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Summary Table
Years Team Role
1936-1948Newark EaglesCo-owner

Yearly Results

Yearly Results
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1948Newark EaglesNN26131291.517.4933rd of 69.020620925.926.6267M.Manning (3.3)W.Bell (33-32)
1947Newark EaglesNN29251401.560.5332nd of 68.030128027.927.33015M.Manning (3.1)B.Mackey (53-42)
1946Newark EaglesNN27450222.694.7061st of 6--Won WS (4-3)41025427.227.22611L.Day (5.3)B.Mackey (56-24)
1945Newark EaglesNN24927220.551.4532nd of 67.510211329.525.32612L.Hooker (1.1)W.Wells (11-10) and B.Mackey (18-13)
1944Newark EaglesNN26327360.429.4325th of 616.515417927.126.5309B.Harvey (1.4)M.Suttles (32-35)
1943Newark EaglesNN25826320.448.4654th of 722.519120625.524.32610L.Hooker (1.5)M.Suttles (26-32)
1942Newark EaglesNN26128303.483.6253rd of 615.028821826.823.2286L.Day (3.9)W.Wells (36-33)
1941Newark EaglesNN25930281.517.4083rd of 611.525631424.722.22610M.Irvin (2.7)B.Mackey (30-25)
1940Newark EaglesNN25128221.560.5763rd of 65.027122927.823.22814J.Hill (2.1)D.Lundy (21-20) and B.Mackey (5-2)
1939Newark EaglesNN25632231.582.6182nd of 74.0Lost NLP (3-1)19515028.522.12510J.Hill (2.1)D.Lundy (37-21)
1938Newark EaglesNN25323300.434.4975th of 717.513613728.025.22612E.Stone (1.3)D.Lundy (9-11)
1937Newark EaglesNN25936212.632.5782nd of 66.020317127.625.8197T.McDuffie (2.4)T.Burnett (15-13) and D.Lundy (21-9)
1936Newark EaglesNN25927311.466.4274th of 79.516719627.526.62612L.Day (2.1)W.Bell (14-20)

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