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1910 Register League Encyclopedia

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League-by-League Batting

56American LeagueMajor League827.43.64125646248409334577994812995681473659167133955262.243.308.313.621128244241496
57National LeagueMajor League827.14.031242465354061550071038415165922144199159440244415.256.328.338.666137263671529
1American AssociationA829.6
2Eastern LeagueA829.1
3Pacific Coast LeagueA627.7
4Southern AssociationA827.4
5Western LeagueA827.4
6Central LeagueB826.9
7Connecticut State LeagueB827.6
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB826.0
9New England LeagueB827.6
10New York State LeagueB828.0
11Northwestern LeagueB429.3
12Tri-State LeagueB827.2
13Ohio-Pennsylvania LeagueC826.7
14South Atlantic LeagueC628.6
15Texas LeagueC826.6
16Virginia LeagueC627.6
17Western AssociationC824.0
18Wisconsin-Illinois LeagueC826.3
19Blue Grass LeagueD624.6
20California State LeagueD627.4
21Carolina AssociationD626.8
22Central AssociationD827.1
23Central California LeagueD8
24Central Kansas LeagueD80.0
25Connecticut AssociationD429.2
26Cotton States LeagueD625.2
27Eastern Carolina LeagueD624.8
28Eastern Kansas LeagueD6
29Illinois-Missouri LeagueD624.8
30Indiana-Michigan LeagueD6
31Kansas State LeagueD824.9
32Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD622.9
33Minnesota-Wisconsin LeagueD825.0
34Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas LeagueD626.8
35Nebraska State LeagueD824.8
36Northeast Arkansas LeagueD4
37Northern AssociationD822.4
38Northern State of Indiana LeagueD6
39Ohio State LeagueD625.5
40San Joaquin Valley LeagueD4
41Southeastern LeagueD60.0
42Southern California Trolley LeagueD6
43Southern Illinois LeagueD523.0
44Southern Michigan LeagueD826.0
45Southwest Texas LeagueD622.8
46Virginia Valley LeagueD6
47Washington State LeagueD624.0
48West Michigan LeagueD423.1
49West Virginia LeagueD4
50Western Canada LeagueD827.7
51Cuban General LeagueForeign30.0
52Cuban LeagueForeign
53Cuban-American Major League Clubs SeriesForeign4
54Cuban-American Negro Clubs SeriesForeign30.0
55Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
62California Winter LeagueWinter
58Central New York LeagueNo Classification
59Chicago City LeagueNo Classification
60Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification
61Michigan State LeagueNo Classification

League-by-League Pitching

56American LeagueMajor League826.83.64609609.5002.52125612564008561314211283.19927457731551473464527842813290448221.1877.
57National LeagueMajor League827.44.03614614.5003.02124212425476951118311092.110401500737272144023451137721250450191.3008.
1American AssociationA827.8
2Eastern LeagueA828.7
3Pacific Coast LeagueA625.5
4Southern AssociationA829.4
5Western LeagueA825.4
6Central LeagueB826.5
7Connecticut State LeagueB826.0
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB824.3
9New England LeagueB824.0
10New York State LeagueB826.9
11Northwestern LeagueB424.5
12Tri-State LeagueB824.5
13Ohio-Pennsylvania LeagueC822.6
14South Atlantic LeagueC625.3
15Texas LeagueC824.0
16Virginia LeagueC626.3
17Western AssociationC822.1
18Wisconsin-Illinois LeagueC824.9
19Blue Grass LeagueD623.8
20California State LeagueD630.0
21Carolina AssociationD623.6
22Central AssociationD826.0
23Central California LeagueD8
24Central Kansas LeagueD8
25Connecticut AssociationD424.0
26Cotton States LeagueD624.5
27Eastern Carolina LeagueD622.9
28Eastern Kansas LeagueD6
29Illinois-Missouri LeagueD624.0
30Indiana-Michigan LeagueD6
31Kansas State LeagueD822.2
32Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD624.3
33Minnesota-Wisconsin LeagueD822.5
34Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas LeagueD625.3
35Nebraska State LeagueD823.2
36Northeast Arkansas LeagueD4
37Northern AssociationD821.0
38Northern State of Indiana LeagueD6
39Ohio State LeagueD623.7
40San Joaquin Valley LeagueD4
41Southeastern LeagueD6
42Southern California Trolley LeagueD6
43Southern Illinois LeagueD5
44Southern Michigan LeagueD824.2
45Southwest Texas LeagueD621.4
46Virginia Valley LeagueD6
47Washington State LeagueD622.9
48West Michigan LeagueD419.5
49West Virginia LeagueD4
50Western Canada LeagueD823.5
51Cuban General LeagueForeign3
52Cuban LeagueForeign1
53Cuban-American Major League Clubs SeriesForeign4
54Cuban-American Negro Clubs SeriesForeign3
55Cuban Winter LeagueWinter1
62California Winter LeagueWinter1
58Central New York LeagueNo Classification1
59Chicago City LeagueNo Classification1
60Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification1
61Michigan State LeagueNo Classification1

League-by-League Fielding

56American LeagueMajor League8125633821171372324795.9561491668134345%249,889
57National LeagueMajor League8124233194160062116935.9591451594127244%
1American AssociationA8
2Eastern LeagueA8
3Pacific Coast LeagueA6
4Southern AssociationA8
5Western LeagueA8
6Central LeagueB8
7Connecticut State LeagueB8
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB8
9New England LeagueB8
10New York State LeagueB8
11Northwestern LeagueB4
12Tri-State LeagueB8
13Ohio-Pennsylvania LeagueC8
14South Atlantic LeagueC6
15Texas LeagueC8
16Virginia LeagueC6
17Western AssociationC8
18Wisconsin-Illinois LeagueC8
19Blue Grass LeagueD6
20California State LeagueD6
21Carolina AssociationD6
22Central AssociationD8
23Central California LeagueD8
24Central Kansas LeagueD8
25Connecticut AssociationD4
26Cotton States LeagueD6
27Eastern Carolina LeagueD6
28Eastern Kansas LeagueD6
29Illinois-Missouri LeagueD6
30Indiana-Michigan LeagueD6
31Kansas State LeagueD8
32Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueD6
33Minnesota-Wisconsin LeagueD8
34Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas LeagueD6
35Nebraska State LeagueD8
36Northeast Arkansas LeagueD4
37Northern AssociationD8
38Northern State of Indiana LeagueD6
39Ohio State LeagueD6
40San Joaquin Valley LeagueD4
41Southeastern LeagueD6
42Southern California Trolley LeagueD6
43Southern Illinois LeagueD5
44Southern Michigan LeagueD8
45Southwest Texas LeagueD6
46Virginia Valley LeagueD6
47Washington State LeagueD6
48West Michigan LeagueD4
49West Virginia LeagueD4
50Western Canada LeagueD8
51Cuban General LeagueForeign3
52Cuban LeagueForeign1
53Cuban-American Major League Clubs SeriesForeign4
54Cuban-American Negro Clubs SeriesForeign3
55Cuban Winter LeagueWinter1
62California Winter LeagueWinter1
58Central New York LeagueNo Classification1
59Chicago City LeagueNo Classification1
60Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification1
61Michigan State LeagueNo Classification1

Pro Baseball Map for 1910

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

American AssociationAColumbus Senators, Indianapolis Indians, Kansas City Blues, Louisville Colonels, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Millers, St. Paul Saints, Toledo Mud Hens
Eastern LeagueABaltimore Orioles, Buffalo Bisons, Jersey City Skeeters, Montreal Royals, Newark Indians, Providence Grays, Rochester Bronchos, Toronto Maple Leafs
Pacific Coast LeagueALos Angeles Angels, Oakland Oaks, Portland Beavers, Sacramento Sacts, San Francisco Seals, Vernon Tigers
Southern AssociationAAtlanta Crackers, Birmingham Barons, Chattanooga Lookouts, Memphis Turtles, Mobile Sea Gulls, Montgomery Climbers, Nashville Volunteers, New Orleans Pelicans
Western LeagueADenver Grizzlies, Des Moines Boosters, Lincoln Railsplitters, Omaha Rourkes, Sioux City Packers, St. Joseph Drummers, Topeka Jayhawks, Wichita Jobbers
Central LeagueBDayton Veterans, Evansville River Rats, Fort Wayne Billikens, Grand Rapids Raiders, South Bend Bronchos, Terre Haute Stags, Wheeling Stogies, Zanesville Potters
Connecticut State LeagueBBridgeport Orators, Hartford Senators, Holyoke Papermakers, New Britain Perfectos, New Haven Prairie Hens, Northampton Meadowlarks, Springfield Ponies, Waterbury Finnegans
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueBBloomington Bloomers, Danville Speakers, Davenport Prodigals, Dubuque Dubs, Peoria Distillers, Rock Island Islanders, Springfield Senators, Waterloo Boosters
New England LeagueBBrockton Shoemakers, Fall River Indians, Haverhill Hustlers, Lawrence Colts, Lowell Tigers, Lynn Shoemakers, New Bedford Whalers, Worcester Busters
New York State LeagueBAlbany Senators, Binghamton Bingoes, Elmira Colonels, Scranton Miners, Syracuse Stars, Troy Trojans, Utica Utes, Wilkes-Barre Barons
Northwestern LeagueBSeattle Giants, Spokane Indians, Tacoma Tigers, Vancouver Beavers
Tri-State LeagueBAltoona Rams, Harrisburg Senators, Johnstown Johnnies, Lancaster Red Roses, Reading Pretzels, Trenton Tigers, Williamsport Millionaires, York White Roses
Ohio-Pennsylvania LeagueCAkron Champs, Canton Deubers, East Liverpool Potters, Erie Sailors, Mansfield Reformers, McKeesport Tubers, New Castle Nocks, Youngstown Steelmen
South Atlantic LeagueCAugusta Tourists, Columbia Gamecocks, Columbus Foxes, Jacksonville Jays, Macon Peaches, Savannah Indians
Texas LeagueCDallas Giants, Fort Worth Panthers, Galveston Sand Crabs, Houston Buffaloes, Oklahoma City Indians, San Antonio Bronchos, Shreveport Pirates, Waco Navigators
Virginia LeagueCDanville Red Sox, Lynchburg Shoemakers, Norfolk Tars, Portsmouth Truckers/Petersburg Goobers, Richmond Colts, Roanoke Tigers
Western AssociationCBartlesville Boosters, El Reno Packers, Enid Railroaders, Guthrie Senators, Joplin Miners, Muskogee Navigators, Sapulpa Oilers, Tulsa Oilers
Wisconsin-Illinois LeagueCAppleton Papermakers, Aurora Islanders, Fond du Lac Giants, Green Bay Bays, Madison Senators, Oshkosh Indians, Racine Belles, Rockford Reds
Blue Grass LeagueDFrankfort Statesmen, Lexington Colts, Paris Bourbonites, Richmond Pioneers, Shelbyville/Maysville Rivermen, Winchester Hustlers
California State LeagueDFresno Tigers, Oakland Invaders/Merced Fig Growers, Sacramento Baby Senators, San Francisco Baby Seals, San Jose Prune Pickers, Stockton Millers
Carolina AssociationDAnderson Electricians, Charlotte Hornets, Greensboro Champs, Greenville Spinners, Spartanburg Spartans, Winston-Salem Twins
Central AssociationDBurlington Pathfinders, Galesburg Pavers, Hannibal Cannibals, Keokuk Indians, Kewanee Boilermakers, Monmouth Browns, Ottumwa Packers, Quincy Vets
Central California LeagueDHeraldsburg/San Leandro Grapevines, Napa, Petaluma/Elmhurst Incubators, Richmond Merchants, San Rafael/Hayward/Fruitvale, Santa Rosa Prune Pickers/Alameda Bracketts/Oakland/Berkeley Bas, St. Helena/Fruitvale/Alameda Alerts, Vallejo
Central Kansas LeagueDAbilene Reds, Beloit/Chapman, Clay Center Cubs, Concordia Travelers, Ellsworth Blues, Junction City Soldiers, Manhattan Maroons, Salina Trade Winners
Connecticut AssociationDMiddletown Jewels, New London Whalers, Norwich Bonbons/Meriden Doublins, Willimantic Colts
Cotton States LeagueDGreenwood Chauffeurs, Hattiesburg Timberjacks, Jackson Tigers, Meridian White Ribbons, Vicksburg Hill Billies, Yazoo City Zoos
Eastern Carolina LeagueDFayetteville Highlanders, Goldsboro Giants, Raleigh Red Birds, Rocky Mount Railroaders, Wilmington Sailors, Wilson Tobacconists
Eastern Kansas LeagueDHiawatha Boosters, Holton/Blue Rapids, Horton, Marysville, Sabetha, Seneca
Illinois-Missouri LeagueDBeardstown/Jacksonville Jacks, Canton Chinks, Clinton Champs, Lincoln Abes, Macomb Potters, Pekin Celestials
Indiana-Michigan LeagueDBerrien Springs Grays, Dowagiac, Elkhart Blue Sox, Gary Sand Fleas, Ligonier, Niles Blues
Kansas State LeagueDArkansas City Grays, Great Bend Millers, Hutchinson Salt Packers, Larned Wheat Kings, Lyons Lions, McPherson Merry Macks, Newton Railroaders, Wellington Dukes
Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee LeagueDClarksville Volunteers, Harrisburg Miners, Hopkinsville Hoppers, McLeansboro Billikens, Paducah Indians, Vincennes Alices
Minnesota-Wisconsin LeagueDDuluth White Sox, Eau Claire Commissioners, La Crosse Outcats, Red Wing Manufacturers, Rochester Roosters, Superior Red Sox, Wausau Lumberjacks, Winona Pirates
Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas LeagueDAuburn Athletics, Clarinda Antelopes, Falls City Colts, Maryville Comets, Nebraska City Forresters, Shenandoah Pin Rollers
Nebraska State LeagueDColumbus Discoverers, Fremont Pathfinders, Grand Island Collegians, Hastings Brickmakers, Kearney Kapitalists, Red Cloud Cloud, Seward Statesmen, Superior Brickmakers
Northeast Arkansas LeagueDBlytheville, Caruthersville, Jonesboro Zebras, Paragould Scouts
Northern AssociationDClinton Teddies, Decatur Commodores, Elgin Kittens, Freeport Pretzels, Jacksonville Jacks, Joliet Jolly-ites/Sterling Infants, Kankakee Kays, Muscatine Pearl Finders
Northern State of Indiana LeagueDBluffton Babes, Huntington Johnnies, Lafayette Farmers, Logansport Whitecaps, Marion Boosters, Wabash Rockeries
Ohio State LeagueDChillicothe Infants, Lancaster Lanks, Lima Cigarmakers, Marion Diggers, Newark Newks, Portsmouth Cobblers
San Joaquin Valley LeagueDBakersfield Drillers, Coalinga Savages, Tulare Merchants, Visalia Pirates
Southeastern LeagueDAsheville Moonshiners, Gadsden Steel Makers, Johnson City Soldiers, Knoxville Appalachians, Morristown Jobbers, Rome Romans
Southern California Trolley LeagueDLong Beach Clothiers, Los Angeles Maiers, Los Angeles McCormicks, Pasadena Silk Sox, Redondo Beach Sand Dabs, Santa Ana Walnut Growers
Southern Illinois LeagueDEldorado, Harrisburg Merchants, Herrin, McLeansboro Merchants, Mount Vernon Merchants
Southern Michigan LeagueDAdrian Yeggs, Battle Creek Crickets, Bay City, Flint Vehicles, Jackson Convicts, Kalamazoo Kazoos, Lansing Senators, Saginaw Wa-was
Southwest Texas LeagueDBay City Rice Eaters, Beeville Orange Growers, Brownsville Brownies, Corpus Christi Pelicans, Laredo Bermudas, Victoria Rosebuds
Virginia Valley LeagueDAshland-Catlettsburg Twins, Charleston Senators, Huntington, Montgomery Miners, Parkersburg Parkers, Point Pleasant-Gallipolis
Washington State LeagueDAberdeen Black Cats, Chehalis Gophers, Hoquiam Loggers, Montesano Farmers, Raymond Cougars, Tacoma Cubs
West Michigan LeagueDCadillac Chiefs, Holland Wooden Shoes, Muskegon Speed Boys, Traverse City Resorters
West Virginia LeagueDClarksburg Bees, Fairmont Champions, Grafton, Mannington
Western Canada LeagueDBrandon Angels, Calgary Bronchos, Edmonton Eskimos, Lethbridge Miners, Medicine Hat Mad Hatters/Saskatoon Berrypickers, Moose Jaw Robin Hoods, Regina Bone Pilers, Winnipeg Maroons
Cuban General LeagueForeignAlmendares, Fe, Habana
Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban-American Major League Clubs SeriesForeignAlmendares, Detroit Tigers, Habana, Philadelphia Athletics
Cuban-American Negro Clubs SeriesForeignAlmendares, Chicago Leland Giants, Habana
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
California Winter LeagueWinter
Central New York LeagueNo Classification
Chicago City LeagueNo Classification
Illinois-Iowa LeagueNo Classification
Michigan State LeagueNo Classification

About the Minor League Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

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