Team Future Payrolls

  • Buyouts are always shown when years are options ([*] for option details)
Team Future Payrolls
Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Giancarlo Stanton3213Traded11.118Wasserman13 yrs/$325M (15-27) & 28 team option$29M$32M$32M$32M$29M$25M$10M [FA-*]
Gerrit Cole3110Free Agency8.111Boras Corporation9 yrs/$324M (20-28)$36M$36M$36M$36M$36M$36M$36M
Aroldis Chapman3413Free Agency11.009Magnus Sports3 yrs/$48M (20-22)$16MFA
Josh Donaldson3612Traded9.158MVP Sports Group4 yrs/$92M (20-23) & 24 team option$21.75M$21.75M$8M [FA-*]FA
DJ LeMahieu3312Free Agency9.128Wasserman6 yrs/$90M (21-26)$15M$15M$15M$15M$15MFA
Aaron Hicks3210Traded8.041CAA Sports7 yrs/$70M (19-25) & 26 team option$10.79M$10.79M$9.79M$9.79M$1M [FA-*]FA
Zack Britton3411Free Agency9.158Boras Corporation4 yrs/$53M (19-22)$14MFA
Luis Severino287Amateur Free Agent5.170Rep 1 Baseball4 yrs/$40M (19-22) & 23 team option$11.5M$2.75M [FA-*]FA
Anthony Rizzo3212Free Agency9.168Sports One Athlet...1 yr/$16M (22) & 23 player option$16M$0 [FA-*]FA
Joey Gallo288Traded5.103Boras Corporation1 yr/$10.28M (22)$10.28MFA
Gleyber Torres255Traded3.162Octagon1 yr/$6.25M (22)$6.25MArbArbFA
Jordan Montgomery296Amateur Draft4.153Boras Corporation1 yr/$6M (22)$6MArbFA
Jameson Taillon306Traded5.110Excel Sports Mana...1 yr/$5.8M (22)$5.8MFA
Isiah Kiner-Falefa275Traded4.000ALIGND Sports Age...1 yr/$4.7M (22)$4.7MArbFA
Chad Green317Traded5.050Frontline1 yr/$4M (22)$4MFA
Domingo German294Free Agency3.017Ballplayers Agenc...1 yr/$1.75M (22)$1.75MArbArbFA
Miguel Castro278Traded5.079Ballengee Group1 yr/$2.62M (22)$2.62MFA
Miguel Andujar276Amateur Free Agent3.117The MAS+ Agency1 yr/$1.3M (22)$1.3MArbArbFA
Wandy Peralta307Traded4.168The MAS+ Agency1 yr/$2.15M (22)$2.15MArbFA
Tim Locastro296Free Agency3.010Warner Sports Man...1 yr/$900k (22)$900kArbArbFA
Jonathan Loaisiga275Free Agency3.022ISE Baseball1 yr/$1.65M (22)$1.65MArbArbFA
Clay Holmes295Traded3.031Jet Sports Manage...1 yr/$1.1M (22)$1.1MArbArbFA
Kyle Higashioka326Free Agency3.005Beverly Hills Spo...1 yr/$935k (22)$935kArbArbFA
Lucas Luetge356Free Agency3.015Mike McCann1 yr/$905k (22)$905kArbArbFA
Chris Owings30107.131ACES1 yr/$700k (22)$700kFA
Jose Peraza2875.121ISE Baseball1 yr/$100k (22)$100kFA
Matt Carpenter3612Free Agency10.012SSG BaseballFA
Marwin Gonzalez3311Free Agency9.128MVP Sports GroupFA
Shane Greene339Amateur Draft7.011Ballengee GroupFA
Derek Dietrich3286.112All Bases CoveredFA
Danny Salazar3265.162Jay AlouArb
Aaron Judge307Amateur Draft5.051PSI Sports Manage...Arb (~$17.1M)
Greg Bird294Amateur Draft4.095GSE WorldwideArbFA
Tyler Lyons348Free Agency4.075Icon Sports Manag...ArbFA
Matt Bowman3144.021ZS SportsArbFA
Ronald Guzman2743.083Boras CorporationArb (~$1M)ArbFA
Ryan Weber318Free Agency2.153Warner Sports Man...ArbArbFA
Jimmy Cordero3032.136OctagonArb (~$1.2M)ArbArbFA
Jake Bauers2632.100VC Sports GroupArbArbFA
Nestor Cortes275Free Agency2.094ArbArbFA
Phillip Evans2942.072Ballengee GroupArbArbFA
Jose Trevino295Traded2.063Paragon Sports In...ArbArbFA
Rob Brantly328Free Agency2.054Lagardere SportsArbArbFA
Clarke Schmidt263Amateur Draft1.027Excel Sports Mana...ArbArbArbFA
Michael King274Traded2.004ArbArbFA
Manny Banuelos313Free Agency1.146ArbArbArbFA
Ryan LaMarre336Free Agency1.110OctagonArbArbArbFA
Kaleb Cowart3051.095ISE BaseballArbArbArbFA
David Freitas3331.026PSI Sports Manage...ArbArbArbFA
Reggie McClain2921.006ArbArbArbFA
Deivi Garcia232Amateur Free Agent0.060Rep 1 BaseballArbArbArbFA
Albert Abreu263Waivers0.118ArbArbArbFA
Ben Rortvedt241st0.113ArbArbArbFA
Estevan Florial243Amateur Free Agent0.042ArbArbArbFA
Jose Mujica261st0.068Movement Manageme...ArbArbArbFA
Luis Gil242Traded0.033ArbArbArbFA
Stephen Ridings261stFree Agency0.014ArbArbArbFA
Vinny Nittoli311st0.006ArbArbArbFA
Darren O'Day buyout$700k
Rougned Odor traded to/from Texas Rangers-$11.76M
Giancarlo Stanton traded to/from Miami Marlins-$10M-$10M-$10M
Brett Gardner buyout$1.15M
Joely Rodriguez buyout$500k
Name 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
SignedPlayers With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options)*26544321
Dollars CommittedValue of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts)*$211.8M$118.3M$100.8M$92.8M$61M$41M$26M
Contract OptionsPlayers with any type of option2111
Option ValuesMaximum value of options if all are exercised$31M$16M$12.5M$25M
Arb EligibleNumber of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds)0-0-11-00-0-23-00-0-22-00-0-14-00-0-8-00-0-0-0
Arb CostsRough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..)†$19.3M$54.4M$113.7M$108.8M$69.2M$39.6M$0
Other PlayersAdditional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised)9-2-181524
Other CostsEstimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players)$6.3M-$1.4M-$700k$5.6M$10.5M$16.8M
Payroll (no options)Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other)$179M$213.1M$200.9M$135.8M$91.1M$42.8M
Payroll (options)Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other)$208.6M$228.4M$200.9M$147.6M$91.1M$67.1M