Largest Trade in Baseball History

From BR Bullpen

November 14, 1954
New York Yankees get: Baltimore Orioles get:
Billy Hunter Harry Byrd
Don Larsen Jim McDonald
Bob Turley Willy Miranda
Mike Blyzka (December 1) Hal Smith
Jim Fridley (December 1) Gus Triandos
Darrell Johnson (December 1) Gene Woodling
Dick Kryhoski (December 1) Ted Del Guercio (December 1; never reached majors)
Don Leppert (December 1)
Bill Miller (December 1)
Kal Segrist (December 1)

Over a three week span in 1954, the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees pulled off a seventeen player trade.

The trade began on November 14 and was announced on November 18. The Orioles sent three players to the Yankees for six others. The teams also agreed to trade several players to be named later. On December 1, the Yankees sent four more players to the Orioles for four others to complete the deal.

The Yankees got benefit to their team by acquiring both Don Larsen and future 20-game winner Bob Turley while the Orioles benefited from the addition of Triandos and Woodling, who were surplus players for New York, making this one of those trades that helps both clubs, as Turley and Larsen helped the Yankees to their next two pennants, while Triandos and Woodling began O's manager/GM Paul Richards' transformation of the sad-sack Browns into the contending Baltimore Orioles of the early 60s.

While the trade was large in volume, its value to both teams pales in comparison to other deals where multiple All-Star level players were dealt.