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Team Future Payrolls

  • Buyouts are always shown when years are options ([*] for option details)
Team Future Payrolls
Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Giancarlo Stanton2910Traded8.118Wasserman13 yrs/$325M (15-27) & 28 team option$26M$26M$29M$29M$32M$32M$32M$29M$25M$10M [FA-*]
Masahiro Tanaka306Free Agency5.000Casey Close7 yrs/$155M (14-20)$22M$23MFA
Jacoby Ellsbury3511Free Agency11.037Scott Boras7 yrs/$153M (14-20) & 21 team option$21.14M$21.14M$5M [FA-*]FA
Troy Tulowitzki3413Free Agency12.033Paul Cohen5 yrs/$100M (15-19)$20MFA
Aroldis Chapman3110Free Agency8.009ISE Baseball5 yrs/$86M (17-21)$17.2M$17.2M$17.2MFA
Aaron Hicks296Traded5.041CAA Sports7 yrs/$70M (19-25) & 26 team option$6.29M$10.79M$10.79M$10.79M$10.79M$9.79M$9.79M$1M [FA-*]FA
Luis Severino254Amateur Free Agent2.170Rep 1 Baseball4 yrs/$40M (19-22) & 23 team option$4.5M$10.5M$10.75M$11.5M$2.75M [FA-*]FA
Zack Britton319Free Agency6.158Boras Corporation3 yrs/$39M (19-21) & 22 team option$13M$13M$13M$0 [FA-*]FA
J.A. Happ3613Traded10.047Rogers Sports Man...2 yrs/$34M (19-20) & 21 vesting option$17M$17M$0 [FA-*]FA
Adam Ottavino339Free Agency7.087ACES (Sam & Seth ...3 yrs/$27M (19-21)$9M$9M$9MFA
DJ LeMahieu309Free Agency6.128Wasserman2 yrs/$24M (19-20)$12M$12MFA
Didi Gregorius297Traded5.159Excel Sports Mana...1 yr/$11.75M (19)$11.75MFA
James Paxton307Traded4.151Scott Boras1 yr/$8.58M (19)$8.57MArbFA
CC Sabathia3819Free Agency18.000Roc Nation Sports1 yr/$8M (19)$8MFA
Brett Gardner3512Amateur Draft10.072Pro Star Manageme...1 yr/$7.5M (19)$7.5MFA
Dellin Betances317Amateur Draft5.078Excel Sports Mana...1 yr/$7.13M (19)$7.12MFA
Austin Romine308Amateur Draft5.045Moye Sports Assoc...1 yr/$1.8M (19)$1.8MFA
Tommy Kahnle296Traded3.131Ballengee Group1 yr/$1.39M (19)$1.39MArbArbFA
Gary Sanchez265Amateur Free Agent2.086Magnus Sports1 yr/$670k (19)$669.8kArbArbArbFA
Greg Bird264Amateur Draft3.053The Legacy Agency1 yr/$1.2M (19)$1.2MArbArbFA
Jonathan Loaisiga242Free Agency0.0471 yr/$561k (19)$560.55kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Stephen Tarpley262Traded0.0301 yr/$557k (19)$557.25kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Chance Adams241stAmateur Draft0.0251 yr/$557k (19)$556.73kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Brad Miller2975.047ISE Baseball1 yr/$1M (19)$1MFA
Aaron Judge274Amateur Draft2.051PSI Sports Manage...1 yr/$684k (19)$684.3kArbArbArbFA
Miguel Andujar243Amateur Free Agent1.020Octagon1 yr/$618k (19)$617.6kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Gleyber Torres222Traded0.1621 yr/$605k (19)$605.2kPre-ArbArbArbArbArbFA
Chad Green284Traded2.050Frontline1 yr/$599k (19)$598.65kArbArbArbFA
Jordan Montgomery262Amateur Draft1.1531 yr/$597k (19)$596.6kArbArbArbArbFA
Jonathan Holder264Amateur Draft1.1441 yr/$580k (19)$580.3kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Luis Cessa274Traded1.1311 yr/$579k (19)$578.98kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Domingo German263Free Agency1.0171 yr/$578k (19)$577.5kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Luke Voit283Traded0.1691 yr/$573k (19)$573.2kPre-ArbArbArbArbArbFA
Tyler Wade243Amateur Draft1.0071 yr/$572k (19)$572kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Clint Frazier243Traded1.0571 yr/$563k (19)$563.3kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Kyle Higashioka293Free Agency0.1241 yr/$563k (19)$562.9kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Mike Tauchman283Traded0.0791 yr/$557k (19)$557kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Ben Heller272Traded1.0961 yr/$555k (19)$555kPre-ArbArbArbArbFA
Cliff Pennington35118.145Matt Sosnick, Pau...1 yr/$100k (19)$100kFA
Rex Brothers3174.091Jet Sports Manage...ArbFA
Drew Hutchison2854.091ACESArbFA
Ryan Lavarnway3173.001WassermanArb (~$600k)ArbFA
Jake Barrett2731.140OctagonArbArbArbFA
Danny Coulombe2952.054ArbArbFA
David Hale315Free Agency2.031ArbArbFA
Billy Burns2942.030All Bases CoveredArbArbFA
Gio Urshela274Purchased1.127Gatemore Sports &...ArbArbArbFA
Nestor Cortes Jr.241st0.016ArbArbArbFA
Brett Gardner buyout$2M
Troy Tulowitzki traded to/from Toronto Blue Jays-$19.45M
Name 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
SignedPlayers With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options)*39106322211
Dollars CommittedValue of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts)*$209.7M$159.6M$94.7M$51.3M$45.5M$41.8M$41.8M$30M$25M$10M
Contract OptionsPlayers with any type of option21111
Option ValuesMaximum value of options if all are exercised$38M$14M$15M$12.5M$25M
Arb EligibleNumber of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds)0-0-7-00-0-21-00-0-24-00-0-18-00-0-8-00-0-0-00-0-0-00-0-0-00-0-0-0
Arb CostsRough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..)†$600k$35.4M$106.1M$121.3M$91M$40.4M$0$0$0$0
Other PlayersAdditional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised)8-2-251523242425
Other CostsEstimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players)$5.99M-$1.5M-$1.5M$3.75M$11.24M$17.23M$17.98M$17.98M$18.73M
Payroll (no options)Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other)$201M$199.4M$171.1M$140.2M$93.4M$59M$48M$43M$28.73M
Payroll (options)Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other)$201M$235.9M$184.3M$154.5M$93.4M$59M$59.7M$43M$53M
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