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Harry Stovey

100 Home Runs[edit]

100 home runs is generally considered to be the first noteworthy milestone in a home run hitters career. The 100 home run club is not quite the exclusive club that it was during the dead ball era. Prior to the 1920 season there were only 10 members of the 100 home run club. As of August 2015, there have been 827 players who have joined the club. Harry Stovey became the charter member of the 100 home run club on September 3rd, 1890. Roger Connor became the first National League player to hit 100 home runs on May 6th, 1893. He went on to hold the all-time home run record for many years with 138 homers until he was passed by Babe Ruth on July 18th, 1921. The Babe became the first American League player to hit the 100 mark on September 24th, 1920. Ruth hit his 100th home run in his 528th game, faster than anyone in history at the time. He reached 100 homers in nearly half as many games as Gavvy Cravath, who previously held the record by reaching the mark in 1,016 games.

Records and Trivia[edit]

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Tony Conigliaro

The youngest player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs is Mel Ott, who reached the milestone at 22 years, 132 days old. Ott was the youngest National League player to reach the 100 home run mark whereas Tony Conigliaro is the youngest American League player to reach the mark at the age of 22 years, 197 days old. Ryan Howard is the quickest player in history to hit 100 homers doing so in 325 games and 1,141 at-bats. Although he does not own the Major League record, Mark McGwire holds the record for the quickest 100 home runs in both the American League (393 games) and the National League (230 games). In terms of at-bats, McGwire also holds the National League record for the quickest 100 home runs, doing so in 761 AB. Surprisingly, Ken Phelps holds the record in the American League by reaching the mark in 1,322 AB. The legendary contact hitter Ty Cobb took the longest time in history to reach 100 home runs; he reached the mark in 2,616 games and 9,982 at bats.

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