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Players born in the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic, in Spanish República Dominicana, is a country located on the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Depending on the language used it may be abbreviated as D.R. or R.D. The capital and largest city is Santo Domingo.

The D.R. has had a huge impact on major league baseball, with hundreds of major leaguers having been born there. All of them came to the major leagues after 1950. Ozzie Virgil was the first Dominican-born player to make it to the major leagues, although he grew up in New York, NY; Felipe Alou, who was second, had grown up on the island.

The country is home to the Dominican League, the most powerful winter league in baseball. The Dominican League champion has often won the Caribbean Series.

The Dominican Summer League is a rookie league with affiliates from every Major League Baseball team. The league is an extension of the baseball academies set up to nurture young baseball talent in the country, as there is no high school or college baseball. However, because all promising players are snapped up by major league teams at a young age, the Dominican Republic national team has tended to perform poorly in international baseball, in spite of all the talent which the country produces.

Additionally, the Hiroshima Carp have operated a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic which has produced Alfonso Soriano most notably.

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