1955 Pan American Games

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The 1955 Pan American Games were the second Pan American Games. They were unusual in that Cuba did not win (nor did they play). Held in Mexico City from March 13 through March 24 at Social Security Stadium, they were won by the Dominican Republic.

Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic went 6-2 to take home Gold. They were managed by Fernando “Bolo” Vicioso. Felipe Alou was the biggest name (in retrospect) on one of the few Dominican squads to win a major international tournament; Julian Javier also made the majors. Top performers were Domingo Vargas (the Games leader with a .453 average and 16 hits), Pablo Tineo (the leader with 13 runs and 5 steals), Fabio Fiallo (4 doubles), Rafael Quezada (3-0, 18 strikeouts).

Flag of United States United States won Silver at 5-3. James Temp tied for the lead with 4 doubles and led with 14 RBI. Jerry Schoonmaker led with 3 home runs. Paul Ebert tied for the most strikeouts, 18. Bill Lore and Carl Thomas were on the team.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela won Bronze, going 4-4 and beating Mexico 8-2 in the tiebreaker playoff game. Jose Matos tied for the lead with 4 doubles.

Flag of Mexico Mexico failed to win a Medal while playing host but was 4-4. Jorge Chico tied for the lead with 5 steals. F. Barranca had the best ERA at 1.59.

Flag of Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles was last at 1-7. Juan Julian pitched 23 innings to lead the tournament.

Source: A History of Cuban Baseball by Peter Bjarkman

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