Fifth Third Field (Toledo)

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  • Location:Toledo, OH
  • Opening Day: April 9, 2002
  • Current Team: Toledo Mud Hens
  • Left Field Wall: 320 ft.
  • Center Field Wall: 412 ft.
  • Right Field Wall: 315 ft.
  • Seating Capacity: 10,000

Coming Home[edit]

Built in 2002, Fifth Third Field is situated in the heart of downtown Toledo, OH. Moving into Fifth Third Field marked the first time professional baseball had been played inside the city limits of Toledo since the Mud Hens left following the 1955 season. The Toledo Mud Hens had been playing home games at Ned Skeldon Stadium in nearby Maumee, OH since 1965. On April 9, 2002, when the Mud Hens held their first home opener at Fifth Third Field, it marked the return of baseball and The Mud Hens to the city of Toledo.

Other Ball Parks Bearing the Fifth Third Name[edit]

Fifth Third (5/3) Bank, operating branches in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona, has taken an interest in urban redevelopment. As part of this, 5/3 has taken special interest in minor league baseball. As a result, 5/3 has put up capitol on the development of several minor league ball parks around the country. Several US ballparks in addition to Toledo's bear the Fifth Third Name.

Unique features of 5/3 Field[edit]

View from space of the field.

The stadium is situated in what was formerly the warehouse district on the edge of downtown Toledo, OH. Thanks to the success of the stadium, the area has turned into one of the most vibrant comercial and social districts in the city. Even a new Tony Packo's at the Park restaurant has been built in celebration of the Mud Hen's place in downtown Toledo.

Fifth Third Field itself sits between Monroe and Washington streets to the east and west, and Huron and St. Claire streets to the north and south. The field sits at a diagonal, with the home plate gates opening to the corner of Washington and Huron streets. From within the park, the visitor gets a view of the Toledo skyline facing the Maumee River. Passers-by walking along Monroe St. can look down into the field from over the left field wall.

Aside from the luxury suites, all seating in the stadium is box seating. There is field level and balcony level seating. Only the seats in section 101, farthest to left field, provide a limited view of the game.

  • The Roost is a unique hanging balcony that sits in the right field corner. One of the unique features of Fifth Third Field's architecture is that it maintains the structure of several old warehouses alon St. Claire St. Called the St. Claire village, these warehouses have become home to several restaraunts and shops, Including the "Swamp Shop", the Mud Hen's own gift shop. The Roost is nestled into the corner of the St. Claire village buildings, and is accessible by staircase from the first base side inside the park, and by elevator from the Washington street gates. The roost is available to rent for special occassions and is a popular feature of Fifth Third Field. In June 2007, ranked The Roost as "Minor League Baseball's Best Seats".
  • Bullpens are located along the baselines parralel to the outfield. Borrowning from the archetectural model of an urban ballpark utilized in Wrigley Field, this model allows the stadium to utilize space much more effectively, allows pitchers to keep an eye of the game and the opposing batters as they warm up, and allows the fans to become more acquainted to the pitching styles of Mud Hens and opposing pitchers. The bullpens at 5/3 are just another way the stadium has created a truly intimate baseball environment.

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