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1946 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

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League-by-League Batting

50Negro American LeagueNegro Majors60.0
51Negro National LeagueNegro Majors60.0
5American AssociationAAA828.74.58122246929410455593108471711366574505269048595199.264.345.366.71115012829226799
6International LeagueAAA826.64.84123446005399825978104261638396844539367251374903.261.348.385.73315388750232654
7Pacific Coast LeagueAAA830.03.77147854150482545573122361958379478502886045556000.254.321.340.660163862231118
3Southern AssociationAA827.1
4Texas LeagueAA826.8
1Eastern LeagueA825.4
2South Atlantic LeagueA825.0
48United States Baseball LeagueNegro40.0
49West Coast Baseball LeagueNegro60.0
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB824.0
9Interstate LeagueB824.8
10Mexican National LeagueB6
11New England LeagueB825.1
12Piedmont LeagueB625.4
13Southeastern LeagueB826.1
14Tri-State LeagueB624.9
15Western International LeagueB825.8
16Border LeagueC623.8
17California LeagueC623.7
18Canadian-American LeagueC823.5
19Carolina LeagueC825.0
20East Texas LeagueC826.5
21Florida International LeagueC624.4
22Middle Atlantic LeagueC623.5
23Northern LeagueC824.4
24Pioneer LeagueC623.7
25West Texas-New Mexico LeagueC825.5
26Western AssociationC823.3
27Alabama State LeagueD624.7
28Appalachian LeagueD823.2
29Blue Ridge LeagueD424.3
30Coastal Plain LeagueD824.7
31Eastern Shore LeagueD821.9
32Evangeline LeagueD825.2
33Florida State LeagueD824.0
34Georgia-Alabama LeagueD625.5
35Georgia-Florida LeagueD823.0
36Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri LeagueD622.4
37Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD823.6
38North Atlantic LeagueD823.111634767741054425.223.3001042
39North Carolina State LeagueD824.8
40Ohio State LeagueD821.7
41Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York LeagueD823.0
42Tobacco State LeagueD625.8
43Wisconsin State LeagueD822.2
44Cuban LeagueForeign
45Japanese Baseball LeagueForeign825.74.338403248028641363972591114376211321486942234252386.253.336.341.67697581242900
53All-American Girls Professional Baseball LeagueWomen's80.0
46Mexican LeagueIndependent819.7
47Quebec Provincial LeagueIndependent
52Independent NegroNo Classification70.0

League-by-League Pitching

46American LeagueMajor League829.84.06616616.5003.501242124268156110610911062.010793503743066534404522814223168475111.3748.
47National LeagueMajor League829.63.96617617.5003.411242124275049210311911084.210762491642045624399447417313179474451.3688.
50Negro American LeagueNegro Majors6
51Negro National LeagueNegro Majors6
5American AssociationAAA828.64.58606606.500122212225593
6International LeagueAAA827.2613613.50012341234
7Pacific Coast LeagueAAA830.83.77735735.500147814785573
3Southern AssociationAA827.2
4Texas LeagueAA827.8
1Eastern LeagueA825.4
2South Atlantic LeagueA825.2
48United States Baseball LeagueNegro4
49West Coast Baseball LeagueNegro6
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB823.5
9Interstate LeagueB824.2
10Mexican National LeagueB6
11New England LeagueB825.7
12Piedmont LeagueB625.2
13Southeastern LeagueB825.9
14Tri-State LeagueB624.7
15Western International LeagueB826.0
16Border LeagueC623.8
17California LeagueC622.6
18Canadian-American LeagueC823.1
19Carolina LeagueC825.0
20East Texas LeagueC827.4
21Florida International LeagueC625.3
22Middle Atlantic LeagueC624.1
23Northern LeagueC824.3
24Pioneer LeagueC623.3
25West Texas-New Mexico LeagueC825.3
26Western AssociationC823.2
27Alabama State LeagueD624.4
28Appalachian LeagueD823.4
29Blue Ridge LeagueD423.8
30Coastal Plain LeagueD824.9
31Eastern Shore LeagueD821.3
32Evangeline LeagueD825.6
33Florida State LeagueD824.9
34Georgia-Alabama LeagueD626.5
35Georgia-Florida LeagueD822.4
36Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri LeagueD622.7
37Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD823.1
38North Atlantic LeagueD822.28.702789.2331161161009
39North Carolina State LeagueD823.4
40Ohio State LeagueD821.9
41Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York LeagueD821.9
42Tobacco State LeagueD624.1
43Wisconsin State LeagueD821.1
44Japanese Baseball LeagueForeign825.24.33413413.5003.36840840325515767476.27259363927952113425023861241756324931.4298.
53All-American Girls Professional Baseball LeagueWomen's8
45Mexican LeagueIndependent831.0
52Independent NegroNo Classification7

League-by-League Fielding

46American LeagueMajor League81242331871370613031252.97312940634046%526,435
47National LeagueMajor League81242332701412412591153.9748147837044%
50Negro American LeagueNegro Majors6
51Negro National LeagueNegro Majors6
5American AssociationAAA81222318501353315971101.966189
6International LeagueAAA81234310181279316081035.965105
7Pacific Coast LeagueAAA81478381331663919311205.966131
3Southern AssociationAA8
4Texas LeagueAA8
1Eastern LeagueA8
2South Atlantic LeagueA8
48United States Baseball LeagueNegro4
49West Coast Baseball LeagueNegro6
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB8
9Interstate LeagueB8
10Mexican National LeagueB6
11New England LeagueB8
12Piedmont LeagueB6
13Southeastern LeagueB8
14Tri-State LeagueB6
15Western International LeagueB8
16Border LeagueC6
17California LeagueC6
18Canadian-American LeagueC8
19Carolina LeagueC8
20East Texas LeagueC8
21Florida International LeagueC6
22Middle Atlantic LeagueC6
23Northern LeagueC8
24Pioneer LeagueC6
25West Texas-New Mexico LeagueC8
26Western AssociationC8
27Alabama State LeagueD6
28Appalachian LeagueD8
29Blue Ridge LeagueD4
30Coastal Plain LeagueD8
31Eastern Shore LeagueD8
32Evangeline LeagueD8
33Florida State LeagueD8
34Georgia-Alabama LeagueD6
35Georgia-Florida LeagueD8
36Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri LeagueD6
37Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD8
38North Atlantic LeagueD81162475337.880
39North Carolina State LeagueD8
40Ohio State LeagueD8
41Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York LeagueD8
42Tobacco State LeagueD6
43Wisconsin State LeagueD8
44Japanese Baseball LeagueForeign8840
53All-American Girls Professional Baseball LeagueWomen's8
45Mexican LeagueIndependent8
52Independent NegroNo Classification7

Pro Baseball Map for 1946

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

Negro American LeagueNegro MajorsBirmingham Black Barons, Chicago American Giants, Cleveland Buckeyes, Indianapolis Clowns, Kansas City Monarchs, Memphis Red Sox
Negro National LeagueNegro MajorsBaltimore Elite Giants, Homestead Grays, New York Black Yankees, New York Cubans, Newark Eagles, Philadelphia Stars
American AssociationAAAColumbus Red Birds, Indianapolis Indians, Kansas City Blues, Louisville Colonels, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Millers, St. Paul Saints, Toledo Mud Hens
International LeagueAAABaltimore Orioles, Buffalo Bisons, Jersey City Giants, Montreal Royals, Newark Bears, Rochester Red Wings, Syracuse Chiefs, Toronto Maple Leafs
Pacific Coast LeagueAAAHollywood Stars, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Oaks, Portland Beavers, Sacramento Solons, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Seals, Seattle Rainiers
Southern AssociationAAAtlanta Crackers, Birmingham Barons, Chattanooga Lookouts, Little Rock Travelers, Memphis Chickasaws, Mobile Bears, Nashville Volunteers, New Orleans Pelicans
Texas LeagueAABeaumont Exporters, Dallas Rebels, Fort Worth Cats, Houston Buffaloes, Oklahoma City Indians, San Antonio Missions, Shreveport Sports, Tulsa Oilers
Eastern LeagueAAlbany Senators, Binghamton Triplets, Elmira Pioneers, Hartford Chiefs, Scranton Red Sox, Utica Blue Sox, Wilkes-Barre Barons, Williamsport Grays
South Atlantic LeagueAAugusta Tigers, Charleston Rebels, Columbia Reds, Columbus Cardinals, Greenville Spinners, Jacksonville Tars, Macon Peaches, Savannah Indians
United States Baseball LeagueNegroBoston Blues, Cleveland Clippers, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh Crawfords
West Coast Baseball LeagueNegroLos Angeles White Sox, Oakland Larks, Portland Rosebuds, San Diego Tigers, San Francisco Sea Lions, Seattle Steelheads
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueBDanville Dodgers, Davenport Cubs, Decatur Commodores, Evansville Braves, Quincy Gems, Springfield Browns, Terre Haute Phillies, Waterloo White Hawks
Interstate LeagueBAllentown Cardinals, Hagerstown Owls, Harrisburg Senators, Lancaster Red Roses, Sunbury Yankees, Trenton Giants, Wilmington Blue Rocks, York White Roses
Mexican National LeagueBChihuahua Dorados, El Paso Texans, Juarez Indios, Mexico City Aztecs, Saltillo Peroneros, Torreon-Gomez Palacio Laguneros
New England LeagueBFall River Indians, Lawrence Millionaires, Lynn Red Sox, Manchester Giants, Nashua Dodgers, Pawtucket Slaters, Portland Gulls, Providence Chiefs
Piedmont LeagueBLynchburg Cardinals, Newport News Dodgers, Norfolk Tars, Portsmouth Cubs, Richmond Colts, Roanoke Red Sox
Southeastern LeagueBAnniston Rams, Gadsden Pilots, Jackson Senators, Meridian Peps, Montgomery Rebels, Pensacola Fliers, Selma Cloverleafs, Vicksburg Billies
Tri-State LeagueBAnderson A's, Asheville Tourists, Charlotte Hornets, Knoxville Smokies, Shelby Cubs, Spartanburg Peaches
Western International LeagueBBremerton Bluejackets, Salem Senators, Spokane Indians, Tacoma Tigers, Vancouver Capilanos, Victoria Athletics, Wenatchee Chiefs, Yakima Stars
Border LeagueCAuburn Cayugas, Granby Red Sox, Kingston Ponies, Ogdensburg Maples, Sherbrooke Canadians, Watertown Athletics
California LeagueCBakersfield Indians, Fresno Cardinals, Modesto Reds, Santa Barbara Dodgers, Stockton Ports, Visalia Cubs
Canadian-American LeagueCAmsterdam Rugmakers, Gloversville-Johnstown Glovers, Oneonta Red Sox, Pittsfield Electrics, Quebec Alouettes, Rome Colonels, Schenectady Blue Jays, Trois-Rivieres Royals
Carolina LeagueCBurlington Bees, Danville Leafs, Durham Bulls, Greensboro Patriots, Leaksville-Draper-Spray Triplets, Martinsville A's, Raleigh Capitals, Winston-Salem Cardinals
East Texas LeagueCGreenville Majors, Henderson Oilers, Jacksonville Jax, Lufkin Foresters, Paris Red Peppers, Sherman Twins, Texarkana Bears, Tyler Trojans
Florida International LeagueCHavana Cubans, Lakeland Pilots, Miami Beach Flamingos, Miami Sun Sox, Tampa Smokers, West Palm Beach Indians
Middle Atlantic LeagueCButler Yankees, Erie Sailors, Johnstown Johnnies, Niagara Falls Frontiers, Oil City Oilers, Youngstown Gremlins
Northern LeagueCAberdeen Pheasants, Duluth Dukes, Eau Claire Bears, Fargo-Moorhead Twins, Grand Forks Chiefs, Sioux Falls Canaries, St. Cloud Rox, Superior Blues
Pioneer LeagueCBoise Pilots, Idaho Falls Russets, Ogden Reds, Pocatello Cardinals, Salt Lake City Bees, Twin Falls Cowboys
West Texas-New Mexico LeagueCAbilene Blue Sox, Albuquerque Dukes, Amarillo Gold Sox, Borger Gassers, Clovis Pioneers, Lamesa Lobos, Lubbock Hubbers, Pampa Oilers
Western AssociationCFort Smith Giants, Hutchinson Cubs, Joplin Miners, Leavenworth Braves, Muskogee Reds, Salina Blue Jays, St. Joseph Cardinals, Topeka Owls
Alabama State LeagueDBrewton Millers, Dothan Browns, Geneva Red Birds, Greenville Lions, Ozark Eagles, Troy Trojans
Appalachian LeagueDBluefield Blue-Grays, Bristol Twins, Elizabethton Betsy Cubs, Johnson City Cardinals, Kingsport Cherokees, New River Rebels, Pulaski Counts, Welch Miners
Blue Ridge LeagueDGalax Leafs, Mount Airy Graniteers, Radford Rockets, Salem Friends/Lenoir Red Sox
Coastal Plain LeagueDFayetteville Cubs, Goldsboro Goldbugs, Greenville Greenies, Kinston Eagles, New Bern Bears, Rocky Mount Rocks, Tarboro Tars, Wilson Tobs
Eastern Shore LeagueDCambridge Dodgers, Centreville Orioles, Dover Phillies, Easton Yankees, Federalsburg A's, Milford Red Sox, Salisbury Cardinals, Seaford Eagles
Evangeline LeagueDAbbeville Athletics, Alexandria Aces, Baton Rouge Red Sticks, Hammond Berries, Houma Indians, Natchez Giants, New Iberia Cardinals, Thibodaux Giants
Florida State LeagueDDaytona Beach Islanders, DeLand Red Hats, Gainesville G-Men, Leesburg Anglers, Orlando Senators, Palatka Azaleas, Sanford Celeryfeds, St. Augustine Saints
Georgia-Alabama LeagueDCarrollton Hornets, La Grange Troupers, Newnan Brownies, Opelika Owls, Tallassee Indians, Valley Rebels
Georgia-Florida LeagueDAlbany Cardinals, Americus Phillies, Cordele White Sox, Moultrie Packers, Tallahassee Pirates, Thomasville Tigers, Valdosta Dodgers, Waycross Bears
Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri LeagueDBartlesville Oilers, Carthage Cardinals, Chanute Owls, Iola Cubs, Miami Blues, Pittsburg Browns
Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueDCairo Egyptians, Clarksville Owls, Fulton Bulldogs, Hopkinsville Hoppers, Madisonville Miners, Mayfield Clothiers, Owensboro Oilers, Union City Greyhounds
North Atlantic LeagueDBloomingdale Troopers, Carbondale Pioneers, Mahanoy City Bluebirds, Nazareth Cement Dusters, Newburgh/Walden Hummingbirds, Nyack Rocklands, Peekskill Highlanders, Stroudsburg Poconos
North Carolina State LeagueDConcord Weavers, Hickory Rebels, Landis Millers, Lexington A's, Mooresville Moors, Salisbury Pirates, Statesville Cubs, Thomasville Dodgers
Ohio State LeagueDDayton Indians, Lima Terriers, Marion Cardinals, Middletown Rockets, Newark Moundsmen, Richmond Roses, Springfield Giants, Zanesville Dodgers
Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York LeagueDBatavia Clippers, Bradford Blue Wings, Hamilton Cardinals, Hornell Maples, Jamestown Falcons, Lockport Cubs, Olean Oilers, Wellsville Yankees
Tobacco State LeagueDAngier-Fuquay Springs Bulls, Clinton Blues, Dunn-Erwin Twins, Sanford Spinners, Smithfield-Selma Leafs, Wilmington Pirates
Wisconsin State LeagueDAppleton Papermakers, Fond du Lac Panthers, Green Bay Bluejays, Janesville Bears, Oshkosh Giants, Sheboygan Indians, Wausau Lumberjacks, Wisconsin Rapids White Sox
Cuban LeagueForeign
Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignChubu Nippon, Gold Star, Hankyu, Kinki Great Ring, Osaka Tigers, Pacific, Senators, Tokyo Kyojin
Cuban Federation Winter LeagueWinter
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
Mexican Pacific Winter LeagueWinter
Panama Winter LeagueWinter
Puerto Rican Winter LeagueWinter
Venezuelan Winter LeagueWinter
California Winter LeagueWinter
All-American Girls Professional Baseball LeagueWomen'sFort Wayne Daisies, Grand Rapids Chicks, Kenosha Comets, Muskegon Lassies, Peoria Redwings, Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, South Bend Blue Sox
Mexican LeagueIndependentMexico City Diablos Rojos, Monterrey Industriales, Nuevo Laredo Tecolotes, Puebla Angeles, San Luis Potosi Tuneros, Tampico Alijadores, Torreon Algodoneros, Veracruz Azules
Quebec Provincial LeagueIndependent
Independent NegroNo ClassificationAsheville Blues, Atlanta Black Crackers, Brooklyn Brown Dodgers, Cincinnati Crescents, Colored Athletics, Knoxville Giants, Nashville Cubs