Danville Braves

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The Danville Braves were an Atlanta Braves affiliate in the Appalachian League. They played their home games at Dan Daniel Memorial Park in Danville, Virginia. They had previously been the Pulaski Braves. They lost their affiliation In the minor league restructuring of 2021 and were renamed the Danville Otterbots.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Hitting coach Pitching coach Coach
1993 38-30 3rd Bruce Benedict
1994 28-39 8th (t) Paul Runge Brian Snitker Jerry Nyman
1995 27-40 9th Max Venable
1996 37-29 5th Brian Snitker Nelson Norman Steve Bedrosian
1997 30-38 7th (t) Rick Albert Franklin Stubbs Kent Willis
1998 30-38 8th Franklin Stubbs
1999 38-31 5th J.J. Cannon Edinson Rentería Jerry Nyman
2000 37-29 3rd J.J. Cannon Lost League Finals Edinson Rentería Jim Czajkowski
2001 30-38 9th Ralph Henriquez Jim Czajkowski
2002 37-31 5th Ralph Henriquez Jim Czajkowski
2003 36-30 4th Kevin McMullan Jim Czajkowski
2004 41-25 1st Jim Saul Lost League Finals Paul Runge Jim Czajkowski
2005 47-20 2nd Paul Runge Lost League Finals Mel Roberts Derek Botelho
2006 40-27 2nd Paul Runge League Champs Mel Roberts Doug Henry
2007 48-20 2nd Paul Runge Lost League Finals Mel Roberts Jim Czajkowski
2008 35-32 5th Paul Runge Carlos Méndez Derrick Lewis
2009 47-21 1st Paul Runge League Champs Carlos Méndez Derrick Lewis
2010 34-34 4th (t) Paul Runge Carlos Méndez Derrick Lewis
2011 39-29 4th (t) Randy Ingle Lost in 1st round D.J. Boston Gabriel Luckert
2012 36-28 4th Jonathan Schuerholz Lost in 1st round Rick Albert Gabriel Luckert
2013 29-36 7th Jonathan Schuerholz Rick Albert Gabriel Luckert Néstor Pérez
2014 38-30 2nd(t) Randy Ingle Lost League Finals Ivan Cruz Dan Meyer
2015 34-34 5th(t) Rocket Wheeler Ivan Cruz Dan Meyer
2016 31-36 7th Robinson Cancel Ivan Cruz Gabriel Luckert
2017 36-32 4th Nestor Perez Barbaro Garbey Kanekoa Texeira
2018 33-35 4th (t) Barrett Kleinknecht Barbaro Garbey Kanekoa Texeira
2019 30-38 9th Anthony Nunez Connor Narron Jason Stanford
2020 Season cancelled