1900 Brooklyn Superbas

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1900 Brooklyn Superbas / Franchise: Los Angeles Dodgers / BR Team Page[edit]

Record: 82-54, Finished 1st in National League (1900 NL)

Clinched Pennant: October 6, 1900, At Philadelphia Phillies

Managed by Ned Hanlon

Ballpark: Washington Park

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1900 Brooklyn Superbas won the 1900 National League pennant, beating the 1900 Pittsburgh Pirates by 4 1/2 games. The Pirates would get even by winning the pennant in 1901-03.

Willie Keeler had by far the best batting average on the team, hitting .362. He tied Fielder Jones with 106 runs scored for most on the team. The second highest batting average belonged to Joe Kelley, at .319, who also led the team in slugging with a .485 slugging percentage. His 91 RBI were by far the most on the team even though four players had more at-bats than him.

All the regular position players were at least 28 years old, except for 21-year-old Jimmy Sheckard, who hit .300 and was already in his fourth major league season. Although several players hit for a higher average than Jimmy, he had a good OPS+ due to his ability to draw walks and hit for power. Sheckard was one of several players on the team who had previously played for the Orioles.

The team was full of savvy veterans. In addition to Keeler, Kelley and Jones (Jones would later be the manager of the World Series-winning 1906 White Sox), there were future Hall of Famer Hughie Jennings, Deacon McGuire, Lave Cross, Bill Dahlen, Tom Daly, and Duke Farrell, each of whom would play at least 16 seasons in the majors.

The pitching was dominated by Joe McGinnity, who went 28-8. Although 29 years old, he was only in his second year in the majors.

Manager Ned Hanlon, who managed 20 years in the majors and was elected to the Hall of Fame, won his fifth and last pennant in 1900. His winningest team had been the 1899 Superbas, who won 101 games.

Further Reading[edit]

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