo of Heinie Peitz Photo of Ivey Wingo Photo of Wilbert Robinson+ Photo of Bill Killefer Photo of Roger Bresnahan+ Photo of Ed McFarland

+ - Indicates Hall of Famer. Bold indicates active player.

Statistic Description: Pre-1950 SB & CS data for catchers is estimated from catcher assists, games started and opposition stolen bases. From 1950 on SB, CS, Pickoff, & WP data for catchers and pitchers is taken from play-by-play accounts in the retrosheet files. There are several hundred games without pbp from 1950 to 1973 and for those we may not have any data.

Minimum of 1000 IP, 3000 PA, 500 games (fielding, 500 IP for Ps), 200 stolen base attempts (catchers) or 80 stolen base attempts (baserunners only since 1951) or 100 decisions for career and active leaderboards for rate statistics.

Note that seasons prior to 1876 are not included in single-season marks, but are included in career marks.