Past Franchise Names

All-Time Top 12 Players

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Franchise History

Franchise History
Year Tm Lg G W L Ties W-L% pythW-L% Finish GB Playoffs R RA Attendance BatAge PAge #Bat #P Top Player Managers
1931St. Louis StarsNNL4837101.787.7431st of 7--25214127.726.2208L.Hensley (2.7)J.Reese (43-18)
1930St. Louis StarsNNL9569251.734.6981st of 9--Won LCS (4-3)72846128.126.6198W.Wells (6.7)J.Reese (73-28)
1929St. Louis StarsNNL9156341.622.6672nd of 712.064944427.324.81910W.Wells (6.2)C.Taylor (63-42)
1928St. Louis StarsNNL8963260.708.6601st of 8--Won LCS (5-4)54738126.823.7229W.Wells (6.1)C.Taylor (67-26)
1927St. Louis StarsNNL9962370.626.6102nd of 82.062048626.823.32714W.Wells (6.9)C.Taylor (62-37)
1926St. Louis StarsNNL9861352.635.5903rd of 86.071158326.026.92510M.Suttles (6.3)B.Russell (1-8), D.Dismukes (20-10) and J.Reese (40-17)
1925St. Louis StarsNNL9159302.663.6352nd of 83.5Lost NNC (4-3)61745625.025.62612W.Bobo (4.5)C.Taylor (59-30)
1924St. Louis StarsNNL8443410.512.4824th of 916.539641226.025.32814W.Ross (2.2)C.Taylor (43-41)
1923St. Louis StarsNNL7229430.403.41410th of 1118.047557428.925.13115G.Scales (3.3)J.Hewitt (17-23) and C.Taylor (15-25)
1922St. Louis StarsNNL6226360.419.4415th of 813.038944329.426.02510C.Blackwell (3.5)B.Gatewood (29-38)
1921St. Louis GiantsNNL7543311.581.5773rd of 85.049241529.828.42612C.Blackwell (5.9)D.Wallace (47-32)
1920St. Louis GiantsNNL7232400.444.4156th of 817.026131528.526.4298J.Finner (2.6)D.Wallace (32-40)