Past Franchise Names

All-Time Top 12 Players

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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1934Baltimore Black SoxNN213382.273.3195th of 813.0375627.724.9197B.Hayes (0.5)R.Dixon (4-9)
1933Baltimore SoxNN23113180.419.5007th of 912.522022030.026.4257T.Richardson (1.4)J.Hubbard (20-23)
1932Baltimore Black SoxEWL5529260.527.4913rd of 89.031432028.026.83215D.Lundy (2.3)D.Lundy (33-33)
1929Baltimore Black SoxANL8055250.688.6471st of 6--52537729.028.0219R.Dixon (4.6)F.Warfield (61-28)
1928Baltimore Black SoxECL3719153.559.5152nd of 71.033832729.627.7249L.Yokely (6.0)B.Taylor (29-29)
1927Baltimore Black SoxECL7234362.486.5304th of 711.035733428.827.4177J.Wilson (4.8)B.Taylor (34-36)
1926Baltimore Black SoxECL6222382.367.3628th of 818.026235728.426.52612J.Wilson (3.1)B.Taylor (22-38)
1925Baltimore Black SoxECL6633312.516.5143rd of 816.533232228.127.72310B.McClure (3.9)J.Beckwith (25-18) and P.Hill (11-15)
1924Baltimore Black SoxECL6138230.623.5502nd of 83.032729328.129.2246B.McClure (2.5)P.Hill (38-23)
1923Baltimore Black SoxECL5319331.365.3446th of 615.028340326.927.73316J.Wilson (2.0)L.Miller (7-5), A.Mahoney (10-24) and B.Hall (6-6)