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Note: This page links to Doug Harvey, the former umpire. For the NHL Hall of Fame defenseman who played in the minors from 1947 to 1950, click here.

Harold Douglas Harvey
(Silver, God)

Inducted into Hall of Fame in 2010

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Biographical Information[edit]

When Doug Harvey retired in 1992, he was the longest serving umpire since Bill Klem. Harvey began his career in the California League in 1958. He worked in the Pacific Coast League in 1961 before being called up to the majors in 1962.

During his major league career, Harvey worked over 4,500 National League games. He was in nine League Championship Series, five World Series, and six All-Star Games. He was the home plate umpire at the 1982 game and in 1992, an honor for his 31 seasons as an umpire. He gained the nickname "God" as a result of his actions on the field. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of the game. During his umpiring career he spent over a decade on the same umpiring crew as Shag Crawford and later with his son Jerry Crawford.

In 1997, throat cancer caused by smokeless tobacco turned Harvey into an active campaigner against the substance. Since then, he has given hundreds of talks about the dangers of chew.

Doug Harvey led the composite ballot in the 2007 Veterans Committee election to the Hall of Fame but he fell short of the required 75% for election. He was elected to the Hall on December 7, 2009, receiving 15 of 16 votes and was inducted in 2010. He was the first umpire inducted in 11 years, since Nestor Chylak in 1999.

Further Reading[edit]

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