Negro Leagues No-Hitters

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The following is a list of no-hitters in Negro League play. Names that are in Boldface indicate a member of the Hall of Fame. Numbers in subscript indicate multiple no-hitters.

For the purposes of this list, "Negro League play" includes games pre-Negro League games between legitimately top-level Negro teams irrespective of a league affiliation. It also includes a number of interleague games, postseason games, and exhibition games between teams comprising top-level Negro League players.

No-hitters, nine innings or more[edit]

Pitcher Date Lg Team Opponent Score Notes
John Goodgame 04/21/1911 West Baden Sprudels French Lick Plutos 3 - 0
Dick Redding 1 08/28/1912 Lincoln Giants Cuban Stars 1 - 0 Opposed by José Méndez.
Frank Wickware 08/26/1914 Chicago American Giants Indianapolis ABCs 1 - 0 Leadoff batter in 1st inning walked,
then caught stealing;
26 men retired in a row afterward
Dizzy Dismukes 05/09/1915 Indianapolis ABCs Chicago Giants 5 - 0
Dick Whitworth 09/19/1915
(1st game)
Chicago American Giants Chicago Giants 4 - 0
Bill Gatewood 1 05/13/1916 St. Louis Giants Cuban Stars 4-1
Bernardo Baro 07/21/1918
(1st game)
Cuban Stars Indianapolis ABCs 11-0
Joe Williams 05/09/1919
(1st game)
Lincoln Giants Brooklyn Royal Giants 1 - 0 opposed by Dick Redding
Tom Johnson 06/17/1919 Chicago American Giants Detroit Stars 7 - 3
Dick Redding 2 08/22/1920 Bacharach Giants Chicago Giants 5 - 0 NNL associate game;
Played at Shibe Park, Philadelphia, PA
Bill Gatewood 2 06/06/1921 NNL Detroit Stars Cincinnati Cubans 4 - 0 1st NNL no-hitter;
Gatewood went 2-for-3 with 3 RBI
Phil Cockrell 1 09/05/1921
(2nd game)
Hilldale Detroit Stars 3 - 0 NNL associate game
Bill Force 06/27/1922 NNL Detroit Stars St. Louis Giants 3 - 0
Nip Winters 1 07/26/1922 Bacharach Giants Indianapolis ABCs 7 - 1 NNL associate game
Phil Cockrell 2 08/19/1922 Hilldale Chicago American Giants 5 - 0 NNL associate game
José Méndez (W);
Bullet Rogan (S)
(2nd game)
NNL Kansas City Monarchs Milwaukee Bears 7 - 0 Méndez pitched 5 perfect innings;
Rogan allowed one baserunner in 4 innings
Nip Winters 2 09/03/1924
(1st game)
ECL Hilldale Harrisburg Giants 2-0 1st ECL no-hitter; missed perfect
on Jake Stephens' error
Rube Currie 07/13/1926 NNL Chicago American Giants Dayton Marcos 16 - 0
Claude "Red" Grier 10/03/1926 Bacharach Giants Chicago American Giants 10 - 0 Colored World Series Game Three
Laymon Yokely 05/15/1927
(2nd game)
ECL Baltimore Black Sox Cuban Stars 8 - 0
Joe Strong 08/04/1927 ECL Baltimore Black Sox Hilldale 2 - 1 won in 11 innings
Willie Powell 08/14/1927 NNL Chicago American Giants Memphis Red Sox 5 - 0
"Army" Cooper (W);
Chet Brewer (S)
06/29/1929 NNL Kansas City Monarchs Chicago American Giants 4 - 0 Cooper was relieved with one out in eighth
after walking bases loaded
Paul Carter 09/07/1931
(2nd game)
Hilldale Baltimore Black Sox 6-0 Labor Day double-header
Satchel Paige 1 07/15/1932
(2nd game)
EWL Pittsburgh Crawfords New York Black Yankees 6 - 0
Satchel Paige 2 07/04/1934 NNL Pittsburgh Crawfords Homestead Grays 4 - 0 Paige struck out 17, which was then an
all-time NNL record. His catcher was Josh
, this being the only documented
occasion when a no-hitter was accomplished
by Hall of Fame battery mates. Four days
later, Paige pitched a 10-inning, 3-hit shutout
in which "Sug" Cornelius had his no-hitter
broken up in the 10th inning.
Hilton Smith 05/16/1937
(1st game)
NAL Kansas City Monarchs Chicago American Giants 4 - 0
"Schoolboy" Johnny Taylor 09/19/1937 Negro All-Star Team Paige's Dominican All-Stars 2 - 0 Benefit All-Star game between (mainly) eastern
Negro Leaguers and Satchel Paige's All-Stars
Paige's team had won Dominican League title
and Denver Post Tournament.
Played at Polo Grounds
Gene Smith 06/27/1941 NAL St. Louis Stars New York Black Yankees 6 - 1 Interleague game
Played in Belleville, IL
Leon Day 05/05/1946 NNL Newark Eagles Philadelphia Stars 2 - 0 Opening day

No hitters broken up in extra innings[edit]

Pitchers Date Lg Team Opponent Score How broken
Webster McDonald 08/15/1927 NNL Chicago American Giants Memphis Red Sox 1 - 2 Opponents tied game in 9th on errors;
single in 10th inning broke up no-hitter;
two hits in 11th scored winning run. One
day after Willie Powell's no-hitter;
just missed being back-to-back no-hitters.
Willie "Sug" Cornelius 07/08/1934 NNL Chicago American Giants Pittsburgh Crawfords 0 - 3 Scoreless tie with Satchel Paige through 9
innings; 5 hits and 3 runs scored top of 10th;
four days after Paige's own no-hitter.

No-hitters less than 9 innings[edit]

Pitcher(s) Date Lg Team Opponent Score Innings Notes
Tom Johnson (W);
Dick Whitworth (S)
(2nd game)
Chicago American Giants Cuban Stars 6 - 0 7 Johnson pitched five innings,
Whitworth pitched remaining two
game called due to darkness
Bob McClure 02/27/1925 Royal Poinciana Hotel Breakers Hotel 2 - 0 7 Played in Florida's winter hotel league;
Scheduled as 7-inning game; Perfect game
Andy Cooper 06/28/1925
(2nd game)
NNL Detroit Stars Indianapolis ABCs 1 - 0 7 called due to darkness
Luther Farrell 10/08/1927 Bacharach Giants Chicago American Giants 3 - 2 7 Colored World Series Game 5; game
called in 7th inning due to darkness and rain
Robert Poindexter 06/27/1928
(2nd game)
NNL Birmingham Black Barons Chicago American Giants 6 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game
Paul Carter 08/17/1935
(2nd game)
NNL Philadelphia Stars Brooklyn Eagles 4 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game
Ross "Satchel" Davis;
Willie Hubert (W)
(2nd game)
NNL Baltimore Elite Giants Newark Eagles 5 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game; Davis walked
bases full with one out in 4th inning;
Hubert relieved and finished for 3 2/3 innings.
Jonas Gaines (W);
Bill Harvey (S)
(2nd game)
NNL Baltimore Elite Giants New York Cubans 4 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game; Gaines pitched
first 4 innings, Harvey last 3; pre-season
game played at New Orleans' Pelican Stadium.
Roy Partlow 08/30/1942
(2nd game)
NNL Washington-Homestead Grays Chicago American Giants 3 - 0 7 Interleague game with NAL team
game called in 7th inning due to darkness;
played in Comiskey Park
Jimmy Hill 06/06/1943
(2nd game)
NNL Newark Eagles New York Black Yankees 3 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game
Ray Brown 08/12/1945
(2nd game)
Washington-Homestead Grays Chicago American Giants 7 - 0 7 Scheduled 7-inning 2nd game
Gene Collins 05/27/1949
(1st game)
NAL Kansas City Monarchs Houston Eagles 14 - 0 7 game shortened by ad hoc "mercy" rule
2nd game went full nine innings.
Played in San Antonio, Texas