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The Fort Myers Miracle are the Minnesota Twins affiliate in the Florida State League. The Miracle franchise originated in 1926, as the Ft. Myers Palms, before becoming the Miami Hustlers one year later. In 1962, the franchise became the Miami Marlins, named after the old AAA team of the same name. The club was known as the Miami Orioles from 1971-1981, before reverting to the Marlins name again in 1982. The Marlins became the Miami Miracle in 1989, before moving to Ft. Myers in 1992.


The 1992 co-op team had 25 players supplied by the Minnesota Twins, 7 from the Texas Rangers, 5 from the Cleveland Indians, and 1 each from the Florida Marlins and Kansas City Royals.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach
1992 46-85 14th Dan Rohn
1993 55-79 13th Steve Liddle
1994 71-63 6th Steve Liddle
1995 75-55 2nd Al Newman Lost League Finals
1996 79-58 2nd John Russell
1997 81-58 3rd John Russell
1998 65-73 10th Mike Boulanger Stu Cliburn
1999 60-79 13th Mike Boulanger
2000 83-57 2nd Jose Marzan Lost in 1st round Riccardo Ingram
2001 68-69 7th (t) Jose Marzan Riccardo Ingram
2002 77-62 3rd Jose Marzan Riccardo Ingram
2003 73-63 5th Jose Marzan Lost in 1st round
2004 61-74 9th Jose Marzan
2005 74-59 4th Riccardo Ingram
2006 80-60 1st Kevin Boles Lost in 1st round Jim Dwyer
2007 70-70 7th Kevin Boles Jim Dwyer
2008 77-59 2nd Jeff Smith Lost League Finals Jim Dwyer
2009 80-58 1st Jeff Smith Lost in 1st round Jim Dwyer Steve Mintz
2010 64-74 9th Jake Mauer Jim Dwyer Steve Mintz
2011 63-76 10th Jake Mauer Jim Dwyer Steve Mintz
2012 60-75 9th Jake Mauer Jim Dwyer Steve Mintz
2013 79-56 2nd Doug Mientkiewicz Lost in 1st round Jim Dwyer Ivan Arteaga
2014 82-57 1st Doug Mientkiewicz League Champs Jim Dwyer Gary Lucas
2015 76-63 3rd Jeff Smith Jim Dwyer Ivan Arteaga
2016 70-68 7th Jeff Smith Jim Dwyer Henry Bonilla
2017 Doug Mientkiewicz Steve Singleton Henry Bonilla

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