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We have dramatically expanded our coverage of the Negro Leagues and historical Black major league players. Major Negro Leagues (from 1920-1948) are now listed with the National League and American League as major leagues.

We are not bestowing a new status on these players or their accomplishments. The Negro Leagues have always been major leagues. We are changing our site's presentation to properly recognize this fact.

In keeping with our mission and values at Sports Reference, when it comes to this endeavor, our intent is to celebrate the players, teams, and leagues we are adding to our site, as well as to educate our users about the history of these leagues. The Negro Leagues are not less than the National and American Leagues. They are different, and we recognize that our work must acknowledge those differences.

Spurred on by thoughtful commentary on this matter last summer, we have been working diligently to incorporate this long overdue and critical part of our sport's history into our site. In December 2020, Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. similarly announced a new MLB policy, recognizing the Negro Leagues as major leagues. We implemented changes in a manner consistent with the major league level these leagues played at, acting with the utmost respect for the players, their families, the researchers and the fans of these leagues.

Although our work is heavily stats driven, we recognize that the history and the legend and lore of many of these players exist beyond the numbers. To celebrate that legacy, we have commissioned numerous articles from Negro League experts and others to explain this part of baseball history. We also strongly urge you to visit The Negro League Baseball Museum in-person or make a donation.

This update would not be possible without the work of Gary Ashwill, Scott Simkus, Mike Lynch, Kevin Johnson and Larry Lester on the Seamheads Negro League Database, from whom we acquired the data. The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and its members have also been instrumental in researching and publishing the history of the Negro Leagues. Please consider joining SABR and making a donation to support this work. Retrosheet is also seeking help with collecting game accounts. You can make a donation to help fund this work.

The Negro Leagues data is not complete. While the quality of play in the Negro Leagues was on a major league level, the wages, travel, playing conditions, press coverage, and record-keeping were more varied, primarily due to systemic racism. Additionally, Negro League teams played a shorter regular season schedule, but with an extensive amount of exhibitions and barnstorming games that made for seasons that often approached 200 or more games in total. These contests were not part of their league schedule and are therefore not included in this database. This is why Josh Gibson's Hall of Fame plaque says that he hit "almost 800 home runs" while our data shows 166.

It's also important to remember that the history of Black Baseball does not start in 1920 or end in 1948 and even from 1920-1948 our presentation is incomplete. There were hundreds of teams and thousands of players that make up a more complete and richer history of Black Baseball than we are able to present here, and from 1920-1948 there were many star players and teams that found it more feasible to play only a barnstorming schedule (not just in the United States but also the Caribbean, Mexico, and Venezuela) rather than participate in leagues. These independent teams were often the equal of teams we are including as major league teams on the site now. Our complete register of baseball history contains a significant record of Independent and non-major Negro Leagues. For example, we have a page for the 1917 Chicago American Giants.

Rest assured that research is still ongoing, and we'll continue to publish updates as more information becomes available. As you return to the site in the future, you should expect significant changes and improvements in our coverage of the Negro Leagues as more research is done and more statistics are compiled.

Finally, we express our respect to the thousands of men and women who were involved in the Negro Leagues, with heartfelt acknowledgement to the very few who are still alive. Likewise, we express our respect to their descendants who keep the stories of their forebears alive — their struggles and also their accomplishments, not only on the field, but also off the field. We encourage our readers to seek out and support the likes of foundations and causes supported by the families of Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, and others.

Invited Articles

We have commissioned articles from prominent Negro League historians, family members of Black baseball players, and others to explain to our audience the context behind the rise of Black baseball, how it operated, who was involved and its part in the history of the game. The game and its players are not just their numbers, so we strongly urge you to read these pieces as you visit the new pages on our site.

The Negro Leagues Are Major Leagues Podcast

We have also launched a podcast called “The Negro Leagues Are Major Leagues” hosted by sports historian Curtis Harris. The limited series podcast will feature weekly guests over the summer, including Adrian Burgos and Sean Gibson, furthering the conversation around topics such as the preservation of Negro Leagues history, women playing pivotal roles in the success of Black baseball, and how the Negro Leagues changed baseball culture. Listeners can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other podcatchers.

Additional Reading

Thank you to the many researchers and historians who helped us by reviewing this update ahead of the launch, including Mark Armour, Mike Bates, Scott Bush, Jay Byland, Eric Chalek, Gary Joseph Cieradkowski, Philippe Cousineau, Chris Creamer, Nick Diunte, Raymond Doswell, Mischa Gelman, Gary Gillette, Tim Hagerty, Leslie Heaphy, Jay Jaffe, Adam Jones, Ted Knorr, Ben Lindbergh, Larry Lester, Andrew McCutchen, Rob Neyer, Alex Painter, Jim Passon, Todd Peterson, Jacob Pomrenke, Patrick Rock, Ryan Swanson, Tom Thress, Steve Treder, and Phil Williams. Please share with us any issues, comments or questions you have about this update.

Below is a summary of the Leagues, Players, Teams, and Managers involved in this update along with the impact this new data has on our Leaderboards and Stathead searches.


At this time, we are presenting seven Black baseball leagues as full major leagues. This is consistent with the decision of SABR's Negro Leagues Task Force and Major League Baseball's announcement.

Our complete register of baseball history contains a significant record of Independent and non-major Negro Leagues. Here you can find the 1930 Homestead Grays, 1917 Chicago American Giants, 1932 Pittsburgh Crawfords, and more.

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Photo of Willie Mays Photo of Jackie Robinson Photo of Bullet Rogan Photo of Larry Doby Photo of Minnie Miñoso Photo of Willie Wells Photo of Turkey Stearnes Photo of Oscar Charleston Photo of Bill Foster Photo of Satchel Paige Photo of Roy Campanella Photo of Ray Brown Photo of Josh Gibson Photo of Mule Suttles Photo of Cool Papa Bell Photo of Jud Wilson Photo of Monte Irvin Photo of Buck Leonard Photo of Andy Cooper Photo of Cristóbal Torriente Photo of Biz Mackey Photo of Hilton Smith Photo of Martín Dihigo Photo of Willard Brown

Hall of Famers

Hall of Famers Table
Negro League Stats Updated Career Totals
Willie Mays1948-0.1480.233.313.32671 156.112545660.301.384.557155
Jackie Robinson19452.11374.375.449.600205 63.85941141.313.410.477133
Bullet Rogan1920-193861.4234550.338.413.5211521500.0120529182.6516161.4234550.338.413.5211521500.0120529182.65161
Larry Doby1942-19477.661820.340.422.589179 56.86920273.288.389.499140
Minnie Miñoso1946-19483.05209.313.364.479135 53.28233195.299.387.461130
Willie Wells1924-194849.54471140.330.407.5351520.20000.0049.54471140.330.407.5351520.20000.00
Turkey Stearnes1923-194049.54279187.348.417.6161777.001215.433049.54279187.348.417.6161777.001215.4330
Oscar Charleston1920-194148.13885143.365.449.61518480.214284.918648.13885143.365.449.61518480.214284.9186
Bill Foster1923-193747.06234.218.263.279471499.2110569222.6316447.06234.218.263.279471499.2110569222.63164
Satchel Paige1927-194738.05731.228.245.274451275.2965112132.5216347.07081.204.221.241281751.21248215012.73150
Roy Campanella1937-19456.291118.316.377.47913515.110165.287941.85727260.283.363.49612515.110165.2879
Ray Brown1931-194538.3140725.266.332.4171011480.2119467193.1214738.3140725.266.332.4171011480.2119467193.12147
Josh Gibson1930-194638.12526166.373.458.7182141.200021.602838.12526166.373.458.7182141.200021.6028
Mule Suttles1924-194436.63623180.339.410.62017216.00066.757736.63623180.339.410.62017216.00066.7577
Cool Papa Bell1922-194634.8536157.325.394.446126309.220151464.539834.8536157.325.394.446126309.220151464.5398
Jud Wilson1923-194533.4356377.350.434.524154 33.4356377.350.434.524154
Monte Irvin1938-194810.9116840.337.411.534160 32.14062139.305.391.492135
Buck Leonard1935-194830.0261497.346.453.593180 30.0261497.346.453.593180
Andy Cooper1920-193926.06223.181.217.241241603.1118647193.5812226.06223.181.217.241241603.1118647193.58122
Cristóbal Torriente1920-193225.9261355.340.427.523158179.2137604.469125.9261355.340.427.523158179.2137604.4691
Biz Mackey1920-194725.3344252.328.390.47013120.104167.525625.3344252.328.390.47013120.104167.5256
Hilton Smith1932-194823.65446.298.324.410112943.070385942.9214123.65446.298.324.410112943.070385942.92141
Martín Dihigo1923-194522.6161768.307.389.528138402.027192463.3414122.6161768.307.389.528138402.027192463.34141
Willard Brown1937-194820.9171853.358.407.592185 20.2178554.351.398.579178
Ben Taylor1920-192918.7260026.337.398.46113336.021122.0019218.7260026.337.398.46113336.021122.00192
Leon Day1934-194618.36745.313.361.422115616.150224323.5813018.36745.313.361.422115616.150224323.58130
John Henry Lloyd1921-192913.8178616.349.400.465131 13.8178616.349.400.465131
Judy Johnson1923-193613.7288425.304.350.4191044.10032.0822513.7288425.304.350.4191044.10032.08225
José Méndez1920-19267.17553.232.330.31381320.03091393.461257.17553.232.330.31381320.03091393.46125
Joe Williams1923-19326.61712.226.281.31057356.116192013.511306.61712.226.281.31057356.116192013.51130
Ray Dandridge1933-19445.210004.319.360.433110 5.210004.319.360.433110
Pete Hill1920-19254.26107.303.410.4191340.10000.004.26107.303.410.4191340.10000.00
Louis Santop1923-19262.53787.317.363.451126 2.53787.317.363.451126
Buck O'Neil1937-19482.2149012.256.316.357953.20024.911002.2149012.256.316.357953.20024.91100

Henry Aaron and Ernie Banks played in the Negro Leagues after 1948. Rube Foster, Frank Grant, Cumberland Posey, and Sol White played in the Negro Leagues before 1920 (Posey and White were inducted in the Pioneer/Executive category). Effa Manley, Alex Pompez, and J.L. Wilkinson were also inducted in the Pioneer/Executive category due to their work in the Negro Leagues.

Photo of Jim Gilliam Photo of Don Newcombe Photo of Hank Thompson Photo of Elston Howard Photo of Al Smith Photo of Sam Jones Photo of Sam Jethroe Photo of Luke Easter Photo of Joe Black Photo of Connie Johnson Photo of George Crowe Photo of Bob Boyd

Updated Career Totals

  • Other players with updated totals after the addition of Negro League data
Updated Career Totals Table
Negro League Stats Updated Career Totals
Jim Gilliam1946-19484.05650.275.366.356103 44.7888765.266.360.35593
Don Newcombe1944-19451.0450.205.295.2314697.046583.8011138.7103315.268.336.361832251.21539611873.57114
Hank Thompson1943-19485.764715.320.394.503150 30.74217144.275.376.461123
Elston Howard19480.0841.250.286.42588 27.05929168.274.321.427107
Al Smith1946-19480.71584.296.363.486128 20.96331168.273.358.431114
Sam Jones1947-1948-0.3110.273.273.2734626.013176.587517.85991.152.178.171-51669.110310413933.63107
Sam Jethroe1938-19486.16959.313.368.483150 14.9267158.275.345.435118
Luke Easter1947-19483.242411.289.383.482140 12.42355104.276.356.481128
Joe Black1943-19484.61540.225.287.24649392.019242333.491148.82600.188.231.20119806.049364553.71108
Connie Johnson1940-1948-0.51040.152.176.1925258.220111794.63948.23690.164.194.1887974.260506763.76104
George Crowe1947-19481.41685.325.386.543158 7.8208486.275.337.472113
Bob Boyd1947-19480.91552.373.426.500147 7.5230721.298.355.396108
Gene Baker19480.32003.249.306.42594 7.3269142.263.320.38888
Pat Scantlebury1944-19487.42171.310.362.437122367.227191813.601107.12211.305.356.430118386.227201913.75106
Buster Clarkson1938-19466.365725.323.404.543163 6.168625.318.399.529158
Artie Wilson1944-19486.15170.375.436.473160 6.05410.366.428.460153
Harry Simpson1946-19480.84563.288.354.3761050.100027.00325.4359476.269.334.4041020.100027.0032
Luis Márquez1946-19484.35979.311.373.431124 3.97649.284.352.389106
Dan Bankhead1940-19475.61040.233.303.26768208.01751473.121303.51521.230.293.28162361.126102584.5689
Pedro Dibut19232.1520.239.300.28352109.078314.051093.3660.246.317.31666145.2108463.71115
Mike Herrera1920-19282.87651.269.326.330850.1011108.0083.210731.271.324.331820.1011108.008
Sam Hairston1944-19483.14675.315.383.428126 3.24745.316.386.430128
Bob Thurman1946-19481.43888.329.370.486138109.159545.43722.9112343.275.334.472113109.159545.4372
Lino Donoso19472.1331.219.219.3134478.152642.301752.7631.203.203.25423175.0981033.91104
Webbo Clarke1946-19482.3610.321.356.35796134.1116663.621292.5670.306.338.33986155.2116753.76121
Quincy Trouppe1930-19481.95406.263.361.3921119.11154.82971.85516.259.357.3861089.11154.8297
Dave Hoskins1942-19460.85713.290.340.388100118.077674.96871.66434.283.333.37995257.116111314.3492
Ray Noble1945-19481.33055.254.313.409103 1.457714.237.306.38788
Bob Wilson1947-19481.33293.301.357.371106 1.33343.299.355.368104
Héctor Rodríguez19440.31680.272.337.28567 1.36301.267.343.30178
Jay Heard1946-19481.3200.211.211.2111743.052302.721701.1200.211.211.2111746.152323.50131
Curt Roberts1947-19480.42742.275.323.37887 0.99263.238.306.32468
Dave Pope19460.000 0.860512.265.317.39093
José Santiago19480.4130.000.083.000-7532.122263.341030.6270.200.304.2004288.154554.1894
Bill Greason19480.8190.286.444.35711646.232344.441090.4200.267.421.33310350.233365.1594
Oscar Estrada1924-0.51221.214.279.2505058.005254.6691-0.51221.214.279.2505059.005254.5893
Bob Trice19480.
Jim Pendleton19480.4581.321.368.453119 -0.8106520.259.294.36978
Roberto Vargas19480.370.286.286.2865316.10175.5189-1.190.333.333.3337941.001207.4657

Photo of William Bell Photo of Bill Byrd Photo of Nip Winters Photo of Ed Rile Photo of Dobie Moore Photo of Sam Streeter Photo of George Scales Photo of Hurley McNair Photo of Joe Strong Photo of Webster McDonald Photo of John Beckwith Photo of Ted Trent

Negro League Veterans

  • Non-Hall of Famers who played exclusively in the Negro Leagues with 15+ WAR
Negro League Veterans Table
Negro League Stats
William Bell1923-193734.97311.251.304.306641438.2114526253.26135
Bill Byrd1933-194830.688016.262.327.391951366.1102677303.39128
Nip Winters1923-193229.069013.288.341.4561081114.289425463.55127
Ed Rile1920-193126.0166937.316.383.492132748.251362873.33130
Dobie Moore1920-192624.4198834.350.393.524148
Sam Streeter1921-193623.05071.285.307.347741173.074535943.74119
George Scales1921-194623.0261364.320.424.5091478.00025.6391
Dave Brown1920-192522.73101.200.269.22541746.262224922.39169
Hurley McNair1920-193722.1312044.323.395.46913543.021213.77115
Joe Strong1922-193721.37269.268.352.388961184.069674933.98116
Webster McDonald1925-194021.34624.205.252.260351116.270474863.88119
John Beckwith1920-193521.2200976.349.403.58316122.101123.22132
Ted Trent1927-193921.04531.111.172.145-131195.182586963.35126
Rats Henderson1923-193120.94481.177.228.209161058.170515683.61127
Rube Curry1920-192820.96053.209.247.270411301.282596023.47121
Newt Allen1923-194720.3401721.288.346.375990.20000.00
Branch Russell1922-193219.9329757.309.391.465128
Dick Lundy1923-193719.8223536.331.394.4771290.20000.00
Chet Brewer1925-194819.34581.238.305.28058998.160534923.48127
Henry McHenry1930-194819.153116.233.292.369781038.267545754.00113
Red Ryan1923-193218.83152.209.243.27739795.253393123.28136
Bill Riggins1920-192918.1287741.293.358.4191080.200113.5051
Heavy Johnson1920-193218.0194457.370.428.5921703.00020.00
Dewey Creacy1924-193817.9392285.291.357.440112
Bill Holland1920-194117.75710.157.217.17361374.274927574.00110
Bill Drake1920-193017.75346.193.250.267421263.281715783.71113
Roy Parnell1927-194317.6245940.329.390.48613772.253311.61234
Edgar Wesley1920-192717.6210582.324.391.532150
Logan Hensley1922-193916.846110.228.261.346611120.285434824.01112
Roosevelt Davis1924-194516.65973.177.221.220201537.296626724.07109
Clint Thomas1921-193816.0283756.308.369.477125
Henry Kimbro1937-194815.7253030.300.394.4341275.00015.4086
Carl Glass1924-193015.75851.239.287.30860810.144513583.68117
Juan Padrón1922-192615.52595.230.270.30553634.038333343.14146
George Carr1920-193415.4268556.315.379.473131
Barney Brown1932-194815.48691.247.348.30779888.151584803.81114
Charlie Blackwell1920-192815.4201643.326.416.499148
George Harney1923-193115.12941.230.262.29148728.146363163.34130
Rap Dixon1924-193715.0177058.336.415.5541500.0000
Photo of St. Louis Stars I Photo of Kansas City Monarchs Photo of Cleveland Buckeyes Photo of Detroit Stars I Photo of Baltimore Elite Giants Photo of New York Cubans Photo of Memphis Red Sox Photo of Chicago American Giants Photo of Newark Eagles Photo of Pittsburgh Crawfords Photo of Birmingham Black Barons Photo of Homestead Grays

Thank you to Chris Creamer and for the research and work to provide these Negro League logos.


Teams Table
Rk Franchise From To G W L W-L% G>.500 Pnnts WS Playoffs Players HOF# R AB H HR BA RA ERA
1Kansas City Monarchs192019481,7871,144621.64852310212229108,35049,21914,010548.2856,1133.32
2Homestead Grays192819481,052636386.6222509310210115,33129,4298,507484.2894,0303.93
3St. Louis Stars I19201931976580388.59919230412446,13732,0819,601772.2995,1114.48
4Cleveland Buckeyes19421948547332207.61612521210508435,8331,53535.2638784.19
5Chicago American Giants192019482,0411,066944.530122621034686,78346,14712,074337.2626,4503.67
6Hilldale Club19231932489282199.586832126662,73416,1194,638202.2882,3024.00
7Detroit Stars I19201931948512432.5428000114245,10630,4078,533586.2814,9234.44
8Newark Eagles19351948858448397.5305111219073,20619,6555,321340.2712,9784.30
9Pittsburgh Crawfords19331940473252205.5514730310582,02112,3003,456184.2811,8814.39
10Harrisburg Giants19241927252143108.570350006221,4738,3282,463167.2961,2964.46
11Detroit Wolves1932193231265.839210001651559632622.2721012.77
12Monroe Monarchs19321932483414.708200002512591,7114589.2681602.37
13Cincinnati Tigers19371937553519.648160002502081,3503778.2791643.02
14Baltimore Black Sox19231934530265253.5121210113752,99518,1865,112256.2813,0094.40
15Bacharach Giants19231929460231220.512112039722,54015,5264,297178.2772,4924.42
16Baltimore Elite Giants193019481,109543540.501310419044,46628,1437,745288.2754,0994.11
17Birmingham Black Barons192319481,310652649.501330428143,74526,8387,303243.2724,1384.40
18Cleveland Cubs19311931452322.51110002811571,06126110.2461674.12
19Cleveland Giants1933193311.000-10001007299.3101421.00
20Pollock's Cuban Stars19321932221012.455-20002101159422506.2651414.03
21Columbus Turfs193219321035.375-200000
22Montgomery Grey Sox19321932492325.479-20001801348292121.2561063.12
23Newark Browns1932193244.000-400016017124212.1694410.36
24Akron Grays193319331037.300-400020026307772.251494.05
25Indianapolis Athletics19371937391721.447-40002601247391985.2681314.71
26Philadelphia Tigers19281928927.222-500017034274802.292777.94
27Cleveland Stars1932193217511.313-6000180595261451.2761005.12
28Little Rock Grays1932193217512.294-700019039368941.255574.08
29Toledo Tigers19231923271017.370-700030015293926514.2821956.03
30Columbus Buckeyes19211921693038.441-80002814253,09681418.2634654.07
31Newark Stars1926192611110.091-900020038282641.227747.70
32Detroit Stars II19371937391524.385-900026111467418114.2691667.09
33Pittsburgh Keystones II19221922401424.368-100002102301,41140912.2903006.56
34Cleveland Tate Stars19221923421526.366-110002702741,94951012.2623505.06
35Columbus Blue Birds19331933421527.357-1200021012993625416.2711695.11
36Washington Pilots19321932471730.362-130003113101,95856418.2883424.89
37Atlanta Black Crackers193219391024458.431-140006603572,47264416.2614904.90
38Philadelphia Bacharach Giants1934193425520.200-15000230725871423.2421045.45
39Indianapolis ABCs II193119331526582.442-170008125184,0831,09212.2676774.50
40St. Louis-New Orleans-Harrisburg Stars1938194318883100.454-170016604983,37083324.2475584.47
41Cleveland Browns19241924471532.319-170003201531,07828314.2632426.11
42Washington Black Senators1938193822220.091-18000230564571192.2601278.06
43Cleveland Red Sox1934193425322.120-19000240717061662.2351576.89
44Jacksonville Red Caps193819421767598.434-230007604262,9987276.2424604.28
45Cleveland Hornets19271927491336.265-230002501731,31836110.2743115.99
46Newark Dodgers19341935973560.368-250004213872,32970021.3015216.80
47St. Louis Stars II1937193737532.135-270003901498962568.2862447.99
48Indianapolis ABCs I19201926512237265.472-2800012532,84318,2855,059166.2772,9014.44
49Washington Potomacs19241925923159.344-280004014312,85377433.2715565.27
50Milwaukee Bears19231923531142.208-310002812542,09753919.2574185.10
51New York Lincoln Giants19231929318140171.450-3100011531,90010,9463,160200.2892,0455.39
52New York Cubans19351948590271303.472-3211314552,15914,9613,943148.2642,1124.13
53Cleveland Elites1926192649840.167-320003901821,49939815.2663817.18
54Louisville Black Caps193019321425288.371-360006112762,27056616.2493794.64
55Cleveland Tigers19281928792059.253-390004102782,09660617.2894185.66
56Brooklyn Royal Giants1923192817867108.383-410003517785,5501,48886.2688824.57
57Cuban Stars East I19231929326136180.430-440005011,59310,6712,843110.2661,8004.99
58Dayton Marcos19201926942272.234-500006502592,57855610.2165045.26
59Philadelphia Stars19341948945433483.473-5010219764,27527,1267,387277.2724,3564.54
60Chicago Giants19201921831566.185-510003703773,13578013.2495594.83
61Indianapolis Clowns19431948577230333.409-10300012317215,7191,40120.2459544.52
62Cuban Stars West19201930673241429.360-1880007902,81120,7475,316179.2563,4304.72
63New York Black Yankees19361948560171374.314-20300020431,75413,9513,463115.2482,6975.60
64Memphis Red Sox192319481,461577855.403-27810124553,23125,7136,394137.2494,2024.48
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  • Managed 300+ Games
Managers Table
Rk Mgr Yrs From To W L W-L% Ties G>.500 G Wpost Lpost W-L%post BestFin WrstFin AvRk Plyof App WSwon PennWon ASG Player/Manager
1Vic Harris1119361948547278.6632026984500141.78170as player
2Bullet Rogan HOF519261930257111.698114636900131.82010as player
3Rube Foster HOF719201926336195.6331114154200132.03030
4Dave Malarcher719261934263156.628910742800172.24230as player
5José Méndez HOF419201925196100.66259630100121.33130as player
6Frank Warfield619241932237145.62039238500182.13130as player
7Frank Duncan619421947281212.57076950000142.02120as player
8Felton Snow819391947279225.55485451200252.81010as player
9Dick Lundy1119231940303259.539124457400182.74020as player
10Oscar Charleston HOF1419241948420377.52774380400173.03030as player
11Bruce Petway419221925182139.56724332300343.60000as player
12Biz Mackey HOF619371947186143.56594333800152.51110as player
13Quincy Trouppe419451948174140.55483432200152.52120as player
14Winfield Welch619411948218190.53452841300152.72020as player
15John Henry Lloyd HOF819211929253236.517101749900163.80000as player
16Ted Radcliffe519371943165148.52751731800273.52010as player
17Sam Crawford619211928166163.5054333300183.20000as player
18Homer Curry819321947223227.49613-446300395.10000as player
19Bingo DeMoss819261944297304.4941-760200364.41000as player
20Hoss Walker519441948183193.4876-1038200253.71000as player
21Pete Hill HOF519201925141160.4683-19304002115.00000as player
22Candy Jim Taylor2719201947955991.49121-361967001104.36230as player
23José María Fernández1219281948280326.46218-4662400174.12110as player
24Ben Taylor HOF819221938197258.43311-6146600184.40000as player
Rk Mgr Yrs From To W L W-L% Ties G>.500 G Wpost Lpost W-L%post BestFin WrstFin AvRk Plyof App WSwon PennWon ASG Player/Manager
25Charles Wesley519241930129190.4047-6132600586.20000as player
26Dizzy Dismukes919221938199280.4156-8148500185.30000as player
27Larry Brown619351948176267.39713-9145600465.20000as player


These new statistics have been incorporated globally into our Leaderboards. It is important to keep in mind that the records for players in the Negro Leagues are incomplete. As research continues, these Leaderboards will be updated. For example, Josh Gibson hit 166 home runs in the current dataset, which is tied for 498th all time. Dwayne Murphy also hit 166 home runs. Gibson's home runs came in 2,526 plate appearances while Murphy hit his in 5,242 plate appearances. Because of this incomplete data, many Negro League players are not on the career leaderboards for "rate stats" such as batting average and OPS. The minimum for these leaderboards is 3,000 plate appearances. Gibson, as noted above, currently has fewer than 3,000 plate appearances in the dataset. But his .373 batting average, 1.176 OPS and 214 OPS+ would all rank first all time. There is no plate appearance minimum for "counting stats" such as home runs or runs batted in.

Batting Leaderboards:

Career Batting Average

Career On-Base Plus Slugging

Career OPS+

Career Hits

Career Home Runs

Pitching Leaderboards:

Career ERA

Career ERA+

Career Wins

Career Strikeouts


These new statistics have also been incorporated into Stathead, our premium subscription service for searching and analyzing the history of the game. Currently, Negro League data is available in our season-level tools:

You can use Stathead to search Negro League data like never before. For example, you can search within all Negro Leagues combined (NAL, NN2, EWL, NSL, NNL, ANL, and ECL) for:

All searches can be filtered by league, team, position, age, place of birth, handedness, rookie status, and dozens of other statistical filters.

Negro League data will appear alongside the American and National League in any search. For example, a search for the most home runs in the 1930s across all major leagues will include Jimmie Foxx and Lou Gehrig–but also Josh Gibson and Mule Suttles. For searches like these, it is important to remember that Negro League data is incomplete and players in the Negro Leagues have far fewer official games in their statistical record. For example, Ernie Lombardi hit 100 home runs in the 1930s in over 1,000 games while Josh Gibson hit 166 in the 602 games we currently have in our database.