Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Pettitte Ford Ruffing Stottlemyre Guidry Rivera Hamilton Stanton Robertson
2024 (13-6)           Holmes Ferguson González Burdi
2023 (82-80) Cole Schmidt Germán Severino Rodón Holmes Peralta Marinaccio Abreu
2022 (99-63) Cole Taillon Cortés Severino Montgomery Holmes Peralta Loáisiga Luetge
2021 (92-70) Cole Taillon Germán Kluber Montgomery Chapman Green Loáisiga Luetge
2020 (33-27) Cole Tanaka Happ García Montgomery Britton Green Ottavino Holder
2019 (103-59) Paxton Tanaka Happ Germán Sabathia Chapman Kahnle Ottavino Britton
2018 (100-62) Severino Tanaka Gray Germán Sabathia Chapman Robertson Betances Green
2017 (91-71) Severino Tanaka Montgomery Pineda Sabathia Chapman Warren Betances Shreve
2016 (84-78) Eovaldi Tanaka Nova Pineda Sabathia Chapman Miller Betances Yates
2015 (87-75) Eovaldi Tanaka Nova Pineda Sabathia Miller Wilson Betances Shreve
2014 (84-78) Kuroda Tanaka Phelps Greene McCarthy Robertson Warren Betances Kelley
2013 (85-77) Kuroda Sabathia Pettitte Hughes Nova Rivera Robertson Logan Kelley
2012 (95-67) Kuroda Sabathia García Hughes Nova Soriano Robertson Logan Rapada
2011 (97-65) Burnett Sabathia García Colón Nova Rivera Robertson Logan Ayala
2010 (95-67) Burnett Sabathia Hughes Vázquez Pettitte Rivera Robertson Logan Chamberlain
2009 (103-59) Burnett Sabathia Chamberlain Wang Pettitte Rivera Robertson Coke Hughes
2008 (89-73) Mussina Rasner Ponson Wang Pettitte Rivera Veras Ramírez Farnsworth
2007 (94-68) Mussina Clemens Hughes Wang Pettitte Rivera Vizcaíno Bruney Farnsworth
2006 (97-65) Mussina Johnson Wright Wang Chacón Rivera Proctor Villone Farnsworth
2005 (95-67) Mussina Johnson Wright Wang Pavano Rivera Gordon Sturtze Rodríguez
2004 (101-61) Mussina Vázquez Lieber Brown Contreras Rivera Gordon Quantrill Heredia
2003 (101-61) Mussina Clemens Pettitte Wells Weaver Rivera Hammond Osuna Hitchcock
2002 (103-58) Mussina Clemens Pettitte Wells Hernández Rivera Stanton Karsay Mendoza
2001 (95-65) Mussina Clemens Pettitte Lilly Hernández Rivera Stanton Choate Mendoza
2000 (87-74) Cone Clemens Pettitte Neagle Hernández Rivera Stanton Nelson Grimsley
1999 (98-64) Cone Clemens Pettitte Irabu Hernández Rivera Stanton Mendoza Grimsley
1998 (114-48) Cone Wells Pettitte Irabu Hernández Rivera Stanton Lloyd Nelson
1997 (96-66) Cone Wells Pettitte Rogers Gooden Rivera Stanton Lloyd Nelson
1996 (92-70) Cone Key Pettitte Rogers Gooden Wetteland Rivera Wickman Nelson
1995 (79-65) Cone McDowell Pettitte Hitchcock Kamieniecki Wetteland Howe Wickman MacDonald
1994 (70-43) Key Abbott Perez Mulholland Kamieniecki Howe Hernandez Wickman Gibson
1993 (88-74) Key Abbott Perez Wickman Kamieniecki Farr Howe Monteleone Muñoz
1992 (76-86) Sanderson Leary Perez Cadaret Kamieniecki Farr Habyan Monteleone Cadaret
1991 (71-91) Sanderson Leary Johnson Taylor Pérez Farr Habyan Guetterman Cadaret
1990 (67-95) Cary Leary LaPoint Hawkins Witt Righetti Robinson Guetterman Cadaret
1989 (74-87) Parker Terrell LaPoint Hawkins Cadaret Righetti McCullers Guetterman Mohorcic
1988 (85-76) John Rhoden Dotson Candelaria Leiter Righetti Guante Shields Allen
1987 (89-73) John Rhoden Rasmussen Guidry Hudson Righetti Guante Stoddard Clements
1986 (90-72) Niekro Drabek Rasmussen Guidry Tewksbury Righetti Fisher Shirley Scurry
1985 (97-64) Niekro Whitson Rasmussen Guidry Cowley Righetti Fisher Shirley Bordi
1984 (87-75) Niekro Fontenot Rasmussen Guidry Montefusco Righetti Howell Shirley Armstrong
1983 (91-71) Rawley Fontenot Righetti Guidry Shirley Gossage Frazier Murray May
1982 (79-83) Rawley John Righetti Guidry Morgan Gossage Frazier Rawley May
1981 (59-48) May John Righetti Guidry Reuschel Gossage Frazier Davis LaRoche
1980 (103-59) May John Underwood Guidry Tiant Gossage May Davis Bird
1979 (89-71) Hunter John Figueroa Guidry Tiant Gossage Kaat Davis Clay
1978 (100-63) Hunter Tidrow Figueroa Guidry Beattie Gossage Lyle Eastwick Clay
1977 (100-62) Hunter Torrez Figueroa Guidry Gullett Lyle Tidrow Holtzman Clay
1976 (97-62) Hunter Ellis Figueroa Holtzman Alexander Lyle Tidrow Jackson Martinez
1975 (83-77) Hunter Medich May Dobson Gura Martinez Tidrow Lyle Pagan
1974 (89-73) Tidrow Medich May Dobson Stottlemyre Lyle Upshaw Wallace Pagan
1973 (80-82) Peterson Medich McDowell Dobson Stottlemyre Lyle McDaniel Beene Magnuson
1972 (79-76) Peterson Kline Kekich Gardner Stottlemyre Lyle McDaniel Beene Roland
1971 (82-80) Peterson Kline Kekich Bahnsen Stottlemyre McDaniel Aker Waslewski
1970 (93-69) Peterson Kline Kekich Bahnsen Stottlemyre McDaniel Klimkowski Aker Hamilton
1969 (80-81) Peterson Burbach Downing Bahnsen Stottlemyre Aker McDaniel Kekich Hamilton
1968 (83-79) Peterson Barber Downing Bahnsen Stottlemyre Hamilton McDaniel Womack Verbanic
1967 (72-90) Peterson Barber Downing Talbot Stottlemyre Womack Hamilton Tillotson Reniff
1966 (70-89) Peterson Bouton Downing Talbot Stottlemyre Ramos Hamilton Womack Reniff
1965 (77-85) Ford Bouton Downing Stafford Stottlemyre Ramos Hamilton Mikkelsen Reniff
1964 (99-63) Ford Bouton Downing Terry Stottlemyre Mikkelsen Hamilton Stafford Reniff
1963 (104-57) Ford Bouton Downing Terry Williams Reniff Hamilton Bridges Kunkel
1962 (96-66) Ford Bouton Stafford Terry Sheldon Bridges Coates Daley Arroyo
1961 (109-53) Ford Daley Stafford Terry Sheldon Arroyo Coates Reniff Clevenger
1960 (97-57) Ford Ditmar Turley Terry Coates Shantz Duren Maas Arroyo
1959 (79-75) Ford Ditmar Turley Maas Larsen Duren Coates Maas Shantz
1958 (92-62) Ford Kucks Turley Maas Larsen Duren Ditmar Trucks Shantz
1957 (98-56) Sturdivant Kucks Turley Shantz Larsen Grim Ditmar Byrne Cicotte
1956 (97-57) Sturdivant Kucks Turley Ford Larsen Morgan Coleman Byrne Grim
1955 (96-58) Byrne Kucks Turley Ford Larsen Konstanty Morgan Sturdivant Kucks
1954 (103-51) Lopat Byrd Grim Ford Reynolds Sain Gorman Reynolds Kuzava
1953 (99-52) Lopat Raschi Sain Ford McDonald Reynolds Gorman Scarborough Kuzava
1952 (95-59) Lopat Raschi Sain Reynolds Miller Sain Hogue McDonald Ostrowski
1951 (98-56) Lopat Raschi Morgan Reynolds Shea Ostrowski Kramer Kuzava Shea
1950 (98-56) Lopat Raschi Byrne Reynolds Ford Page Ferrick Ostrowski Sanford
1949 (97-57) Lopat Raschi Byrne Reynolds Sanford Page Marshall Shea Sanford
1948 (94-60) Lopat Raschi Shea Reynolds Porterfield Page Byrne Hiller Drews
1947 (97-57) Bevens Chandler Shea Reynolds Newsom Page Gumpert Johnson Drews
1946 (87-67) Bevens Chandler Page Bonham Gumpert Murphy Gumpert Gettel Page
1945 (81-71) Bevens Dubiel Borowy Bonham Gettel Turner Holcombe Roser Page
1944 (83-71) Donald Dubiel Borowy Bonham Page Turner Johnson Lyons Donald
1943 (98-56) Donald Chandler Borowy Bonham Wensloff Murphy Turner Russo Byrne
1942 (103-51) Donald Chandler Borowy Bonham Ruffing Murphy Lindell Branch Breuer
1941 (101-53) Donald Chandler Russo Gomez Ruffing Murphy Stanceu Branch Bonham
1940 (88-66) Breuer Chandler Russo Pearson Ruffing Murphy Hadley Sundra Donald
1939 (106-45) Gomez Donald Hadley Pearson Ruffing Murphy Chandler Sundra Russo
1938 (99-53) Gomez Chandler Hadley Pearson Ruffing Murphy Andrews Sundra Hadley
1937 (102-52) Gomez Wicker Hadley Pearson Ruffing Murphy Andrews Makosky Malone
1936 (102-51) Gomez Broaca Hadley Pearson Ruffing Malone Murphy Kleinhans Brown
1935 (89-60) Gomez Broaca Allen Tamulis Ruffing Murphy Malone DeShong
1934 (94-60) Gomez Broaca Murphy DeShong Ruffing Murphy Van Atta DeShong
1933 (91-59) Gomez Allen Van Atta Brennan Ruffing Moore MacFayden Pennock Brown
1932 (107-47) Gomez Allen Pipgras Pennock Ruffing Wells Allen Brown
1931 (94-59) Gomez Johnson Pipgras Pennock Ruffing Wells Pipgras Weinert
1930 (86-68) Wells Sherid Pipgras Pennock Ruffing Johnson McEvoy Sherid
1929 (88-66) Wells Sherid Pipgras Pennock Hoyt Moore Heimach Zachary Sherid
1928 (101-53) Johnson Shealy Pipgras Pennock Hoyt Hoyt Moore Campbell Thomas
1927 (110-44) Shocker Ruether Pipgras Pennock Hoyt Moore Shawkey Giard Thomas
1926 (91-63) Shocker Jones Thomas Pennock Hoyt Shawkey Braxton Thomas
1925 (69-85) Shocker Jones Shawkey Pennock Hoyt Hoyt Johnson Pennock Ferguson
1924 (89-63) Bush Jones Shawkey Pennock Hoyt Gaston Jones Hoyt
1923 (98-54) Bush Jones Shawkey Pennock Hoyt Mays Jones Hoyt
1922 (94-60) Bush Jones Shawkey Mays Hoyt Jones Murray Bush Hoyt
1921 (98-55) Collins Quinn Shawkey Mays Hoyt Mays Quinn Ferguson Collins
1920 (95-59) Collins Quinn Shawkey Mays Mogridge McGraw Thormahlen Collins
1919 (80-59) Thormahlen Quinn Shawkey Mays Mogridge Mogridge Russell Shawkey
1918 (60-63) Love Caldwell Russell Finneran Mogridge Mogridge Finneran Russell Keating
1917 (71-82) Shawkey Caldwell Fisher Cullop Mogridge Love Russell Shocker
1916 (80-74) Shawkey Russell Fisher Cullop Mogridge Shawkey Love Russell Fisher
1915 (69-83) Caldwell Warhop Fisher McHale Brown Pieh Donovan Brown
1914 (70-84) Caldwell Warhop Fisher McHale Keating Pieh Cole Warhop
1913 (57-94) Ford Schulz Fisher McConnell Keating Schulz McConnell Fisher
1912 (50-102) Ford Caldwell Fisher McConnell Warhop Warhop Quinn  
1911 (76-76) Ford Caldwell Fisher Vaughn Warhop Caldwell Quinn Brockett
1910 (88-63) Ford Quinn Hughes Vaughn Warhop Fisher Warhop Hughes
1909 (74-77) Lake Manning Brockett Doyle Warhop Quinn Warhop Hughes
1908 (51-103) Lake Manning Chesbro Hogg Orth Manning Chesbro Lake
1907 (70-78) Doyle Newton Chesbro Hogg Orth Keefe Kitson Doyle
1906 (90-61) Clarkson Newton Chesbro Hogg Orth Clarkson Griffith LeRoy
1905 (71-78) Powell Puttmann Chesbro Hogg Orth Hogg Griffith Powell
1904 (92-59) Powell Hughes Chesbro Griffith Orth Clarkson Puttmann  
1903 (72-62) Tannehill Wolfe Chesbro Griffith Howell Howell    
122 years 219 pitchers 41 pitchers 224 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.