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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Friend Law Cooper Adams Leever Face Camnitz Leever Hernandez
2019 (69-93) Musgrove Williams Archer Brault Lyles Vazquez Rodriguez Liriano Feliz
2018 (82-79) Musgrove Williams Taillon Nova Kuhl Vazquez Rodriguez Santana Crick
2017 (75-87) Cole Williams Taillon Nova Kuhl Vazquez Hudson Nicasio LeBlanc
2016 (78-83) Cole Liriano Taillon Locke Niese Melancon Watson Hughes Feliz
2015 (98-64) Cole Liriano Burnett Locke Morton Melancon Watson Hughes Caminero
2014 (88-74) Cole Liriano Volquez Locke Morton Melancon Watson Hughes Wilson
2013 (94-68) Cole Liriano Burnett Locke Morton Grilli Watson Melancon Wilson
2012 (79-83) McDonald Correia Burnett Bedard Karstens Hanrahan Watson Hughes Grilli
2011 (72-90) McDonald Correia Morton Maholm Karstens Hanrahan Veras Resop McCutchen
2010 (57-105) Duke Ohlendorf Morton Maholm Karstens Dotel Hanrahan Meek Lopez
2009 (62-99) Duke Ohlendorf Morton Maholm Snell Capps Chavez Meek Grabow
2008 (67-95) Duke Gorzelanny Dumatrait Maholm Snell Capps Yates Burnett Grabow
2007 (68-94) Duke Gorzelanny Armas Maholm Snell Capps Marte Chacon Grabow
2006 (67-95) Duke Santos Perez Maholm Snell Gonzalez Marte Torres Capps
2005 (67-95) Wells Redman Perez Fogg Williams Mesa White Torres Meadows
2004 (72-89) Wells Vogelsong Perez Fogg Benson Mesa Grabow Torres Meadows
2003 (75-87) Wells D'Amico Suppan Fogg Benson Williams Beimel Tavarez Boehringer
2002 (72-89) Wells Anderson Meadows Fogg Benson Williams Sauerbeck Lincoln Boehringer
2001 (62-100) Ritchie Anderson Williams Beimel Schmidt Williams Sauerbeck Manzanillo Olivares
2000 (69-93) Ritchie Anderson Benson Silva Cordova Williams Sauerbeck Wilkins Christiansen
1999 (78-83) Ritchie Schmidt Benson Schourek Cordova Williams Sauerbeck Wilkins Clontz
1998 (69-93) Lieber Schmidt Peters Silva Cordova Loiselle Rincon Christiansen Dessens
1997 (79-83) Lieber Schmidt Cooke Loaiza Cordova Loiselle Rincon Wilkins Sodowsky
1996 (73-89) Lieber Neagle Darwin Smith Wagner Cordova Plesac Wilkins Lieber
1995 (58-86) Loaiza Neagle Ericks Parris Wagner Miceli Plesac Christiansen McCurry
1994 (53-61) Smith Neagle Cooke Lieber Wagner Pena Manzanillo Dewey White
1993 (75-87) Walk Wakefield Cooke Tomlin Wagner Belinda Minor Neagle Johnston
1992 (96-66) Walk Drabek Smith Tomlin Jackson Belinda Mason Neagle Patterson
1991 (98-64) Walk Drabek Smith Tomlin Smiley Landrum Belinda Kipper Patterson
1990 (95-67) Walk Drabek Heaton Terrell Smiley Landrum Belinda Ruskin Patterson
1989 (74-88) Walk Drabek Heaton Robinson Smiley Landrum Kipper Bair Robinson
1988 (85-75) Walk Drabek Dunne Fisher Smiley Gott Kipper Jones Robinson
1987 (80-82) Reuschel Drabek Dunne Fisher Kipper Gott Smiley Jones Robinson
1986 (64-98) Reuschel Rhoden Bielecki McWilliams Kipper Robinson Clements Guante Winn
1985 (57-104) Reuschel Rhoden DeLeon McWilliams Tunnell Candelaria Holland Guante Robinson
1984 (75-87) Tudor Rhoden DeLeon McWilliams Candelaria Tekulve Scurry Guante Robinson
1983 (84-78) Tunnell Rhoden DeLeon McWilliams Candelaria Tekulve Scurry Guante Sarmiento
1982 (84-78) Robinson Rhoden Sarmiento McWilliams Candelaria Tekulve Scurry Romo Niemann
1981 (46-56) Solomon Rhoden Bibby Perez Tiant Romo Tekulve Jackson Cruz
1980 (83-79) Candelaria Rhoden Bibby Blyleven Robinson Tekulve Romo Jackson Scurry
1979 (98-64) Candelaria Kison Bibby Blyleven Robinson Tekulve Romo Jackson Roberts
1978 (88-73) Candelaria Rooker Bibby Blyleven Robinson Tekulve Whitson Jackson Bibby
1977 (96-66) Candelaria Rooker Reuss Kison Jones Gossage Tekulve Jackson Demery
1976 (92-70) Candelaria Rooker Reuss Kison Medich Moose Tekulve Giusti Hernandez
1975 (92-69) Candelaria Rooker Reuss Kison Ellis Giusti Tekulve Demery Hernandez
1974 (88-74) Brett Rooker Reuss Kison Ellis Giusti Morlan Kison Hernandez
1973 (80-82) Briles Moose Blass Walker Ellis Giusti Johnson Rooker Hernandez
1972 (96-59) Briles Moose Blass Kison Ellis Giusti Johnson Miller Hernandez
1971 (97-65) Johnson Moose Blass Walker Ellis Giusti Grant Veale Briles
1970 (89-73) Veale Moose Blass Walker Ellis Giusti Gibbon Dal Canton Walker
1969 (88-74) Veale Moose Blass Bunning Ellis Hartenstein Gibbon Dal Canton Marone
1968 (80-82) Veale Moose Blass Bunning McBean Face Kline Walker Sisk
1967 (81-81) Veale Sisk Blass Ribant Fryman Face McBean Pizarro Mikkelsen
1966 (92-70) Veale Sisk Blass Law Fryman Face McBean O'Dell Mikkelsen
1965 (90-72) Veale Cardwell Friend Law Gibbon McBean Schwall Carpin Wood
1964 (80-82) Veale Blass Friend Law Gibbon McBean Face Sisk Bork
1963 (74-88) Cardwell Schwall Friend Francis Gibbon Face Haddix Sisk McBean
1962 (93-68) McBean Law Friend Francis Haddix Face Olivo Lamabe Sturdivant
1961 (75-79) Gibbon Mizell Friend Francis Haddix Face Labine Shantz McBean
1960 (95-59) Gibbon Mizell Friend Law Haddix Face Green Gibbon Giel
1959 (78-76) Kline Daniels Friend Law Haddix Face Blackburn Daniels Gross
1958 (84-70) Kline Raydon Friend Law Witt Face Blackburn Smith Gross
1957 (62-92) Kline Purkey Friend Law Arroyo Face Arroyo King Purkey
1956 (66-88) Kline Munger Friend Law Hall Face King Munger
1955 (60-94) Kline Surkont Friend Law Littlefield Face Friend Law
1954 (53-101) Thies Surkont Friend Law Littlefield Hetki Purkey LaPalme Law
1953 (50-104) Dickson LaPalme Friend Lindell Hall Hetki Face Bowman
1952 (42-112) Dickson Pollet Friend Hogue Kline Wilks Main LaPalme
1951 (64-90) Dickson Pollet Friend Queen Law Wilks Werle Walsh Queen
1950 (57-96) Dickson Chambers Werle Queen Macdonald Werle Lombardi Walsh Dickson
1949 (71-83) Dickson Chambers Werle Chesnes Bonham Casey Sewell Dickson
1948 (83-71) Riddle Ostermueller Sewell Chesnes Bonham Higbe Singleton Lombardi Main
1947 (62-92) Higbe Ostermueller Sewell Roe Bonham Singleton Bagby Strincevich
1946 (63-91) Heintzelman Ostermueller Sewell Strincevich Bahr Gerheauser Hallett Gables
1945 (82-72) Roe Butcher Sewell Strincevich Gables Rescigno Gerheauser Cuccurullo Gables
1944 (90-63) Roe Butcher Sewell Strincevich Ostermueller Rescigno Cuccurullo Starr
1943 (80-74) Klinger Butcher Sewell Hebert Gornicki Rescigno Brandt Gornicki
1942 (66-81) Klinger Butcher Sewell Heintzelman Hamlin Wilkie Dietz Lanning
1941 (81-73) Klinger Butcher Sewell Heintzelman Lanning Wilkie Dietz Klinger
1940 (78-76) Klinger Butcher Sewell Bowman Brown Brown Lanahan Lanning MacFayden
1939 (68-85) Klinger Butcher Tobin Bowman Brown Brown Sewell Swift Heintzelman
1938 (86-64) Klinger Bauers Tobin Blanton Lucas Sewell Swift Brown
1937 (86-68) Brandt Bauers Bowman Blanton Lucas Brown Weaver Swift Bauers
1936 (84-70) Weaver Swift Birkofer Blanton Lucas Brown Birkofer Bush
1935 (86-67) Weaver Swift Bush Blanton Lucas Hoyt Swift Birkofer Bush
1934 (74-76) French Swift Birkofer Hoyt Lucas Chagnon Birkofer Hoyt
1933 (87-67) French Swift Meine Swetonic Smith Chagnon Harris Hoyt
1932 (86-68) French Swift Meine Swetonic Harris Chagnon Spencer Brame
1931 (75-79) French Kremer Meine Brame Spencer Osborn Spencer Swetonic
1930 (80-74) French Kremer Meine Brame Spencer Swetonic Chagnon Spencer Erickson
1929 (88-65) French Kremer Grimes Brame Petty Swetonic Hill Fussell
1928 (85-67) Hill Kremer Grimes Brame Fussell Dawson Tauscher Brame
1927 (94-60) Hill Kremer Meadows Aldridge Dawson Morrison Cvengros Miljus
1926 (84-69) Yde Kremer Meadows Aldridge Songer Songer Adams Oldham
1925 (95-58) Yde Kremer Meadows Aldridge Morrison Sheehan Adams Morrison
1924 (90-63) Yde Kremer Meadows Cooper Morrison Stone Yde Morrison
1923 (87-67) Adams Hamilton Meadows Cooper Morrison Kunz Bagby Steineder
1922 (85-69) Adams Glazner Carlson Cooper Morrison Yellow Horse Carlson Hamilton
1921 (90-63) Adams Glazner Hamilton Cooper Morrison Zinn Carlson Glazner
1920 (79-75) Adams Carlson Hamilton Cooper Ponder Hamilton Wisner Meador
1919 (71-68) Adams Carlson Hamilton Cooper Miller Hamilton Carlson Mayer
1918 (65-60) Mayer Sanders Harmon Cooper Miller Sanders Cooper Comstock
1917 (51-103) Jacobs Steele Carlson Cooper Miller Grimes Carlson Jacobs
1916 (65-89) Jacobs Mamaux Kantlehner Cooper Miller Cooper Harmon Jacobs
1915 (73-81) Harmon Mamaux Adams Cooper McQuillan Cooper Conzelman Kantlehner
1914 (69-85) Harmon Conzelman Adams Cooper McQuillan McQuillan Conzelman Kantlehner
1913 (78-71) Hendrix Robinson Adams Camnitz McQuillan Robinson Cooper Hendrix
1912 (93-58) Hendrix Robinson Adams Camnitz O'Toole Robinson Camnitz Adams
1911 (85-69) Hendrix Leifield Adams Camnitz Steele Ferry Steele Hendrix
1910 (86-67) White Leifield Adams Camnitz Powell Phillippe Leever Maddox
1909 (110-42) Willis Leifield Maddox Camnitz Phillippe Adams Leever Camnitz
1908 (98-56) Willis Leifield Maddox Camnitz Leever Young Leever Camnitz
1907 (91-63) Willis Leifield Phillippe Camnitz Leever Phillippe Leever Camnitz
1906 (93-60) Willis Leifield Phillippe Lynch Leever Phillippe Leifield Lynch
1905 (96-57) Case Flaherty Phillippe Lynch Leever Flaherty Case Lynch
1904 (87-66) Miller Flaherty Phillippe Lynch Leever Camnitz    
1903 (91-49) Doheny Kennedy Phillippe Wilhelm Leever Veil    
1902 (103-36) Doheny Chesbro Phillippe Tannehill Leever      
1901 (90-49) Doheny Chesbro Phillippe Tannehill Leever Chesbro    
1900 (79-60) Waddell Chesbro Phillippe Tannehill Leever Chesbro Waddell  
1899 (76-73) Hoffer Chesbro Sparks Tannehill Leever Leever Sparks  
1898 (72-76) Rhines Killen Gardner Tannehill Hart Hastings    
1897 (60-71) Hawley Killen Gardner Tannehill Hughey Hastings Hughey  
1896 (66-63) Hawley Killen Hastings Foreman Hughey Hawley Hughey  
1895 (71-61) Hawley Killen Hart Foreman Gardner Hawley Hart  
1894 (65-65) Ehret Killen Gumbert Colcolough Menefee Colcolough Ehret Gumbert
1893 (81-48) Ehret Killen Gumbert Terry   Terry Killen  
1892 (80-73) Ehret Baldwin Smith Terry Galvin      
1891 (55-80) King Baldwin Staley   Galvin      
1890 (23-113) Baker Anderson Hecker Sowders Phillips      
1889 (61-71) Staley Galvin Morris Sowders        
1888 (66-68) Staley Galvin Morris          
1887 (55-69) McCormick Galvin Morris          
1886 (80-57) Handiboe Galvin Morris Hofford        
1885 (56-55) Meegan Galvin Morris O'Day        
1884 (30-78) Sullivan Neagle Fox          
1883 (31-67) Driscoll Neagle Barr Taylor Nolan Taylor    
1882 (39-39) Driscoll Salisbury Arundel          
138 years 253 pitchers 34 pitchers 224 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.