Jimmy Carter

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James Earl Carter, Jr.

"In 1976, Jimmy Carter got the Secret Service on his team and they consistently beat the media." - TV newsman Sam Donaldson
"Next time, get your ass here before the seventh game." - Rick Dempsey, speaking about the only major league game (the last one of the 1979 World Series) that Carter attended while President
Carter playing softball

Jimmy Carter was the thirty-ninth President of the United States (1977-1981), and later won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was not very interested in attending major league baseball games - in fact, he is the only sitting president since William Howard Taft not to have thrown the ceremonial first pitch at a major league baseball ganme - but he was a fanatic softball player. He had been a pitcher for his baseball team "in submarines", as he put it (he was a naval officer under Hyman Rickover in the Navy's nuclear submarine program). When he was president, he was such a serious softball player that his Secret Service people felt pressure to perform well on the field.

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Preceded by
Gerald Ford
United States President
1977 – 1981
Succeeded by
Ronald Reagan