Past Franchise Names

All-Time Top 12 Players

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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1948New York CubansNN24919291.396.5205th of 615.020619727.828.1339P.Scantlebury (2.8)J.Fernández (9-11) and W.Welch (14-21)
1947New York CubansNN26847201.701.6731st of 6--Won WS (4-1-1)22715328.331.9219L.Tiant (2.2)J.Fernández (46-23)
1946New York CubansNN27037312.544.5004th of 611.023523530.531.2269L.Tiant (2.5)J.Fernández (35-37)
1945New York CubansNN24215270.357.3905th of 616.010112931.433.32810P.Scantlebury (2.2)J.Fernández (33-33)
1944New York CubansNN25431212.596.5802nd of 67.019816632.330.6229B.Morris (1.1)J.Fernández (41-25)
1943New York CubansNN23419141.576.6752nd of 717.023415732.629.3188D.Barnhill (4.7)J.Fernández (35-26)
1942New York CubansNN2379271.250.2476th of 623.07513831.728.3247D.Barnhill (0.8)J.Fernández (13-30)
1941New York CubansNN25421321.396.4525th of 618.021423828.427.02110D.Barnhill (4.0)J.Fernández (22-33)
1940New York CubansNN24013261.333.4345th of 614.514216428.829.5248S.Ruiz (2.4)J.Fernández (13-25)
1939New York CubansNN2327250.219.2787th of 717.56310630.634.9175S.Ruiz (1.3)J.Fernández (9-23)
1936New York CubansNN24922261.458.5564th of 79.525822829.227.7289M.Dihigo (3.1)M.Dihigo (28-26)
1935New York CubansNN26131255.554.5112nd of 89.0Lost NLC (4-3)20620129.926.5259M.Dihigo (2.9)M.Dihigo (30-25)