1894 Philadelphia Phillies

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1894 Philadelphia Phillies / Franchise: Philadelphia Phillies / BR Team Page[edit]

Record: 71-57, Finished 4th in National League (1894 NL)

Managed by Arthur Irwin

Ballpark: Philadelphia Baseball Grounds

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1894 Philadelphia Phillies, although featuring an outfield of .400 hitters and a team average of .349, finished only fourth in the National League, distantly behind the Baltimore Orioles. The Phillies, who had not won a pennant since forming in 1883, would not do so until 1915 and then again not until 1950.

Although the regular outfielders - Sam Thompson, Billy Hamilton and Ed Delahanty - were the most famous, the highest average on the team actually belonged to 21-year-old Tuck Turner, who hit .416 in 339 at-bats. He would hit .386 the following year. Hamilton set the all-time record for runs scored that year, with 196 (that figure is the best guess based on all available evidence; various sources put his run total somewhere between 192 and 198).

The star of the pitching staff was 21-year-old Jack Taylor, who went 23-13. He would win 26 the following year. 23-year-old Kid Carsey went 18-12, and would win 24 the following year. Gus Weyhing, who had earlier won 30 games four years in a row, was 16-14 and would go on to win 17 in 1899.

Manager Arthur Irwin, who managed nine years in the majors, had one of his more successful years.

Further Reading[edit]

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