Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2018New York YankeesAL East764622,729,72243,3291st of 15$160,743,032102104Yankee Stadium III
2017New York YankeesAL East91712Lost ALCS (4-3)3,154,93838,9502nd of 15$182,424,700103104Yankee Stadium III
2016New York YankeesAL East847843,063,40537,8202nd of 15$193,229,350102103Yankee Stadium III
2015New York YankeesAL East87752Lost ALWC (1-0)3,193,79539,4301st of 15$214,051,957101101Yankee Stadium III
2014New York YankeesAL East847823,401,62441,9951st of 15$258,118,959100100Yankee Stadium III
2013New York YankeesAL East857733,279,58940,4891st of 15$246,534,750100100Yankee Stadium III
2012New York YankeesAL East95671Lost ALCS (4-0)3,542,40643,7331st of 14$197,977,900103104Yankee Stadium III
2011New York YankeesAL East97651Lost LDS (3-2)3,653,68045,1071st of 14$206,275,028105106Yankee Stadium III
2010New York YankeesAL East95672Lost ALCS (4-2)3,765,80746,4911st of 14$210,733,389104106Yankee Stadium III
2009New York YankeesAL East103591Won WS (4-2)3,719,35845,9181st of 14$210,330,039103105Yankee Stadium III
2008New York YankeesAL East897334,298,65553,0701st of 14$212,286,789101103Yankee Stadium II
2007New York YankeesAL East94682Lost LDS (3-1)4,271,08352,7291st of 14$207,039,045100101Yankee Stadium II
2006New York YankeesAL East97651Lost LDS (3-1)4,248,06752,4451st of 14$194,663,07999101Yankee Stadium II
2005New York YankeesAL East95671Lost LDS (3-2)4,090,69650,5021st of 14$208,306,8179798Yankee Stadium II
2004New York YankeesAL East101611Lost ALCS (4-3)3,775,29246,6091st of 14$184,193,9509798Yankee Stadium II
2003New York YankeesAL East101611Lost WS (4-2)3,465,60042,2631st of 14$152,749,8149798Yankee Stadium II
2002New York YankeesAL East103581Lost LDS (3-1)3,465,80743,3232nd of 14$125,928,58399100Yankee Stadium II
2001New York YankeesAL East95651Lost WS (4-3)3,264,90740,8112nd of 14$112,787,143100101Yankee Stadium II
2000New York YankeesAL East87741Won WS (4-1)3,055,43538,1933rd of 14$93,113,2609899Yankee Stadium II
1999New York YankeesAL East98641Won WS (4-0)3,292,73640,6513rd of 14$86,730,7099698Yankee Stadium II
1998New York YankeesAL East114481Won WS (4-0)2,955,19336,4843rd of 14$66,806,8679597Yankee Stadium II, Shea Stadium
1997New York YankeesAL East96662Lost LDS (3-2)2,580,32532,2545th of 14$62,241,54598100Yankee Stadium II
1996New York YankeesAL East92701Won WS (4-2)2,250,87728,1367th of 14$54,191,792100101Yankee Stadium II
1995New York YankeesAL East79652Lost LDS (3-2)1,705,26323,3607th of 14$48,874,8519899Yankee Stadium II
1994New York YankeesAL East704311,675,55629,3966th of 14$45,931,3349596Yankee Stadium II
1993New York YankeesAL East887422,416,94229,8395th of 14$42,723,0009697Yankee Stadium II
1992New York YankeesAL East768641,748,73721,58911th of 14$37,652,3349999Yankee Stadium II
1991New York YankeesAL East719151,863,73323,00911th of 14$27,344,168101100Yankee Stadium II
1990New York YankeesAL East679572,006,43624,7719th of 14$21,312,318101100Yankee Stadium II
1989New York YankeesAL East748752,170,48526,7968th of 14$17,114,37510099Yankee Stadium II
1988New York YankeesAL East857652,633,70132,9212nd of 14$20,371,1529999Yankee Stadium II
1987New York YankeesAL East897342,427,67229,9713rd of 14$19,457,7149999Yankee Stadium II
1986New York YankeesAL East907222,268,03028,3504th of 14$18,494,2539899Yankee Stadium II
1985New York YankeesAL East976422,214,58727,6824th of 14$14,238,2049798Yankee Stadium II
1984New York YankeesAL East877531,821,81522,4926th of 149596Yankee Stadium II
1983New York YankeesAL East917132,257,97627,8763rd of 149596Yankee Stadium II
1982New York YankeesAL East798352,041,21925,2003rd of 149798Yankee Stadium II
1981New York YankeesAL East59484Lost WS (4-2)1,614,35331,6541st of 149798Yankee Stadium II
1980New York YankeesAL East103591Lost ALCS (3-0)2,627,41732,4371st of 149798Yankee Stadium II
1979New York YankeesAL East897142,537,76531,3301st of 149698Yankee Stadium II
1978New York YankeesAL East100631Won WS (4-2)2,335,87128,8381st of 149697Yankee Stadium II
1977New York YankeesAL East100621Won WS (4-2)2,103,09225,9641st of 149799Yankee Stadium II
1976New York YankeesAL East97621Lost WS (4-0)2,012,43425,1551st of 129899Yankee Stadium IIx
1975New York YankeesAL East837731,288,04816,5132nd of 129899Shea Stadium
1974New York YankeesAL East897321,273,07515,7172nd of 129899Shea Stadium
1973New York YankeesAL East808241,262,10315,5825th of 129696Yankee Stadium I
1972New York YankeesAL East79764966,32812,5504th of 129697Yankee Stadium I
1971New York YankeesAL East828041,070,77113,2194th of 129494Yankee Stadium I
1970New York YankeesAL East936921,136,87914,0364th of 129595Yankee Stadium I
1969New York YankeesAL East808151,067,99613,3504th of 129696Yankee Stadium I
1968New York YankeesAL837951,185,66614,4593rd of 109695Yankee Stadium I
1967New York YankeesAL729091,259,51415,3605th of 109695Yankee Stadium I
1966New York YankeesAL7089101,124,64813,7155th of 109695Yankee Stadium I
1965New York YankeesAL778561,213,55214,6212nd of 109899Yankee Stadium I
1964New York YankeesAL99631Lost WS (4-3)1,305,63816,1191st of 10100102Yankee Stadium I
1963New York YankeesAL104571Lost WS (4-0)1,308,92016,3622nd of 109799Yankee Stadium I
1962New York YankeesAL96661Won WS (4-3)1,493,57418,6701st of 109598Yankee Stadium I
1961New York YankeesAL109531Won WS (4-1)1,747,72521,5771st of 109295Yankee Stadium I
1960New York YankeesAL97571Lost WS (4-3)1,627,34921,1342nd of 89395Yankee Stadium I
1959New York YankeesAL797531,552,03020,1561st of 89496Yankee Stadium I
1958New York YankeesAL92621Won WS (4-3)1,428,43818,3131st of 89496Yankee Stadium I
1957New York YankeesAL98561Lost WS (4-3)1,497,13419,4431st of 89599Yankee Stadium I
1956New York YankeesAL97571Won WS (4-3)1,491,78419,3741st of 89397Yankee Stadium I
1955New York YankeesAL96581Lost WS (4-3)1,490,13819,3521st of 89599Yankee Stadium I
1954New York YankeesAL1035121,475,17118,9121st of 89397Yankee Stadium I
1953New York YankeesAL99521Won WS (4-2)1,537,81119,9721st of 89296Yankee Stadium I
1952New York YankeesAL95591Won WS (4-3)1,629,66521,1641st of 89094Yankee Stadium I
1951New York YankeesAL98561Won WS (4-2)1,950,10725,0011st of 89396Yankee Stadium I
1950New York YankeesAL98561Won WS (4-0)2,081,38027,0311st of 89497Yankee Stadium I
1949New York YankeesAL97571Won WS (4-1)2,283,67629,2781st of 896100Yankee Stadium I
1948New York YankeesAL946032,373,90130,8302nd of 89599Yankee Stadium I
1947New York YankeesAL97571Won WS (4-3)2,178,93728,2981st of 89599Yankee Stadium I
1946New York YankeesAL876732,265,51229,4221st of 898101Yankee Stadium I
1945New York YankeesAL81714881,84511,6032nd of 8103104Yankee Stadium I
1944New York YankeesAL83713789,99510,1282nd of 8102103Yankee Stadium I
1943New York YankeesAL98561Won WS (4-1)618,3308,0301st of 898101Yankee Stadium I
1942New York YankeesAL103511Lost WS (4-1)922,01111,9741st of 89498Yankee Stadium I
1941New York YankeesAL101531Won WS (4-1)964,72212,3681st of 89599Yankee Stadium I
1940New York YankeesAL88663988,97513,0132nd of 89296Yankee Stadium I
1939New York YankeesAL106451Won WS (4-0)859,78511,1661st of 89499Yankee Stadium I
1938New York YankeesAL99531Won WS (4-0)970,91612,2901st of 895100Yankee Stadium I
1937New York YankeesAL102521Won WS (4-1)998,14812,6352nd of 897102Yankee Stadium I
1936New York YankeesAL102511Won WS (4-2)976,91312,6871st of 89297Yankee Stadium I
1935New York YankeesAL89602657,5088,8852nd of 89195Yankee Stadium I
1934New York YankeesAL94602854,68211,1002nd of 89194Yankee Stadium I
1933New York YankeesAL91592728,0149,7071st of 89194Yankee Stadium I
1932New York YankeesAL107471Won WS (4-0)962,32012,4981st of 89195Yankee Stadium I
1931New York YankeesAL94592912,43711,8501st of 89195Yankee Stadium I
1930New York YankeesAL866831,169,23015,3851st of 89396Yankee Stadium I
1929New York YankeesAL88662960,14812,4691st of 89194Yankee Stadium I
1928New York YankeesAL101531Won WS (4-0)1,072,13213,9241st of 89498Yankee Stadium I
1927New York YankeesAL110441Won WS (4-0)1,164,01515,1171st of 89498Yankee Stadium I
1926New York YankeesAL91631Lost WS (4-3)1,027,67513,7021st of 89699Yankee Stadium I
1925New York YankeesAL69857697,2678,8265th of 89798Yankee Stadium I
1924New York YankeesAL896321,053,53313,5071st of 899100Yankee Stadium I
1923New York YankeesAL98541Won WS (4-2)1,007,06613,2511st of 899102Yankee Stadium I
1922New York YankeesAL94601Lost WS (4-0-1)1,026,13413,3261st of 899102Polo Grounds V
1921New York YankeesAL98551Lost WS (5-3)1,230,69615,7781st of 898102Polo Grounds V
1920New York YankeesAL955931,289,42216,7461st of 8101104Polo Grounds V
1919New York YankeesAL80593619,1648,4823rd of 899100Polo Grounds V
1918New York YankeesAL60634282,0474,2102nd of 8101102Polo Grounds V
1917New York YankeesAL71826330,2944,4045th of 8101101Polo Grounds V
1916New York YankeesAL80744469,2115,9395th of 8103102Polo Grounds V
1915New York YankeesAL69835256,0353,1224th of 8100100Polo Grounds V
1914New York YankeesAL70846359,4774,6094th of 8101100Polo Grounds V
1913New York YankeesAL57947357,5514,7676th of 8102100Polo Grounds V
1912New York HighlandersAL501028242,1943,1877th of 8109106Hilltop Park, Polo Grounds V
1911New York HighlandersAL76766302,4443,9286th of 8107106Hilltop Park
1910New York HighlandersAL88632355,8574,6225th of 8105106Hilltop Park
1909New York HighlandersAL74775501,0006,5063rd of 8102100Hilltop Park
1908New York HighlandersAL511038305,5003,9687th of 8103100Hilltop Park
1907New York HighlandersAL70785350,0204,6675th of 8109108Hilltop Park
1906New York HighlandersAL90612434,7005,7203rd of 8110110Hilltop Park
1905New York HighlandersAL71786309,1004,1215th of 8110111Hilltop Park
1904New York HighlandersAL92592438,9195,8524th of 8105105Wiedenmeyer's Park, Hilltop Park
1903New York HighlandersAL72624211,8083,1617th of 8105106Hilltop Park
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